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  1. If the car has a Mark Levinson system it will be written on the control panel in the form of the ML logo. Ask the seller to take a photo of the stereo controls and send to you
  2. I have owned both, although my RX was a 2016 model (not 2012). Assuming it's valid to compare a 2016 and 2012 RX in my opinion the RX is more comfortable and quieter than a 2014 IS - my IS was a 2014 model. Hope that helps, keen to hear what other owners have to say
  3. 3 words to sum it up: Performance Noise Comfort I could bang on about reliability, wolf in sheep's clothing looks, exclusivity, fun etc as well, but the 3 words above are my favourite 3 things about my F
  4. Deffo the DAB aerial, I have one in my 2013 ISF
  5. ISF's stopped being sold in the UK in 2013. If you want a newer vehicle with similar performance and the glorious V8 you will need a GSF (larger saloon) or RCF (2 door coupe)
  6. you can look on "how many left" to many are left! This gives number of cars taxed on the road today, and SORN, all by year of first registration. It doesn't IIRC tell you the colour
  7. Hi guys, not much to add in the way of photos that haven't been posted already, other than to say welcome to our 6 cylinder friend that joined in the afternoon - perhaps a Lexus group (all models) could be on the cards next year? It was a fun day, great to meet fellow F owners and see the exotic machinery across the whole site - I hadn't realised there are so many Civic Type Rs in the country!
  8. That's really great! Fantastic to meet all the other cars and owners. We had a great day (especially compared to last year)
  9. Hi Guys, I understand the need to meet at 8:30, but I can't get there that early, So i'll see you on site at Beaulieu - fingers crossed they keep a space for me with the other F cars. Looking forward to meeting up
  10. Hi Guys I have posted a copy of the pass required to access the parking area reserved for F cars. They ask for this to be displayed in your windscreen. I have also copied below the general instructions issued with the pass. Looking forward to meeting up at the Rownams Service area and seeing loads of F's! Please find attached your club label for Simply Japanese 2019 – please can this be distributed amongst your club members prior to the event. Please ensure that they print this label and display it in their windscreen upon entry to the event, this ensures that all members wishing to park within your club area are directed to the correct parking location by our stewards. Clubs are also encouraged to arrive at the same time in order to allow our stewards to park your members faster. We do have a car club meeting area out in our visitor car parks as well. Entry is from 08.30am at both the Main entrance and Additional entrance. Please note that club spaces are only reserved until 10.00am - if you arrive after 10.00am the space will be allocated to drive-in participants as there will be a high volume of cars entering the site for the event. Our Additional Entrance off the B3054 will be signed as “Simply Japanese Additional Entrance” and will be open from 8.30am-11.00am only and operate as a club and general entrance. If you arrive at this entrance before 8.30am or after 11.00am you will be directed round to the main entrance as there is nowhere to wait here. Satnavs can be a little iffy when getting to Beaulieu so we recommend following the blue event signs on the roads when in the vicinity as these will direct you to Beaulieu via the best route. Tickets All participants in display vehicles need to purchase a ticket per person. You can do so online at or by calling the office on 01590 614614 (a £1 postal fee applies to phone orders). Tickets are £10 per adult and £5 per child when arriving in a Japanese vehicle, up until 5pm on Thursday 25th July, after which the ticket price increases to the standard/on the day rate. Lexus F Cars.pdf
  11. I'm still attending. Looks like possibly 3 or 4 of us, which is more F cars than you usually see in one place. I'm up for arriving in convoy. I'll be coming down the M3 and then....well, I need to research that a bit more, so if the M27 services is on the route I'll see you there. What time, is 10:30 Ok?
  12. Hi guys, Last year we had an area reserved for ISFs (although due to the weather only 3 showed up). I am going to ask Beaulieu if we can have an area for all Lexus F cars this year, that way we can assemble a choir of glorious V8s! You will still need to buy an individual ticket in advance via the website, or at the gate on the day. I believe the tickets are slightly cheaper if you buy in advance - they were last year. Hope to meet many of your there
  13. Sounds as if we may have a few attendees. My car's an ISF, and it seems we may get a couple of RCFs, how about the elusive GSF - anyone?