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  1. Its a fantastic looking car. Without doubt you have a good 'un, seems a decent price as well. I hope you enjoy it. I might have moved on it but was away in Barcelona and didn't see it pop up. I see the black one has gone from Coventry as well.
  2. I've owned an E82 and currently a 340i F30 . BMW appear to have got their act together recently and trust me I was a cynic. The only issue I've had is a misted headlight replaced under warranty so I can't agree with you and say they are crap.The N55 and the B58 engines are superb, the build quality is absolutely on par with the IS I part ex'd before the E87 and the IS I part ex'd for the F30. That said, the proof is further down the line as we all know but I don't wait that long. I promise to update people when something goes wrong, that said there's a guy on another thread decamping to Alfa, perhaps he will beat me to it
  3. Haha...thats the best one yet in over a decade on here...cheers
  4. How to make friends and influence people 😉 Can I just add my tuppence worth. After reading the IS300h forum since the its inception I don't think I've come across one poster who purchased the car to drive it 'hard' . The mark 2 filtered them out. The mark 1 was playing at it but was more of a contender and still has a cult status. Linas, its done, finished, ze Germans have won the performance war, you are continually flogging a dead horse and appear to be looking for any thread to do it on.
  5. £4K ..for a new ECU ? I need to tell my mate who turns them around for £160 😂 It sounds like Leicester just paid for next years Xmas do.
  6. You don't think you may be bordering on being a Vexatious litigant old chap. ? Suing everyone and everything isn't something I would encourage and can come back to bite you. The UK list is here.
  7. Lexus have done the same for donkeys years😉
  8. I think you made a wise choice. Having perused the IS300h / IS250 / IS200t forum almost daily since its inception you should be able to sleep at night. As a matter of fact to get a general feel of the reliability it might be worth scrolling back through the forum, perhaps whilst enjoying a nice glass of claret.
  9. So lets get this correct. For years you have lamented the decision of Lexus not to introduce the RC 350 here. Some accuse you of trolling the place as a result. You refuse to go RCF. Toyota offer up a straight six 3 litre turbo charged engine that meets their exacting standards and would ***** all over the 350......... I suggest they stick it in the RC...and you still aren't happy. There is no hope for you..... none. There is no hope for anyone on here either who chooses to debate with you.
  10. Linas me old mucker. The new Supra sounds right up your street with that B58. Imagine that in an RC ?
  11. If the discs are lipped I always demand the pads / discs are replaced. Its the minimum you should expect from a Lexus main dealer. They would be quick enough to tell you they were worn when you rocked up at the next service and put that little seed of doubt in your mind 😉 By the way 30k was always a decent indicator for disc / pad replacement in the past. (obviously not in the case of Hybrids as mentioned above) . If they refuse and claim its within tolerance or some other BS I walk. That's their loss. It doesn't mean the car is unsafe but if I was doing 15/ 20K a year I wouldn't expect to change anything within 12 months, tyres included if buying from a main dealer.
  12. Of course, the brake regen thingy. I may well look at a hybrid way further down the line so will bear that in mind when doing my disc lip test on the forecourts. As a matter of fact that has to be a real positive in the ongoing wear / tear stakes as I always factor in pads / discs as well as servicing costs.