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  1. Hi Guys, I understand the need to meet at 8:30, but I can't get there that early, So i'll see you on site at Beaulieu - fingers crossed they keep a space for me with the other F cars. Looking forward to meeting up
  2. Hi Guys I have posted a copy of the pass required to access the parking area reserved for F cars. They ask for this to be displayed in your windscreen. I have also copied below the general instructions issued with the pass. Looking forward to meeting up at the Rownams Service area and seeing loads of F's! Please find attached your club label for Simply Japanese 2019 – please can this be distributed amongst your club members prior to the event. Please ensure that they print this label and display it in their windscreen upon entry to the event, this ensures that all members wishing to park within your club area are directed to the correct parking location by our stewards. Clubs are also encouraged to arrive at the same time in order to allow our stewards to park your members faster. We do have a car club meeting area out in our visitor car parks as well. Entry is from 08.30am at both the Main entrance and Additional entrance. Please note that club spaces are only reserved until 10.00am - if you arrive after 10.00am the space will be allocated to drive-in participants as there will be a high volume of cars entering the site for the event. Our Additional Entrance off the B3054 will be signed as “Simply Japanese Additional Entrance” and will be open from 8.30am-11.00am only and operate as a club and general entrance. If you arrive at this entrance before 8.30am or after 11.00am you will be directed round to the main entrance as there is nowhere to wait here. Satnavs can be a little iffy when getting to Beaulieu so we recommend following the blue event signs on the roads when in the vicinity as these will direct you to Beaulieu via the best route. Tickets All participants in display vehicles need to purchase a ticket per person. You can do so online at or by calling the office on 01590 614614 (a £1 postal fee applies to phone orders). Tickets are £10 per adult and £5 per child when arriving in a Japanese vehicle, up until 5pm on Thursday 25th July, after which the ticket price increases to the standard/on the day rate. Lexus F Cars.pdf
  3. I'm still attending. Looks like possibly 3 or 4 of us, which is more F cars than you usually see in one place. I'm up for arriving in convoy. I'll be coming down the M3 and then....well, I need to research that a bit more, so if the M27 services is on the route I'll see you there. What time, is 10:30 Ok?
  4. Hi guys, Last year we had an area reserved for ISFs (although due to the weather only 3 showed up). I am going to ask Beaulieu if we can have an area for all Lexus F cars this year, that way we can assemble a choir of glorious V8s! You will still need to buy an individual ticket in advance via the website, or at the gate on the day. I believe the tickets are slightly cheaper if you buy in advance - they were last year. Hope to meet many of your there
  5. Sounds as if we may have a few attendees. My car's an ISF, and it seems we may get a couple of RCFs, how about the elusive GSF - anyone?
  6. Any F car owners going to this event at Beaulieu on 28th July? I went last year on what was probably the only cold and wet day of the whole summer. I'm hoping for better this year and perhaps a good line up of F cars, anyone up for it?
  7. Yes, it is unusual to see another F, except for the last few miles on the way to a meet up! Mine has been hibernating for the winter, but this recall gives me an excuse to fire it up, and as you say remember how much fun it is to drive. My winter experience hasn't been too bad as I have an RX to use daily, and I doubt winters in my part of the world (Berkshire) would really be called "winter" in Aberdeenshire
  8. PhoeNicks, looking on "howmanyleft" suggests only 12 were registered in 2013, which is of course the last year of new registration for the ISF
  9. Hi, Yes, I too received the letter today. Like yours, my car is also a 2013 ISF. Need to get it booked in now - good excuse for a quick blast in the winter sunshine!
  10. I also used the courtesy light supply from the bottom right of the door. If I remember correctly that was the final part of the jigsaw to get the whole thing working.
  11. I fitted a Po40 to my car about a year ago. I bought from a really helpful guy in Australia called Michael. He obtained the kits from a manufacturer in Asia, I seem to recall it was Malaysia. I had a few issues with the colours of the car's loom not matching the colours stated in the instructions that came with the kit. Once Michael had sent me instructions showing the function of each wire in the Po40 it was a simple job to match these to the wires in the loom wire in, even for me. An auto electrician would be able to do this quickly and easily if you don't fancy it. The hardest part of the whole job was getting the door panel off; you really have to pull it hard. In summary I believe the kits were always Asian, and in my experience work well and are easy to install. I'd suggest you order one and give it a try Good luck
  12. Hi Jason, Exactly as Westie says in his post. I have a 2016 450h and had the rear doors seal issue and sunroof trim issue. Both replaced under warranty and not been an issue since. Otherwise a great car
  13. Back to the photo at Lexus was taken approx a year ago. Autumn last year I bought the ISF in the photo, and looked at the GSF and RCF alongside. It wasn't a great buying experience, but all is resolved now I'm pleased to say and, of course, the car itself is everything we lucky few know it should be...I love it!!
  14. Hi Guys, As Lee said we met at the Simply Japanese today, boy was it cold, wet and windy, but there were some cracking cars there, not least 3 ISFs (2 in black) plus I spotted a blue lurking in a separate part of the display area. I've attached some photos of cars I saw that Lee hasn't already posted. If the weather had been a little more cooperative, or perhaps if I had dressed like it was mid December, rather than mid summer it would have been a fabulous day out. Need to have a word with the organisers to ensure they don't hold the event next year on the same day a Kemble meet: I'd like to go to both!