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  1. Worth going pre reg ? Quite a few on BMW AUC from early £31k with little or no miles and they have some wiggle room on top . The best PCP I can find is £403 down, £403 a month 2.9% APR I believe its BMW Park lane and the Emergency services offer. Don't worry about eligibility, they are very, very loose on it according to those taking advantage on the BMW forums.
  2. That made me laugh. It is a neat trick though I must admit.
  3. Yep, all seems a bit brighter and in your face....might have to adjust a few settings...hey ho no one likes change 😉
  4. Still prefer the Brembo Yellow ....looks like my post was taken slightly too literally, should really have given the end result. What's the latest steed, last I saw it was Aston ?
  5. We live in a cul de sac. The boy racer at the top has a Honda with a farty exhaust. He leaves for work at 6.45am and you can set your clock by it. Talking to neighbours there is a massive amount of underlying friction. We have a few retired folk and a couple of cancer sufferers who've been through the mill. Something must have been said as he clearly coasts down the cul de sac in neutral before flooring it around the corner.
  6. I recall when big rat had the calipers painted. Interesting to follow its journey
  7. I guess he would have to take it up with the finance company under those circumstances but they would insist the repairs were addressed first. If he did actually pay cash then agree what a fool, not because it was an Audi, more so brand new tech... I notice buried in the comments of one of the videos he's been promised a full refund but more importantly most of the issues have been ironed out with the later edition. Haha. After reading the issues with Tesla, I'm not going near an EV until I'm forced to. He does actually comment on the problems of charging stations etc and the dif
  8. Its probably leased or on a one in their right mind actually spends 100,000 euro on a new Audi SUV EV outright. No one buys a Lexus outright at that price either (awaits random LC 500 owner with a dodgy petrol cap to pop up) He has a warranty so it will be sorted and he'll probably chop it in when the latest fad motor pops up at the end of his deal. Its a shame we didn't hear about the electrical performance, I mean that was surely the whole point of the thread (and indeed the vehicle ) unless of course it was the usual German bashing.
  9. Coincidence as I saw one of these plugged in today. So he had no moans about the electrical ability of the car . Paint, virtual mirrors, suspension leg ? , roof antenna and a leak. The only thing related to its electrical prowess was the plastic cover covering the storage bay for the lead was apparently cheap and a problem with what side the car was charged on, so hardly deal breakers. I would rather have heard about its ability as an electric vehicle, the rest just seem normal new model car moans that I'm sure will be addressed.
  10. What main dealer ? Perhaps pop it back.
  11. Yep, very odd with the alcantara . The issue is I'm fully specced up in a 2018 lovely straight six with hardly any miles on it, owned from new and it goes like stink. I accept I might have to compromise but RCF pricing is all over the shop. I buy that car and suddenly I'm looking at an 8k loss immediately if I need to get rid. I could stomach that brand new but not on a low spec 18 plate whereas an M4 / M2 would be far more palatable. I tend to change cars every couple of years and there's another guy on here with a 2017 who seems stuck in perpetuity. I guess its a keeper but ain't a mo
  12. Apologies for bumping the thread but my guess is this is one of the lower spec versions. It almost appears poverty spec. no ML either. Shame as I made a quick enquiry, screen looks bigger than 7 inch however. New&onesearchad=New&model=RC F&include-delivery-option=on&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1501&make=LEXUS&postcode=bh189nr&page=1
  13. Just looking at an RCF and no ML......this on a car that was £60k plus two years ago. I currently have Harman kardon and profess to enjoying a decent sound quality so it might be a miss.
  14. Sold already it appears as its disappeared off AT. Anyone on here I wonder ?
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