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  1. There are far too many parameters for anyone to draw a meaningful comparison. Age , occupation, post code etc. I paid £170 fully comp for my 2015 IS last year, however it was part of a multi car policy along with my two daughters and I'm pretty sure the price was offset against a slightly more expensive premium on one of those two, although I can't confirm. Prior to that I was paying roughly £200 for 3 litre BMW and my cost to change back to new BMW a few months ago has simply been an admin charge, so no increase. Every year the price increases but I just get another quote online, ring them up and they reduce it back down.
  2. apologies I edited as hit the keyboard in error (No vino involved in this malfunction) but yes that was my point.
  3. I've just moved from a 3rd Gen IS (IS200t) back to BMW (F30 340i.) for my sins - I've had two Lexus and two BMW's since 2007 . I've been back and forth twice and its getting a little expensive . The previous move from BMW to Lexus was two years ago. Performance is night and day different as to be expected with the BMW and the reason I went back -again. Auto gearbox in BMW is sublime as is the straight six. Build quality - both seem similar but the forums will tell you otherwise- read this forum and you will see IS faults are as rare as rocking horse poo, unlike BMW . Cabin noise - as above, F30 shades it on the motorway, wind noise on passenger side of IS above 60 ish worth listening for. Infotainment / Sat nav- BMW by a country mile - if this is a thing for you it could be a deal breaker. Cabin : prefer Lexus although not much left leg room, it feels quite compact for a tall bloke. More room in F30 in rear. Looks : prefer the Lexus at some angles but its obviously subjective. Alloys - IS are soft, really soft - softer than cheese (the hard cheese) Boot space - Both practical within reason in that the seats go down - Important to me but not enough to buy an F31. Air con / heating : Lexus warms up very quickly but I could never get the temp right. One part of me was always hot or cold. Reliability : No issues with IS (or my previous BMW's) - there I've said it but wait - I've got a 3 year warranty 🙂 Dealers : Mixed experience with Lexus since 2007 - no issues with BMW / MIni (two minis in the house) To get a decent feel have a good read of the forum. Its pretty quiet because not much goes wrong with the IS its fair to say so it has to be an excellent choice (along with your monthly saving)
  4. doog442

    Car dying :(

    What are the symptoms ? I'm just looking at @Malcs post above in this respect. A transmission drain / flush by an independent should be quick and cheap. Codes are quite indifferent in their meaning, often they will simply throw up anything if there is a change in the viscosity of the oil for example. Will Lexus charge you for the diagnosis , I guess they will.
  5. doog442

    Car dying :(

    In the dim and distant past I recall a change of transmission fluid did the trick....don't quote me on that but worth a go first and foremost.
  6. 150 'exhaustive' checks but the inability to stick a multimeter on a battery......😉 Obviously my dig goes further than a battery of course . I wouldn't have raised an eyebrow if the OP had paid several grand less and purchased his car from anyone other than this mockery of a scheme that really doesn't deserve the name 'approved'.. Glad the OP got sorted
  7. Did it cost you ? Hopefully it didn't @scudney and @jackcramerr I appreciate your laugh at my expense but Lexus should not in any way shape or form be selling an approved used Lexus without basic checks like this. The problem is that they do, people get mugged off and people like you condone it. 😉 As I said I hope he didn't pay a penny.
  8. That plate WTF 😉..must be worth a bob or two Lovely car...lovely garage as well
  9. Yes, Lexus used approved means absolutely naff all . 😉
  10. Can I just add that a Lexus dealer selling a 9 year old car with the original 10 year old battery is a little bit out of order ...
  11. Thats a decent innings for a battery...nigh on 10 years If they are fitting and disposing of the old one then yes go with the Lexus price for the sake of saving £20 elsewhere. I've ordered several from day delivery and decent prices. (they also sell on ebay where the prices are cheaper)
  12. I think they are trying very hard to stick to a set way of marketing and selling their vehicles. Some Lexus dealers can pull it off, some are sadly lacking. I personally think its a little outdated. I'm not sure I agree about the best deals being with cash. Nowadays its all about finance and cash is almost a dirty word. Most dealers make the bulk of their profit through finance...(although I've just seen the open mind bit to alternates and agree - ie finance 😀) However In that respect Lexus have traditionally offered competitive finance rates across the range. Do Lexus UK actually make a profit I wonder ?
  13. edited ..dont get me going about this
  14. Hi Paul..thats odd as it's just sat there - probably me- tech dinosaur I'll try again