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  1. Whilst I can’t help with colour I got a small pot of matched colour for mine off eBay came in what can only be described as nail polish tub and brush but wasn’t expensive and with a bit of trial and error with other brushes I did okay in some of the chips and scratches on mine. I was dubious at first as it wasn’t expensive but colour was spot on
  2. My alloys are shocking except one which I’m guessing was the spare for a long while, but having seen how quickly they deteriorated when I first saw the IS in release I’m hopeful they are not going to get a whole lot worse. May get them refurbed but they drive me a to b and I can’t see them so meh for now edit: should have said I also have to park next to kerbs every day (no driveway) and the plastic wheel trims on my old car looked like I’d taken a power sander to them
  3. Magic7032

    Is300 sill corrosion

    I think I got lucky with mine and a previous owner had them sorted, I could be wrong and the bit I’ve photos may be standard(?) but underneath is deffo sealed, I’d be interested what info or opinions anyone has sorry in pics car is a little muddy
  4. Magic7032

    Wind noise in car

    Does the door line up properly when closed, my previous car the wind caught the door and bent it open further than it should bending the hinges just enough that the door was no longer flush. 70mph and it would start to whistle
  5. Magic7032

    Over heating please help

    Well I’m late to the party and only thought thermostat, and won’t hurt changing the water pump and belts as well I case the impeller has gone what was the radiator like when you bought it, was it full? Mine was just full of water so I suspected a poor owner prior to me and changed everything (always planned too) and runs like a dream now
  6. Magic7032


    Welcome look forward to seeing you in the good section (my opinion) is200/300
  7. Welcome my is300 is the same colour green, no modding experience so sorry no help there
  8. Hope someone takes it and spends the time and money on it. Like people have said very well build, the bits in mine that need sorting are down to previous owners not replacing things properly and that last owner not making any effort. See a lot of 200s out and about but still yet to see another 300 in the real world, even though on paper I think they outnumber the 200s.... just
  9. Magic7032

    Oil Capacity

    Just in case anyone needs the info its in the back of the owners manual for both is200 an is300. Added whole page as the coolant is also important to note
  10. Magic7032

    is200 Condensation in the car!

    Issue 2) does it condense on the windows on sunny days as well? I’ve found in the past having to leave sunroof cracked so it ‘escapes’ and in the summer leaving windows and sunroof open to get it as dried out as possible. And in winter trying to get the least amount of water in. If you are drying the windows make sure all cloths and tissue etc are not left in the car as will add to humidity as well, (my 306 taught me a lot about condensation, especially in winter with frost on the inside) although it got a lot better after a good summer, which I appreciate is a way off
  11. Magic7032

    Noisy at tickover. Any thoughts?

    When were you belts changed last. I picked up mine recently on 110k and it wasn’t quite as noisy as that but was a lot of vibration especially under the vvt I cover. Now all belts and everything replaced it’s so much quieter, Only a thought
  12. Magic7032

    Gold membership pack not received

    Much appreciated, thankyou
  13. Afternoon apologies for putting this here but I cannot get the contact us section to work. I signed up to the gold on jan 14th but haven’t received anything through the post yet please advise?
  14. So amp out, take off glove box completely ( not like me who leant on it whilst dangling and snapped a hinge) I took off the bottom side plastic plate, covering fuse box, screwed on at back and clips down door frame side nut at top of amp holding bracket and one under glove box area holding other bracket 10mm hex. then top and bottom brackets have 2 screws each, 8mm (hex) and then both are zip tied to a thick wire loom. it is clearly mounted before anything else goes in so doesn’t have a natural out but got it out through the bottom carefully as there are a lot of wires that are tightly mounted, wish id taken more photos, but failed, shredded knuckles, and only photos are end cables and back of amp, the brackets were difficult to remove as at best was a quarter turn at a time and the top one has raised curved sides now to find the bypass cable EDIT, amplified bypass PC2-92-4, non amplified PC2-93-4
  15. Appreciate the replies, I’ll remove the amp next as I’ve found a bypass harness as both said. On the plus side my dash looks nicer even if I still have no music to listen too