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  1. So I'm going to see if I can get my car through another MOT (Even though it had a bash erlier in the year. The ABS and TRC light is on so I replaced those 2 and the fault is still there. after finding a OBD2 that would read the car its reporting a rear speed sensor (Right/Offside ) failure.... I have yet to take the wheel off and check but.... Anyone know where i might get one?
  2. Thanks for replies all. Dinho.....that's pretty much where I'm at. The spare is a little squashed so needs a little work there. I've been told I need to have another MOT done to its roadworthy.
  3. Well after owning my Lex for close to 16 yrs someone decided not to stop behind me.😣 So it's a cat N write off.....The question I have to ask myself is do I keep her and get it fixed? (Rear bumper and a little rear panel work required). If anyone has any experience of this please let me know. I have no idea what I'd replace it with TBH...
  4. Hmmm......tough choice :) Although parts quality may be a question to ask. Cheers for the reply.
  5. Hmmm Damn I feel Old. nice to see some old names still around. I dont come on the site you can see. The kids keep me busy. Still have my IS and still think its a great car to drive, even compared to a lot of new cars. I dont get to clean it as often as I'd like (used to do it weekly) And I dont know what other forum the others are talking of???
  6. Yes I am still around.....just not a lot.......

  7. WIM stock Vredestein Ultrac Sessantas. Just did a post simmilar to this on another thread....
  8. Michelin are a good allrounder and do last well. My last set lasted 30k and only had to change them as they started to de-laminate through age. They say that they do still offer rim protection, but by the make up of the tyre rather than a visible rim strip. I just put a set Dunlop SportMax TT on my Lex and these have great rim protection and grip well. But I have to say that for grip you cant go wrong with Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta, great value and fantastic grip...but i have no idea how long they will last. Try having a look at
  9. Are Toyota GT over in hook still going? 01252845645 I think they are a LOC you might get discount.
  10. Usually manage 400-450 a from full to warning out around 33MPG. Most driving is 70 down M3/M25/A3. 60miles a day.
  11. I dont get to the forum too often now (as I am sure a few have noticed....NOT :) ) Just dont get the time nowadays....... Anyway...HI CHRIS :)...and everyone else..........I hope you are all well........... Rob
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