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  1. Happy Birthday lexussport!

  2. I have a set of GS 300 Series 2 HID headlamps from a GS Sport complete with bulbs etc for sale if anybody is interested?
  3. great news Steve! - I'm really pleased for you Dave
  4. Pictures say it all Radio removal
  5. I havent got it yet (March), but when I do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds (would be 3.7 but the close ratio ratio box makes a difference) :D TVR Sagaris
  6. The plastic keys wear out and are useless after a while. When i bought a brand new set of TTE wheels they came with a splined nut and a metal key which was a great improvement. As other have said my understanding is you can only get a key if you buy a cover set at approx £30 a wheel......
  7. As many of the older members will know I have long been a Lexus fan and owner, my last Lexus being a modified GS 430. But the need for performance and styling took me away from Lexus to a TVR Cerbera with a 0-60 in 3.9sec Having had it now for 14 months I feel the need for a change and so the Cerbera has gone to a new home and the search was on for a new car. A brief visit the Lexus dealer to look at an SC 430 convinced me that it did not have the performance or styling I crave. Mats monster looked very interesting but I don't think I could wait that long. So I have gone for a new TVR Sagaris, which with a 0-60 in 3.7sec keeps it ahead of all the other offerings from German and Italy. Only a few pre-production cars have been produced, so I must wait until Nov/Dec for delivery of customers cars. Sadly its not a Lexus but I hope you will see why I have chosen the TVR over a Lexus. The picture below is of the colour I have ordered (Pearlesant Yellow)
  8. I have just paid through PayPal and was waiting for the box to popup so that I could put my user name in. But no box appeared So will I have to park the non lexus car behind the hospitalty caravan again
  9. TomTom now have an excellent Live Traffic info program. So go for a wired aerial as then you can then use bluetooth to connect to your mobile (GPRS) and get the live updates. These are then shown on the tomtom screen. As you can only connect to one bluetooth device at one time, you will not be able to use both (GPS aerial, internet connection) at the same time. You will not be abl
  10. I have been using clay for the last year and it certainly works very well. However to get the best results you do need to follow the guide lines i.e. Wash the Car first, don't try using it in this weather i.e when the car is hot or in direct sunlight. The results are worth the effort...... ;)
  11. Thats just about the speed that I have to change into 4th gear :)
  12. This also happened to us last night, sat in the lounge eating our takeaway pizza, when 4-5 kids walk passed the house. Really rough looking kids about 7-8 years old, Rachael (Sporties Daughter) spotted them so got up and looked out the window and saw one of them crouched down between the TVR and the Passat. She shouted and was out the front door like a shot and chased them down the road. :o Anybody who knows Rach will know she is very fit, but only 13. I followed somewhat slower. She cornered them about 500 yards up the road hiding behind a bush. The first thing they said was that they had'nt nicked anything. (which later checking they was correct). :) Rach questioned them like a pro (shes thinking about being a WPC) By the time I got there (puffing like an old man I am) they had left. Apparantly were not local, were quite dirty and spoke with an Irish accent. ;) We believe they were after the tyre valve caps of the TVR (Nice chrome ones) but because we were quick they did not get them. Oh and this happened at 6.30pm when it was still light and they had saw us watch them walk pass the window. :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk:
  13. I liked the quote: We finally settled on the Lexus V8, which we consider just about the best of its type in the world," :D :D :D :D :D
  14. If you had one of those little MX5's and you were fed up with everybody passing you, who would you turn too.......? MX5 upgrade :o :D :D :D :D :D