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  1. Ignore ' the above '. There is some kind of element of 'fixation' bad he went out and purchased one with the same power unit after years of slagging it off Stockholm syndrome ? I owned an IS200t for two years. Its an extremely capable car for its class. As per the review you just linked it is one of the smoothest 4 pots out there that also comes with legendary Lexus reliability and build quality. If you stuck it up against its immediate competitors for the years it was on sale in the UK it was bang up there, 0-60 in 6.1 if thats your thing, extremely smooth engine and pretty decent economy. There was a suspicion of throttle lag but it was never an issue to me in sports mode. It's been addressed in later models. I thoroughly enjoyed my ownership and would have no hesitation in recommending the same power plant in the IS. I did back to backs with an IS250 at the same dealership ( a car that I'd previously driven for several months as a loaner) and the IS200t didn't let itself down so much so I bought one. Expect some kind of tirade to follow this post.
  2. How's it going Linas. Won any traffic light grand prixs yet or are you choosing to waft along dreading the site of any BMW with something bigger than 116i on the back. How is the 0-60 ? Much less than Lexus state i guess....keep us posted . One more thing, can you turn it into an RCF with a few bolt on's ?
  3. You based your whole critique of the 4 pot turbo on a test drive. Did you suddenly forget that ? Didn't you test drive this ? You then proceeded to tell me how I should have and could have done so much better buying a 330i or something similar as the 200t was such a crap unit. Ordinarily I'd congratulate you on buying such a fine looking car, with a totally capable engine but hell its probably completely wasted on you. Are you enjoying the ' Agricultural feel ' didn't you say it sounded like a tractor or does the RC hide that ? Just think, with your budget you could have waltzed into a 335i or a 2014 IS250 or an Audi or whatever. Seriously, just enjoy it.
  4. Hahahahahhahaha...I'm late with this as I've been away After all the **** you gave me for having an IS200t you actually went and purchased something with the same engine The same power plant you took great pleasure in ripping the ***** out of for years...the very same..and then you went and spent your OWN money on one You've made my week...BTW I moved on having realised its limitations Enjoy it lol
  5. My IS200 had two sets of discs over 80,000 miles and ten years of its life. Are you sure it wasn't pads, even then a new set every service would be criminal unless you knock up mega miles.
  6. Took the words right out of my mouth. My lad was away at Uni and arranged a cheapo MOT deal with Kwik Fit much to my horror. It failed on everything under the sun with a nice quote of over a grand to put right (For a 55 plate car that had been in the family since new) I recovered it the 100 miles back home and took it to my trusted MOT dealer who replaced a leaking shock and it passed. We were told to report these shysters. My only issue is that my trusted Independent is about to retire. Main dealer wise, the Mother in law has a 56 plate Honda since new. Every service and MOT has been with Honda and they've been spot on, havent tried to pull any stunts at all. Toyota on the other hand tried to get my mother to buy a new gearbox five years back on her Yaris, also water pump. Complete made up bull shi* ...neither needing doing. Its a mine field out there.
  7. Only if they're Investigating a fault would they be exempt. I wonder what the fault was ? If it went in for a bog standard service and a spanner decided to rag it for no good reason I'd be speaking with dealer principal and asking for the cost of that service to be refunded. No need for a road test after an oil change for example. In 35 years I've never known any car of mine to need a road test apart from one, a Lexus with a knocking top mount / shock. The problem the OP may well have is that dealers hate dash cams, mechanics dislike being recorded in their work space (No idea why as plenty of other occupations are) and some dealers have some kind of policy on it - not that it should discourage the OP from taking it up with them.
  8. The issue for me is that the list price bears no resemblance to what the car is actually worth . Its inflated to cater for those buying on finance who only really care about the monthly payments. My car was 3 months old, had sat outside a dealer doing nothing and I paid £17K off list at £29K but still have the luxury tax for 5 years. Regarding the UX, I chucked it into my carwow library last year and actually got an e mail from a dealer stating that Lexus were refusing to let UK dealers sell new vehicles at less than list.
  9. Its a stock pic but was the same as mine - Celestial Black. Looks brilliant when clean and in the sunshine, keeping it clean was another matter
  10. I see you mentioned the IS200t....decent car. I owned one for two years but traded it in for a BMW 340i (which you also mentioned ) and trust me there is no comparison, they are in different leagues performance wise as expected. I know I'm going to get slated but no real difference in build quality that said I was getting the last of the F30 before the G20. Infotainment etc streets ahead of the IS so the overall package I feel is better. No issues to date in my last two BMW's . The B58 engine in the 340i is a peach (good enough for the Supra) so I would absolutely encourage you to try one if thats what you're looking for ie performance for price. The B58 is also highly reliable (coming up to five years) and no underlying issues reported. On a run expect mid 40's MPG so can be extremely frugal. That said , would I own a BMW without an extended warranty - no, but their warranty is bloody good, decent price under 60k mileage and no quibble. As you say, do you / we really need that much performance ? Probably not but its nice, its a straight six and well I guess if you're into that its a thing. The IS300h is bombproof and would probably be a keeper if you want to sleep at night .I've tended to play the market in recent years between BMW / Lexus and have bounced back an forth since 2007 . Currently in the Bimmer and no regrets until I can find that RCF
  11. Check its actually been serviced as Lexus dealers quite often tell porkies when it comes to servicing. In other words ask to look at the service records physically with your own eyes. As for the elderly sister.....haha...if they're so up front with that I'm sure they wouldn't mind disclosing her details so you can discuss her diligent ownership.. My last 'look' at an F involved a previous owner who (according to Lexus) so loved and cherished the car he couldn't be arsed with servicing the damned thing. Best of luck
  12.✓&q=lexus+rc&commit=Search It looks like there are 202 from 2018..not sure how accurate but there were 172 registered with DVLA in 2015.
  13. That car seems like a permanent fixture on AT. Interesting about the accident damage. The grey one from Lexus Belfast with the dodgy service history and damaged rear seat has gone . The 15 plates in the mid /upper £20K range are moving on quite rapidly. I think the problem for potential buyers who want newer is that there aren't many. It all kind of evaporates after 2015...very few registered after then, only about 30 odd..
  14. What are the comments based on ? The B58 is a damned fine straight six that's been out for nearly five years without any issues of note and I understand Toyota have perfected it for the Supra. Trust me the BMW community are trying their hardest to break the thing without much success. I'm currently driving one and if you could stick it in an IS or RC with a bit of Toyota Intervention I'd be all over it like a shot. Its the sort of side step that might keep things ticking over for the few petrol heads clinging on to Lexus this side of the Atlantic.