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  1. Just looking at an RCF and no ML......this on a car that was £60k plus two years ago. I currently have Harman kardon and profess to enjoying a decent sound quality so it might be a miss.
  2. Sold already it appears as its disappeared off AT. Anyone on here I wonder ?
  3. This guy You win the Internet Linas....again. We're not apologists...we're cyclists. Every one of us who cycles to work ensures that you'll get there in your smartly dressed Primarni suit a nano second should rejoice.
  4. Its like going back to the dark ages isn't it ? The future is public transport and cycling (taking EV's out of the equation for the minute) Both have the lowest carbon footprint. I commuted for years by bicycle (and often wore a suit at the other end). We will never catch up with the Netherlands but can follow Germany, Belgium and Denmark for example who have made massive inroads. I've cycled extensively throughout Europe and the cycling commuting culture is huge and perfectly normal so we're playing catch up constantly.
  5. Sub 5 seconds to 62 mph, 300 horses from a 4 pot, a vastly superior infotainment system, quite practical to boot plus add on your monthly savings ....loads of redeeming features in my book...sorry I forgot it has the' badge of doom '... Is that the beastie up for sale in Harrogate I see ? Best of luck with the new motor.
  6. I wasn't comparing.....however he only needs them on the front so £4.50 difference..... whats the delivery charge on buycarparts ..oh yeah £8.45 Eurocarparts is free delivery.
  7. Brembos £33 with the current 40% discount at Euro car parts if you can DIY...? Tyres I use Blackcircles who will give you a decent price and a local fitter
  8. Four pot pocket rocket and look much better in the flesh. Really impressed when I sat in one at my local dealership. As someone on the err ..whisper it 'other side' I personally wouldn't object if the finances add up.
  9. Is this Big Rats old steed ? I might have been tempted but that paddles/ gearbox issue didn't sit easy... anyway best of luck, shame it didn't work out long term for issues out of your control.
  10. Lexus dealers will usually rob you blind. Worth selling privately ? or get a base price from someone like Wizzle. A few15 plates in the late 20's from dealers have stalled lately, a 16 might have better luck. Personally I think prices are all over the shop at the moment, to the point I just won't entertain moving on as a cash buyer.
  11. I was the same about BMW so avoided them for 35 years. Seriously you won't get better bang for your buck at the price level. Do a back to back between a six pot 240i and a GT86 and there's no comparison, notwithstanding Toyota are now sticking that same BMW engine in the Supra. That said I respect your opinion and I still feel the same way about Audi. much for the F ? Its actually a decent time to sell, used prices are strong everywhere.
  12. Age wise, we're probably not that far apart. I've had back operations and the lure of an SUV is there in that respect but no further I guess but I absolutely understand the reasons. The daft thing is that I can get my golf clubs and electric golf trolley into an IS but for the life of me without lowering seats or some kind of jiggery pokery an NX or UX is just too narrow. So I'm with Linas. I really think Lexus missed a trick by not bringing the RC 350 to the UK ...that said we've agreed on this matter since time began.
  13. I've done this twice since 2014. I jumped from an IS200 to a 135i as the IS250 was literally 'dead weight' and such a wasted opportunity, came back for the IS200t (Linas will tell you about them ) then left again for another six pot bimmer. I'm only hanging around as I've been looking at getting on the RCF bandwagon ....oh yeah and its a decent forum. My dealer has a line of IS's and RC 300H's literally gathering dust (or seagull crap). I know we've had a couple of lockdowns but these cars have been stationary for nearly a year whilst they slowly inch the prices down. It seems one car becomes the demo, then a new demo rocks up and its just full of demos that no one is buying. The SUV thing is just daft. Have you seen the room in the boot of a UX, a complete joke.
  14. It may or may not help but is an ECU reset possible ? There's a thread here where further down the page a poster with a GSF mentions I've found it resets the throttle position sensor and the gearbox shift points. If the car has started to feel a little lazy, this spices things up a bit.
  15. Lovely looking car. I sat in a 10th Anniversary RCF in the Lexus stand at Goodwood festival of speed in 2018, same colour and Interior I believe. Link here