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  1. Cheers Richard..I also have the dreaded diamond cut wheels on my current car. However the dealer has got back to me and said the blemish that appears on the pics is tyre paint that has leached onto the alloy. No big deal as I would simply ask for a replacement if it was damaged but it appears not. I thought I would square this up for the dealers sake. Additionally the rear seat Indentation is apparently a crease. There's nothing better than examining it in person but in this case sadly logistics will probably get the better of me in that regard.
  2. Hells teeth I'm not sure I've ever seen such a tale of woe on here.
  3. Yes, good idea whats happened there. A forum member who lives locally has kindly offered to pop down and give it the once over.
  4. Late 16, low mileage in a decent colour (call me the grey man) Is it just me or does that alloy look badly kerbed ? Anyone over there want to pop down and give the car a once over for me
  5. Yes I believe you told us about your horror show with Mini - not good. We've been fortunate with two. Lets hope Newfies good lady doesn't think this story is normal with Lexus and gets put off the brand. It will be Interesting to see what the issue is as new car breakdowns on this forum are as rare as rocking horse poo.
  6. 6k / brand new shouldn't make a difference - its the same cover. However I guess Lexus have a get out clause if recovery was requested independently so hold off blasting the dealer principal I'm Intrigued as to why they just didn't take it to Lexus unless there was something in his good lady's AA policy that said otherwise ?.
  7. I think its appalling from Lexus and the AA. If Lexus are using the AA as their recovery company Lexus should be ultimately responsible for the situation..I'd be bending their ear big time and onto the dealer principal. Compare this to Mini / BMW. My wife had a simple engine management light come on and a message to contact a dealer ASAP. She drove a few miles home, within 30 minutes recovery was at home, was unable to determine the problem, the car was recovered to our local Mini dealership and a Enterprise Hire car dropped off at the house. It turns out the car needed a software update and was sorted the next day..Thats what you expect from owning a new car, under warranty. Not what we're reading here Now I know its unusual for a Lexus to break down and perhaps that half the problem .
  8. To be fair the same could be the same of most premium vehicles and associated stealers. Obviously there comes a time when you cut that umbilical cord and go solo. The hybrid issue complicates things however, almost forcing you into a corner if you want to sell it on. Lexus servicing is bloody expensive, even with a service plan. Sadly its one of those things we need to factor in when buying.
  9. No one cares about reliability on a 3 year lease or PCP deal...its all under warranty. You nailed it in your previous post, the reason 90% are German is that its fashionable....that's what sells cars nowadays, not how it will perform 125,000 miles and 10 years down the line.
  10. Still looking but can't help notice a complete absence of 2016/17 cars .Are they all tied up in PCP deals ? As a result many of the 2015's are sat there at silly money.
  11. The likeness has been commented on previously, more so on BMW forums. I'm not a lover of white but there's a reason 90% are German, good or bad Lexus are doing naff all to address it .
  12. Another decent reminder not to be taken in by the acres of glass, marble, lashings of coffee and the smooth patter of a car salesman. I wonder where it had been for those missing 18 months.
  13. many times was he fobbed off or I am missing some irony here Lexus never use to quibble about replacing corroded wheels, I mean who wants to see a two year old car with scabby wheels ? Hardly a great advert for the marque. As for other manufacturers, most of the premium ones will replace them but the underlying issue as stated further up is the fact they are diamond cut.
  14. The dealer is pulling your plonker, ask to speak with the dealer principal not some muppet on the phone.
  15. Nice one! I believe we both put in an offer on that RCF at Westover...doesn't seem like yesterday. Glad you got sorted, I popped back to the dark side but am still looking for the right car. There's not much out there at the moment!