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  1. Close passes to vulnerable road users by Irresponsible motorists in 2 ton vehicles and vans. School run mums who are so intent on getting Tarquin to school on time they have to make up time by pretending cyclists don't exist. Motorists who fail to use adequate observation, fail to clear their windscreens, side windows etc. Motorists who have little concept of the Highway code. Impatient motorists who see a cyclist and simply have to pass them, no matter what. Motorists who blind cyclists with their headlights. Netherlands has the right idea, its called 'strict liability'. The assumption is that if a collision occurs between a cyclist and motorist the motorist is at fault until proven otherwise. I guess when you know that's the law you may well pay a little more attention, drive a little more carefully and kill or Injure less people. However I agree that folk who ride a bicycle without lights are Irresponsible, just like any irresponsible person. However most proper, regular cyclists aren't irresponsible. Anyone can be a cyclist and without doubt many of us have been at some point, however its easier to label 'cyclists' under a generic term, from a 14 year kid meeting his mates down the park to a drug dealer who uses 2 wheels to deal his dope to someone who commutes daily. Down here we have a large transient population, many deem themselves to be outside the law, some use a cycle to get from A to B many don't care if they can be seen or not. You can shout from the rooftops but none will be reading the forum and none of them care what you think. Irresponsible people are simply a section of society.
  2. The problem is that everything is now over priced compared to 12 months back and therein lies the problem. Without doubt most of the examples on this thread would have seen a 20% increase. Personally I think both the 2012 and the 2011 are in the ball park for the current craziness. With the ex owner of the 2012 confirming its history on here I'd certainly consider pushing for an offer if the dealer would move a little. We know the engine is bombproof, the exhaust can be seen at face value by getting underneath the thing and shocks won't break the bank. However it would have to be a low mileage per annum keeper. The issue I guess is that in the current market we need to forget past deals. It's not actually a good time to buy.
  3. Best of luck Mike.
  4. I'm playing golf at Moors Valley on Monday, I'll pop in and see if I can squeeze an extra couple of quid in the tank ...luckily we're okay for cling film Actually I'm good for a Gatwick trip later in the week and a couple of weeks in the Caribbean. ☀️...please let this be history when we get back. Also agree with the post above, few gaps on the shelves but I daresay there'll be another drama happening somewhere soon as the press seem to thrive on it.
  5. Where the hell is all this fuel suddenly going ? A multitude of garages here were sold out today and we're now a week in. Are we seeing the non panic buyers now heading out and where allowed, brimming their tanks like a ripple effect or if they can't brim the tank popping somewhere else to top up. If people are changing their buying habits due to future worries then it may take some time to sort out I guess.
  6. GDPR is massive on one of the main UK BMW forums....he got off lightly here trust me. Anyway Danny has done a deal with Damien and all is good. Would I buy from this guy, probably not.
  7. It's the first time I've ever used eco mode in my bimmer (forgive me father for I have sinned ).....I'll be back though. Despite it being a very nice turbo 6 pot, eco mode feels similar to normal mode in an RC / IS300h....bloody relaxing. It rarely gets above 1200 rpm and you just float around. I'm not the young bearded thrusting type, more the complete opposite by the way but yes without doubt everyone is driving slower....apart from school run mums. 😈...who will always be flat out up your arse no matter what.
  8. To be fair Lexus main dealers rarely get everything sorted first off so I'd cut the guy some slack. Their first move is to slap £5k on the price they paid for it, no pic, no prep its like a magical mystery tour. I agree about the Lexus relax stuff ..that automatically comes with the service. It looks priced to sell.
  9. Wow. Being a part time cyclist I read some cycling specific forums. According to one this is wholly down to Brexit, panic buying is totally justified across the country and its the all the fault of those who voted in 2016 and the current Government. Dare to even question them and you have a cyber mob queuing up to beat the living daylights out of you. It's quite hilarious how a car hating fraternity (not all but many on there) are suddenly using a fossil fuel as a political lever when up until now it was a dirty word. Politics aside I've found some social media posts from real living UK tanker drivers. Apparently its one of the better paid HGV jobs, with little staff turnover, few foreign workers and more importantly very few advertised vacancies. Prior to Fridays mass panic deliveries were taking place as normal, on time as they have done for the last few months and years. A simple shortage at a small number of service stations and suddenly the system is broken due to the media and a reactionary public. If this is the case (with few advertised tanker driver vacancies) then surely the Industry itself must shoulder some of the blame. I'm not absolving the current Govt of any blame, they really should have their fingers on the pulse and a contingency for panic buying across the sector.
  10. Tentative signs its easing. Last night on the way home I passed nine garages and all closed. Today there was availability quite close to home and no queues. I'm not a Facebook user but you can still view posts. My town has a group and within a few minutes of reading someone stating there were no queues at Tesco, I was there like a ferret up a drainpipe simply because I have a long trip next week . No diesel however which appears to be 'a theme' across several forums.
  11. Our local rag reporting huge queues. I filled up yesterday and the front set of pumps were closed (Tesco). Just cycled by an Esso and BP station and both shut with no fuel signs up. Press creating a mountain out of a molehill and a population who panic at a drop of a hat.
  12. That air filter looks like its never been changed, it could even be the original. As you say it looks like someone has taken a look, probably shook it out and refitted. I'm not sure what the servicing schedule is for the air filter and / or your mileage.
  13. Don't worry Malc I'm not rolling any dice . There are still two Government travel 'reviews' before I even think about booking airport parking and we all know what a complete lottery they are. As a travel agent it must be a worrying time for you, my daughter lost her job with an airline and her boyfriend pilot is clinging onto his job. I'm mindful of the risks however but thanks for your concern. I think if we had any underlying health conditions (fortunately we don't), weren't double jabbed and there wasn't a requirement for everyone on the plane to have undergone a PCR test prior to departure then we might put it off, however its my full intention to be drinking a few G&T's watching a Caribbean sunset this time next month 🥂 ..if it doesn't happen so be it, it can wait.
  14. I was at my local Lexus dealer last week. The forecourt and rear car park that usually holds the stock was not quite empty but very sparse. They're actually selling German cars such is the desperation, however when I spoke with the main sales guy he said WBAC are hoovering everything up and they simply cannot compete with their trade in prices, hence lack of used Lexus stock. I had to chuckle as three years back they basically refused my 15 plate IS as a part ex and told me to take it to WBAC !!...what goes around comes around as they say
  15. It's probably a semi decent price with the current crazyness in the big scheme of things, however to put things into context 18 months ago I nearly purchased a 66 plate with 20k mileage for £29k from a main dealer. 12 months ago a 15 plate with 35k on the clock went for £26500 from Lexus Sidcup but sold quickly. However that was then and this is now. It's fair to say that prices across the board in the used £20-40k range for anything 'desirable' are up 10 to 20% from what most might consider normal prices. It's not just F cars, M2 /M4's / C63 / C43 / F type have seen similar price increases.
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