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  1. 70,000 miles

    The issue as stated is firstly the price and secondly how to charge the thing if you live in a house with on street parking or in a block of other words millions of people. This EV thing will move as quickly as battery technology and charging allows. ..and that is S...L...O..W I would rather the Govt put funding into subsidising and improving public transport in the first instance.
  2. Got bumped..

    Nailed on. The OP will be out of pocket big time whatever happens. The next three to five year premiums will be one big headache. Simply ringing them and reporting 'an incident' (as required by most Insurance policies) no matter how minor is not advisable. That said the OP is now stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  3. Car is here. Why does it get dirty?

    Absolutely gorgeous looking car and colour..very well done
  4. Warm water. We have a big jug and ideally the hot tap in the downstairs loo feeds directly from the hot water tank. Sorts the wife and kids out. I don't need it as rarely get out of my pit before the car has defrosted.
  5. Thoughts on Grand Tour 2 so far?

    Indeed. I've also just had my arm bent by my lad and purchased an LG looks amazing in UHD.
  6. Rear Screen Demister

    Mine appears to be spot complaints and very quick. However it appears to take precedent over the heating system / fan......or is all the juice going to the lovely heated seats. The whole thing is still a complete mystery to it a safety thing that windows getting cleared are a priority over cabin temperature ? I have no idea.
  7. Damn My old IS200 is still gunning it despite clocking up 658,218 miles in 2011 and passing the MOT a day later with 65223 miles In my many years of ownership I dont think it ever failed a MOT...yet its record is littered with 3 fails none of which I was aware of, including wipers, headlight aim too high and tyres. I think the lesson here is that the site and history are far from accurate so dig a little deeper if you can. That aside its a brilliant resource.
  8. Have you driven the IS 250 yet ? Apologies if already mentioned.
  9. Have you driven one back to back with a Honda ? That should be your decider..
  10. Just popping out to convert my IS200t to an ISF Apart from a radiator and a bit of piping what else do I need chaps....I have a Euro car parts up the road, oh yeah and a Screwfix. Great thread by the way, It kind of makes me feel warm inside..and I don't even own one
  11. Hedge End obviously thinking they're on a winning streak... High teens to 25K and Bobs your Uncle....someone needs to pay for that glass and marble.
  12. It looks ideal for the school run.
  13. Likewise On this note, I'll leave the thread.. we appear to be stuck between a rock and a hard place as clearly we all want the same thing... Back to the IS200t forum
  14. You can see the figures of how many cars / make model are registered / taxed each year in the is your friend. Happy to help. Its just faster and more economical- not superior, never said it was. Lexus move on, that's how it is.. Many will question the direction, I'm sure you me and Linus would love to be knocking around in an IS350...
  15. We are talking UK figures Linas my old and @Rebeccacant keep shifting the goal posts to suit your argument.... The US has nothing to do with it otherwise I would have reminded Rebecca and indeed yourself what a success the IS200t is over the pond, - get it