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  1. This worked for me yesterday. You turn off TAs in just the same way as with the “old fashioned” radios with push button station selectors, just switch to another station and then switch back again. Use the audio control buttons on the centre console that change stations, labelled “B” in the photo bottom left on page 124 of the UX Online Audio and Nav Manual. Press (say) the right hand one (which changes to another station), then press the left hand one to take you back to your original station.
  2. Why? It's not a rubber fan belt, but a 99 segment steel push belt.
  3. Thank you Zotto. Makes me feel more comfortable.
  4. Can't help with the above I'm afraid, but under the same heading, do the rear brake lights come on when the dynamic cruise control puts the brakes on? Cannot find anything in the online manual and despite what I told the children years ago, I don't have eyes in the back of my head. Reason I ask is that I nearly got shunted yesterday when the car in front braked fairly heavily, mine reacted but the car behind left it very late to brake.
  5. Another 1030 in March. Click on
  6. Another 601 sold in January & February 2012. Click on for the .pdf file.
  7. Well done Alex! Your phone call to the warranty people has confirmed what I thought. I will use my local Toyota dealer for all servicing this time. And I agree with Glen-250, Toyota staff seem to be very helpful and friendly and it's Lexus who are difficult in my experience.
  8. I had my IS200 SE serviced by my local Toyota dealer after it was out of warranty and it didn't affect the trade-in value at all. I got far better treatment, and it was much less expensive too. I'm unable to comment with certainty about whether it will affect the warranty but I now very much doubt it. When I first enquired about servicing I was told by Toyota, they can do all normal servicing but could not do warranty claims. Bear in mind, at the end of the day your car is a Toyota - a very superior one, but a Toyota nevertheless. Please read very carefully the conditions of the Lexus warranty in your warranty and service manual, and I’ll quote from my mine (now a CT200h but I’m sure they’re all the same). “You are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions, as set out in the Owner’s manual. Failure to do so may invalidate the warranty for maintenance-related items”. You’ll notice there is nothing there that states the work must by done by Lexus, indeed as far as I know this would constitute a restrictive practice and this was outlawed many years ago.
  9. Success at last, I've joined Kylie Minogue's silent revolution at last - and now even in reverse gear. Took under 4 minutes. What really puzzles me is why can this only be done by the dealer and not the owner like so many other features. I've been driving now for 57 years, I think by now I've learned to know which gear I'm in without audible warnings.
  10. Close. Wing Commander, three thick bands. Squadron Leader has a thin band in the middle of the two thick ones.
  11. Andy. So if I dropped in sometime (by prior arrangement of course) you would do it for me? John
  12. Looks like I am going to have to call in on your dealer in Derbyshire when I'm up that way, Steve. Clearly my dealer down here is not interested in after service. Wass. Snag with disconnecting the sounder, this disables the good sounds too.
  13. Can someone please tell me how to turn off the constant "Gong" sound when the car is in reverse? According to the Owners Manual, (at the end of section 6-2, Customization, page 674 in my manual) it can only be altered by "Any authorized Lexus dealer or repairer, or another duly qualified and equipped professional". My dealer says it can't be done - "Safety Hazard"! The sound is really irritating and totally unnecessary, it drowns the sound of the reversing sensors - and that is a sound that I DO need to hear. It's probably aggravated in my case as it unfortunately seems to be a resonant frequency of my hearing aids.
  14. 4220 up until the end of December 2011 according to the Toyota Corporate media site. Click on for their chart of most Lexus models.
  15. Yes,I entered by the front passenger door and followed the sequence outlined by GJD. Lights went out when I locked the car - using the remote.