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  1. We love 'pedalling' on here..well some do😈 😉
  2. doog442

    To the Arctic Circle!

    Many thanks for that. I now have it my head to drive to the Arctic circle. The scenery looks fantastic although I would do it in the summer months. Accommodation looks reasonable on (or I could take the tent). Apparently the E6 is a great road talking to an ex RM mate who spent a fair bit of time up there.
  3. doog442

    How often should I drive it,?

    Honda Jazz you say ! The bloody things never die or go wrong. My mother in law has a 56 plate and it drives like new. Main dealer servicing (reasonable) , tyres, front pads and a new battery in 12 years. So your major problem is that you also have a reliable, bombproof, practical car that probably suits 90% of your needs. I feel your pain. 😉 I use my Lexus for everything but the tip...(where I borrow the mother in laws). I'm just extremely careful where I park the thing. I've been all over the UK and thus am a firm believer in using the car and getting enjoyment out of it.
  4. To be fair its close ..hardly most people😉 and there's nothing in it. If you look at the stickies for some of the older models you will see that the 'views' often outweigh views on other subjects, I view the forum on a nice HD screen on my PC and I don't even notice them but I guess on a phone it could be annoying. I voted keep them. Id like to see stickies with pdf manuals to download if possible, my recent purchase only came with a pdf and a link on here I'm sure would assist others.
  5. My bad then ....its the way I read it....'special offer for you Linas' as you burst through the door..😉.apologies but I've never heard the phrase during any negotiation. It really gets my goat how they corner us all with the finance guy, its obviously a set routine... if there's one bonus about the 'dark side' ie BMW you can usually take out finance with the added incentive or discount and cancel the deal within 30 days and keep the discount. Lexus have a 6 month limit before you can pay off the balance.
  6. I'm not sure I've ever walked into a Lexus dealership and had 'special offer' thrown at me. Its hardly Lexus terminology or a selling technique. Pop down a Citroen dealers and yes. Serious conversation about price and extras usually takes place after a test drive and a few coffees in the corner of a mostly empty showroom after of course you've spoken with the finance manager about various 'options'. You will usually be directed to the finance manager before negotiation whether you want finance or not.
  7. doog442

    Amazed with the 300H

    'The Linas Conflict'. Sounds like some pseudo dodgy James Bond rip off film. He's taken my car to the cleaners more times than I've taken my weddings / births and funerals suit. Try having the misfortune of owning a new Lexus with a turbo, its the equivalent of stabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil in the Lexus world....spawn of the devil I tell ya. Yet back in the day we were falling over ourselves trying to get a turbo in a Lexus. I left on a few occasions but as I've been knocking around here for a decade or more its like trying to convince a cat he can't sleep on that old shed roof that he's been sleeping on for years. I keep popping back and yet again ..somewhere my car's been torn a new one , if not by Linas he's straight on it like a ferret up a drainpipe and sticking that size 10 in where it hurts. bless..its about time you IS300h owners had some home grown truths 😉
  8. doog442


    Public transport is not a solution ? 🤣 You're wrong mate, it is the solution.Just like safe cycling is part of the solution.I don't think I've ever met someone so removed from public opinion and common sense so have a prize. I'll give you an extra brownie point as this is a motoring forum .
  9. doog442


    You're quite cute in quoting half sentences😉. Let me remind you of what I actually said. Ok not quite brilliant but the basics are there despite Beeching doing his best in the 60's. Agree with Rayaans about some of the prices.I travel into numerous large cities and conurbations most weekends. Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, London etc. Its far easier and cheaper for me to park 20 / 30 miles outside and get the train in than drive in and park for the whole day. That appears to be the sweet spot, price wise rather than long distance journeys where yes its simply a rip off. That said i'm not a commuter, many of whom are fleeced but have no option as there's little parking and its expensive. That will never change. My point is that you can have all the electric cars in the world but it would be totally impractical to park them all in a city . Remember the discussion involved the country needing a massive injection of infrastructure for EV's. My counter argument is that I'd like to see continued investment and subsiding of public transport nationwide first and foremost that would negate people wanting or needing to jump into a car be it electrical or petrol driven. Obviously rural areas have their own issues. If we are going to stick charging points on every street corner (I heard the suggestion lamp posts could be used / adapted) should this be Government funded or should vehicle manufacturers cough up (hence my public transport tirade)
  10. I'm quite impressed with how you knocked them down in price...they hate it dont they . Lexus are extremely flakey with their service histories but obviously they have certain obligations in relation to consumer protection as stated by others. Clearly its intended for auction so see what you can screw out of them.
  11. doog442


    So you think its easier, cheaper and more convenient to drive into a city than take public transport ? You need to get out more. 😉 We have a brilliant rail network in this country that needs subsidising and more investment. Thats not communism, its happening in every capitalist city in the world.
  12. doog442

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    Lived in Singapore as a nipper (army brat). The married quarter backed onto Changi prison and at the bottom of the garden was a watch tower. I recall my dad shouting at them to shut up in a Windsor Davies style most nights as they' be jabbering away. Nowt to do with the thread but a tenuous link 😉
  13. doog442


    I'd rather the Government Invested in public transport, or at least subsidised it to the extent that's happening with our European counterparts. Major towns and cities are becoming no car zones. Not necessarily because of emissions but more over where do you park the bloody things ?
  14. doog442

    Amazed with the 300H

    Thanks - so those adverts I see aimed at business users are still valid and you have no evidence to state that there have been zero sales to company car drivers since 2017. Glad that's cleared up 😉 As an aside looking at sales, it would be interesting so see what's happened in the last 12 months.
  15. doog442


    To be fair he didn't start the thread, he's also a Lexus owner so probably has some leeway to offer up a comparison. I find his stuff interesting but despite as you say him 'banging on about Tesla ' he hasn't convinced me in the slightest.😉