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  1. Of course, the brake regen thingy. I may well look at a hybrid way further down the line so will bear that in mind when doing my disc lip test on the forecourts. As a matter of fact that has to be a real positive in the ongoing wear / tear stakes as I always factor in pads / discs as well as servicing costs.
  2. That RCF at £25,992 has just appeared. The cheapest example for some time but private / higher mileage.
  3. As I said in my post above yours further up the thread so agree entirely. That said they could have argued they had suffered significant wear anyway at 33k . If I was buying a Lexus approved at 33k for example I would insist on new pads / discs and in my experience on forecourts most cars with this mileage will demonstrate a degree of disc wear. (its difficult to see pad wear) if they haven't been changed anyway. If not at least ask for measurements of whats left.
  4. I meant its subjective in respect of how the car is used ,hence they are never warranty items. It was in relation to people saying they should last so and so miles. You can never put a mileage on their wear as you probably know due to different driving styles.
  5. Disc and pad wear is subjective. That said if they claimed discs needed replacing at that mileage due to a faulty (warranted) caliper I would have been asking for a significant contribution towards the cost of replacement. Its a shame the OP didnt simply run his finger over the disc on the dodgy caliper side. If it was significantly lipped or scored then yes, discs / pads replacement could be justified but with a dealer contribution surely?
  6. A massive coincidence it 'burst' on the FREE MOT test at a Lexus dealership who then charged you £1200 to rectify a leaking brake pipe. I would have been into the workshop like a racing dog to photograph and document said 'burst pipe' knowing too well they now have me as a captive audience. That said its an expensive performance vehicle and the decision to get it MOT'd and serviced by Lexus probably won't come with any short cuts, so at least you have the assurance its all been done to Lexus dealership standards. However at what stage / age do you stop taking your car to a main dealer .
  7. Not such a great experience on the sales side at Cov.
  8. You don't always get have to download it and that just isnt the same with tired eyes and a small phone screen.
  9. It took me 18 Months to suss that one
  10. They did the same to me in the 80's...Chantmarle...for the record I was presented with a Bronze Medallion which apparently was the flagship award for life saving. Simply having a PTI not drowning me was worthy of a medal in itself. Nice vid @Cezar B
  11. I stuck my old kitchen in the garage....similar result . Is that a radiator in there ? ..fair play
  12. Haha...I'm not sure I've seen a white one in the flesh. I think it can suit certain cars but Coventry is a long way to go to decide if I actually like the colour or not. 😉 I guess the point of the thread is that I'm pleasantly surprised to see these prices, I mean 19 months old ! Spec wise am I missing something other than the lack of TVD ?
  13. Cheers mate. I saw it had been reserved . 'Press open day event car' gives me images of the Jag F type drift track experience at Goodwood last year or similar. 😂....yeah I guess not but finding a one careful privately owned RCF appears as rare as rocking horse stuff. The white one looks good value, I mean thats 40% off list at 19 months old! ...but its white. I still have PTSD from owning a white Talbot Alpine in the early 80's before white went out of fashion and came back in.It probably looks better in the flesh I guess.
  14. From Lexus Coventry but neither on autotrader..yet £37K for a 67 plate. VO67OPL appears to have been up for sale at Lexus Cheltenham previously My preferred colour at roughly the same price.. VK17YBZ Both seem to be sliding into my price range and appear to be decent value but does anyone have any idea on their history ? Appreciate Rattus Norvegicus is still on a sabbatical
  15. Strangely enough I part ex'd my IS200t for a BMW 340i seven months ago. However it would be unfair to compare a 2 litre turbo against a 3 litre turbo, the problem is that Lexus offer nothing in the UK that does compare. One of the reasons for change was the B58 engine and 8 speed auto (an absolutely sublime combination ) and if the B58 is good enough for a Supra then its good enough for me even with my Lexus history / values.It really is a great bit of kit. so I would certainly argue that there are better products available, however that depends on the definition of the word 'better'. I've had no issues with the current car and likewise I had zero issues with the BMW135i I had before the IS200t so perhaps I'm lucky. As you say the IS200t is no slouch but it needs to be permanently in Sports mode to have acceptable performance or it demonstrates a sluggish side that can temper even the enjoyment of pottering around town. I would describe throttle response as its main gripe, or lack of it but you get used to it. Build quality appears on a par with the Lexus, performance is naturally on a different planet, infotainment and sound system (Harmon Karden) far superior. The car is more refined (due to the six pot), economy is on a par despite the different sized engines. I really enjoyed the IS200t but nowadays like to change my cars every few years. As mentioned above its quite exclusive, looks good and I could certainly sleep at night without worrying about reliability. If I go totally sensible I wouldn't hesitate to get an IS300h and that may or may not happen, likewise the complete other way and get an RCF. Life's too short 😉