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  1. No - unfortunately not yet, maybe not ever. I think it was a bit of a PR exercise by Lexus when they got wind of the Alpina 320d.. I might save my 2000euro for the kit if it does materialise and eventually (wife permitting) chop in for a 450h as I had one all day today and they're awesome - in both engineering and performance. I can put up with the small boot and large loan for that kind of car. On the mileage thing I only get around 41mpg if I'm lucky and sub 35's if I'm not. I remember mentioning some while back that good quality diesel affected the mileage. I'm not so sure now as I ran for a while with BP ultimate, and then without - although not scientific I just got the feeling there was no real difference.. What I have noticed though is that you seem to get better MPG when the weather is warm. Hot days = good mpg in my book, even when the aircon is on full blast. I think most of us on the forum have realised that the 220d is just heavy on fuel - maybe because of the weight of the car,maybe because of injector and ECU maps, maybe because of the supposed euro 5 rating (confirmed?). Even so I still enjoy driving mine - comfortable, quiet, swift, great audio, lots of toys, still fairly rare, and even after a few dropped balls, good customer service. I still would buy another...(450h!) Thats my 2p anyway.
  2. I had this happen a few times when I first got my car - one time it happened during a rainstorm and my car got a bit wet inside... Anyway I had the dealer switch off the auto 'down' on the windows. It's never happened since so I can only put it down to me sitting on the buttons on the remote when it's in my back pocket.
  3. I know that there was somewhat of a flurry of posts re diesel tuning kits some many months ago - especially after TTE quite publicly put together an IS220d TTE, reported all over the web. I personally am still interested in the idea, especially when considering the slow revving nature of the engine and the apparent lack of bang per buck in terms of fuel consumption (I'm used to sub 40's now)... Anyway this is the response from TTE when I registered my interest.. Hello Mr. X, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately we do not have a performance kit for your model available and cannot promise if we will introduce it. But we try to finish the development with success. If you are still interested please contact me end of summer again. Kind regards, Toyota Motorsport GmbH I really would like this kit to be brought to market by TTE because of lack of warranty implications when fitted but it doesn't look likely to happen - however in the meantime has anyone had any experience of third party tuning kits and their performance increases on 220d's?
  4. Just had all 4 wheels changed under warranty due to paint bubbling. Had a few other issues with wheel alignment since, but that's a different story....
  5. Had this done around a year ago when I got the car - tell your dealer to go for 'light 2'... It's one of the 5 settings available and mine's on it. My lights go on under motorway underpasses and tree lined roads now. Just right.
  6. Same with mine - I had lexus MK play with the settings and the documentaion is as clear as mud - Dark 1, Dark 2, Light 1 and Light 2..... WTF? After somewhat of a kerfuffle mine's now at Light 2 and it's sensitive enough now. Go through an underpass and the lights flick on.
  7. Funny that. I had the same 'problem' at the weekend and I was sure I had read something about this in the manual (I'm sad like that) - if you hold down the unlock and lock buttons on the keyfob you can toggle the same effect. When it was switched on it hacked my wife off no end, when she had to wait the few seconds until I pushed the button when I got in... So I turned it off.
  8. Yep - mine are starting to blister too - I will take mine in when the blisters get bigger. I think a proper bead blast and refurbish with a decently thick layer of paint and laquer will probably do the job. Should have been done like that in the first place though....
  9. I get this too after a long run (my commute!). More like a 'hot' rubber than burning rubber. Predominantly round the back as I get my gear out of the boot. I'm not too worried about it though...
  10. Back to topic - Qtek9100 PDA phone - works out of the box. Can't transfer entire phonebook though, and the battery and signal strength are not reported. Downloaded a little Blutooth util and now they are. As for the phonebook, I used my trusty SE T610 to upload it all.
  11. I have been looking around for ages for ahem.. alternative sources for said disc. Nothing as yet, as it would be really interesting, if not handy... Ebay usually has all sorts of TIS discs, merc, beemer, ford etc. I haven't seen anything for the new IS yet though.
  12. Same here - left it in first, no gas, TRC off. Wheels just span on the slight incline and the car crabbed towards the verge on gentle opposite lock. It was like I was on a giant car treadmill. I played around with 2nd gear but eventually I had to back down the slope to get a run up and over the bridge in first with slight gas. The last time it snowed I actually tried to do a 180ish on an empty bit of tarmac. Frighteningly easy - just slight gas and lock. I sometimes think that the safety systems lull you into a false sense of security - once you reach the handling threshold, physics kick in and you've lost it big time...
  13. Well - don't attempt to take out your 220d in snow either - I have just got back in this morning after aborting my 60mile run to work. I have about 2 miles to a main road. I got about a mile and turned back after I couldn't get over a humpback bridge. Interestingly I got stuck again on the way back, along with a merc. RWD is no good in snow... I saw corsas and swifts coping really well - front wheel drive vehicles had the edge. Good luck if you're going out today - I'm working from home!
  14. I don't think you should have gone german for some of the same reasons that I didn't (525d). One of them is exclusivity -you won't be a boring b*****d. Every time I blast up and down the M40 I must see hundreds of 3s, 5s, a4's a6's etc. On the fingers of one hand I can count new IS's. Customer service is another - economies of scale mean that the more customers an organisation has to support, the less personal the service is. Lexus is #1 in CS for a reason. Lastly (and probably what swung it for me) is the kit - MM, reverse camera, electric blind, blue scuff plates, led brakes, vented seats .... the list goes on. Stick those on a beemer and add 10K for a start. I think on the whole the IS is a great car - and as soon as mine is rattle free I'll be more than happy.
  15. I think the 100k mark is a psychological thing - once it's exceeded, most people think the car's had it. Really, that's not the case. Manufacturers design engines to cope with incredible stress over long periods of time, esp. Toyota. The things that do wear are brakes, shocks, clutches and bushes. Well looked after engines can easily do intergalactic mileage so, as the other posters have mentioned - make sure of a FSH and you should be ok, and get an RAC/AA check if you're still a bit worried.