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  1. Yes, I think I can just about see the leak Are you saying the dealer positively encouraged you to drive away that death trap ? I'm absolutely lost for words, the place needs shutting down. I presume that picture is going to trading standards.
  2. I looked at an RCF yesterday in the pouring rain. Opened the boot to see if the golf clubs would fit and stood transfixed at the rain pouring into the boot from the top right side of the tailgate.😂 Decent sized boot mind.
  3. Fair play in spotting it but It sounds a bit messy .The chances are that it won't impact on the car itself , more so on re sale and also you will have this thing bugging you forever. In my case (not my current car I must add) it was a car previously on PCP and there was no obligation on the owner to get it serviced, so he didn't bother. He just used it for three years and handed it back. I've no idea if he was penalised. The salesman then messed up. He retro stamped the book for the so called missing services after I had picked it up, however you cant retro stamp the date so they were all the same . He left shortly afterwards. I was given compensation in the form of three years free servicing and MOT'S, I was also offered a cash refund. Nail them down on the missing service issue or walk away. If there is no discount then try an get a further years warranty or a few services thrown in.
  4. They must get vehicles back in from PCP / lease deals that have missed services for various reasons. They have no real option but to revert to the Lexus approved option. In my case I was verbally assured it had a full service history before they told me to look at the small print. I think its slightly disingenuous. That said, I viewed a car yesterday and although the computer system is 'clunky' and outdated its better than it was but still doesn't read easy. The stamped books are of course only there to satisfy old school blokes like me who Insist a car should be serviced every year and at the very least have a dipstick. 😉
  5. But its not a full service history if services have been missed. Lexus still sell cars that have actually missed services, the get out as in my case is simply calling it a Lexus approved history. Its almost worth a complaint to the advertising standards agency.
  6. I fell for that once. If you look at the link and scroll down to FULL SERVICE HISTORY It then states All Lexus Approved Pre-Owned vehicles must have a service history that is approved by the Lexus retailer. In other words a Lexus approved service history isn't necessarily a full service history. Mine had the first two services missing, when I spoke to the owner he told me he just never took it in . Lexus give them the once over and stick a Lexus approved service history on them, which I think is a poor show.
  7. Can anyone firm this up @Big Rat this on your 'naughty list'? Any opinion on spec / price ? cheers
  8. As an ex owner of a BMW straight six turbo I'd agree it's a lovely engine. However peruse the forums and you'll find numerous reliability issues and the reason I sold it . I'm not sure that will fit in with Toyotas ethos so it surprises me somewhat.
  9. The IS200t and IS300h (dependant on model)
  10. Valencia orange on a 1M ? Luverly. (prefer the legs on the original version mind 😉)
  11. My local Audi garage has a Gym My Lexus dealership has a coffee machine but they even struggle with that. They are good people though. The local Audi and BMW dealerships are dynamic, I hate to say it they are so far ahead of Lexus in marketing and selling cars its embarrassing. These places are absolutely buzzing. That said if you stuck an RCF in one of those showrooms people would be all over it like a rash. I really cannot get my head around Lexus in this country.
  12. doog442

    ByMiles, a new insurance company

    £150 a year parked plus 3p a mile for me. I currently pay £170 ...If I did 5000 miles a year the total would be £300 . Agree about VED, its nonsensical .
  13. I do road trips abroad as well but the car is left at home😉 Bloody cyclists !!! Pyrenees 2011 (Spain back UK ) Koln 2015 (UK to Switzerland and return via France) DDAY beaches 2017 Apologies back to car trips (I really should do some at some point - it will save the knees 🙂
  14. I'd say Image and lack of marketing. To sum things up we met a couple on holiday. The wife was a company director and wanted something a bit classy , he insisted it should have some grunt so they got an AMG C63 coupe. She wanted the badge, he wouldn't entertain an RCF as he said no one would know what the hell it was. Thats just one example and you hear it repeated over and over again. Most of these cars are sporty looking status symbols, yet the owners on here tend to be enthusiasts. Look in a Premier League football car park and you will see exactly whats selling high end / whats bling and you won't find a Lexus let alone an F. There is probably zero market for an RC 350 here either (which I agree is a shame). Audi and BMW have nailed that particular slot with faster and far more efficient engines in the 3 litre range.
  15. Is he not waiting for the RC 350 ? The problem with that is ze Germans will stamp all over it and we could argue all day / night /week / month / year about it getting done by a 4 cylinder turbo...😉