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  1. Popped down today for a second look as its near my mums who I was visiting. Poole seagulls have left their mark and I'm sure there's an RCF under there somewhere. I've researched the car and it's the same that was on sale at Lexus Swindon in October albeit with 3K more on the clock, it was mentioned on here back then.
  2. The new BMW 4 series pics just been released .
  3. That's my local dealer. Someone's been on the double espresso. Its been sat there for some time now obviously, went to have a close up before lockdown but the better half won't entertain the colour .
  4. Its across the board, always has been. Take a look at this....I have it in writing that a Lexus approved history isn't a full history. All I'm saying is just be careful. To get a missing service history 'approved' they simply examine it, service it and stick it on the forecourt. Vehicles with an incomplete or non Lexus Centre service history can only qualify as an Approved Pre-Owned Lexus once the retailing Lexus Centre completes the most recent major service. Full Service History All Lexus Approved Pre-Owned vehicles have a service history that has been approved by the Lexus retailer. Our vehicles are carefully sourced from trusted partners, or from our own network. This ensures the vehicle’s long-term reliability and performance.
  5. Most people would consider an approved service history at a Lexus dealership as something approaching a full service some way, shape or form.We are talking Lexus main dealers here not some back street garage. I've never seen this from BMW or Merc dealers.
  6. I hate to disagree but Lexus are the only company I know of who will put an approved service history (called a Lexus approved service history) on a car that doesn't actually have a full service history. Perhaps others do but you really don't expect it from this marque. Missed services, no problem just say its Lexus approved after they gave it the once over in the workshop. Ignore the marble and acres of glass and drill right down into the service records. I've been stung once on an IS200 and nearly got done over by Lexus Belfast on an RCF last year.
  7. I see Lexus used car finance is currently 3.9%, new is 1.9%. To be fair Lexus are usually very competitive when it comes for finance and will often throw in a finance 'Incentive ' even on used that you may not ordinarily get if paying cash. Just having a quick look on Moneysaving expert Lexus finance rates are quite decent compared to many of the available loans out there if paying over £25k ....not so much if under where you might do better with a personal loan careful though they advertise the rate then adjust it to your personal circumstances and quite often thats 'up'
  8. Good answer above. We have a simple plug in extender, £20 from currys. We have it in the annex and it works fine.
  9. I'm not so sure. I think a lot of people will be looking hard at their finances with no end sight and might be keeping their cash and savings. Pensions and the finance markets have been hit hard . Absolutely there will be cash deals but I guess it depends on what sector we're looking at. I'm not so sure on new / nearly new. At least with a PCP you can get in new motor, drive away, pay your monthlies then bin it at the end of the term or even VT it . Its quick and easy. Without doubt they'll want to kick start the market and the best thing they can do is lower the APR and stick some proper finance incentives on the deal. That will start things moving.
  10. Welcome to Lexus Land. Four potential car purchases at my local dealer since 2007 and on every occasion I've walked away . IS200 / IS250 /GS300 and RCF There are Lexus dealers interested in selling cars but you need to hunt them down.
  11. Ignore ' the above '. There is some kind of element of 'fixation' bad he went out and purchased one with the same power unit after years of slagging it off Stockholm syndrome ? I owned an IS200t for two years. Its an extremely capable car for its class. As per the review you just linked it is one of the smoothest 4 pots out there that also comes with legendary Lexus reliability and build quality. If you stuck it up against its immediate competitors for the years it was on sale in the UK it was bang up there, 0-60 in 6.1 if thats your thing, extremely smooth engine and pretty decent economy. There was a suspicion of throttle lag but it was never an issue to me in sports mode. It's been addressed in later models. I thoroughly enjoyed my ownership and would have no hesitation in recommending the same power plant in the IS. I did back to backs with an IS250 at the same dealership ( a car that I'd previously driven for several months as a loaner) and the IS200t didn't let itself down so much so I bought one. Expect some kind of tirade to follow this post.
  12. How's it going Linas. Won any traffic light grand prixs yet or are you choosing to waft along dreading the site of any BMW with something bigger than 116i on the back. How is the 0-60 ? Much less than Lexus state i guess....keep us posted . One more thing, can you turn it into an RCF with a few bolt on's ?
  13. You based your whole critique of the 4 pot turbo on a test drive. Did you suddenly forget that ? Didn't you test drive this ? You then proceeded to tell me how I should have and could have done so much better buying a 330i or something similar as the 200t was such a crap unit. Ordinarily I'd congratulate you on buying such a fine looking car, with a totally capable engine but hell its probably completely wasted on you. Are you enjoying the ' Agricultural feel ' didn't you say it sounded like a tractor or does the RC hide that ? Just think, with your budget you could have waltzed into a 335i or a 2014 IS250 or an Audi or whatever. Seriously, just enjoy it.
  14. Hahahahahhahaha...I'm late with this as I've been away After all the **** you gave me for having an IS200t you actually went and purchased something with the same engine The same power plant you took great pleasure in ripping the ***** out of for years...the very same..and then you went and spent your OWN money on one You've made my week...BTW I moved on having realised its limitations Enjoy it lol