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  1. I would hate to think anyone would actually fork out money without any concrete proof the car existed. You could argue a fool and his money are easily parted. Ebay have to shoulder the blame for hosting this complete charade (it was about 25 vehicles and a number of camper vans in the end). They somehow latched onto a genuine business yet google took you straight to their phone number. I nearly rang them to tell them they were being piggy backed but I guess it was sussed. Surely these jokers would be better off advertising one or two vehicles rather than a fleet.
  2. 36K for a 2016 Also removed from Lexus approved site before pics even went up.
  3. We have two Minis in the family, both Coopers one a 65 plate (from new ) and the other a 14 (had for three years). Both have been totally reliable. We all use the same BMW / Mini dealer and they have been brilliant for both my bimmers and the girls Minis. Just beware of the luxury tax on the 530 / was more the principal that got my goat (List being in the zone) yet purchase price for pre reg with zero miles £10k under it !
  4. Last October I moved from an IS to a F30 3 series (340i) fully loaded, pre reg, no miles £30K - list price was £47k. The 3 series G20 replacement is much improved Inside but not sure on current offers and might not represent as good value as the 5 series you mentioned. I've owned two BMW's in the last five years and have no issues but I expect the worse lol. The extended warranty is good value and absolutely no quibble I understand if you keep it beyond the three years. Obviously they are as common as muck ...I must see several Mineral grey F30's every day - but rarely a 340i.
  5. Its a fantastic looking car. Without doubt you have a good 'un, seems a decent price as well. I hope you enjoy it. I might have moved on it but was away in Barcelona and didn't see it pop up. I see the black one has gone from Coventry as well.
  6. I've owned an E82 and currently a 340i F30 . BMW appear to have got their act together recently and trust me I was a cynic. The only issue I've had is a misted headlight replaced under warranty so I can't agree with you and say they are crap.The N55 and the B58 engines are superb, the build quality is absolutely on par with the IS I part ex'd before the E87 and the IS I part ex'd for the F30. That said, the proof is further down the line as we all know but I don't wait that long. I promise to update people when something goes wrong, that said there's a guy on another thread decamping to Alfa, perhaps he will beat me to it
  7. Haha...thats the best one yet in over a decade on here...cheers
  8. How to make friends and influence people 😉 Can I just add my tuppence worth. After reading the IS300h forum since the its inception I don't think I've come across one poster who purchased the car to drive it 'hard' . The mark 2 filtered them out. The mark 1 was playing at it but was more of a contender and still has a cult status. Linas, its done, finished, ze Germans have won the performance war, you are continually flogging a dead horse and appear to be looking for any thread to do it on.
  9. £4K ..for a new ECU ? I need to tell my mate who turns them around for £160 😂 It sounds like Leicester just paid for next years Xmas do.
  10. You don't think you may be bordering on being a Vexatious litigant old chap. ? Suing everyone and everything isn't something I would encourage and can come back to bite you. The UK list is here.
  11. Lexus have done the same for donkeys years😉
  12. I think you made a wise choice. Having perused the IS300h / IS250 / IS200t forum almost daily since its inception you should be able to sleep at night. As a matter of fact to get a general feel of the reliability it might be worth scrolling back through the forum, perhaps whilst enjoying a nice glass of claret.