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  1. Has anyone out there tried putting an LED bulb in a Lexus? Does it show up a warning light or not?? Anyone out there?
  2. Hi, I have a Lexus GS300, and I am thinking about replacing the rear brake light bulbs with LED bulbs. Do i need load resistors so the warning light doesnt flash up? Or will I be ok without?
  3. It looks like the correct part. I am confused does the ball joint splitter aid in removing the nut? do I remove the nut first? ??
  4. Would it be diffiecult to fit;rd=1&rd=1 And how long would it take? Any special tools needed?
  5. You have just described Exactly the same noise that I got. I sprayed a load a grease onto the joint. Stopped the noise. Should protect it for the time being. Got my car booked in. I just hope it doesnt cost the earth. The GS300 is a rear wheel drive
  6. The Car had the Ball Joint LWR and Control Arms replaced less than a year ago. Would this have been changed at the same time? Cheers Would these replace this item? Would this have been replace when the ball joint and control arm was replaced? Or can i just replace the rubber?
  7. The Car had the Ball Joint LWR and Control Arms replaced less than a year ago. Would this have been changed at the same time? Cheers
  8. OK i have taken my wheel off and found the problem I think. I have added a couple of links to pictures. any ideas what needs replacing? Is it the whole arm or just the rubber bit.
  9. I recently got a new tire on my passenger side front wheel. Today I noticed clicking when I took a left turn. The clicking was from the drivers side wheel I think. Any ideas what it could be from. No clicking when do right turns. I had a look and couldnt see anything that would catch the wheel. Help?
  10. My dirver side break light is out. So i take of the unit and check the light and it doesnt work. I take out the bulb, and put it back in and it works for a bit. THen the dreaded (!) comes on. THe light is out again. Its not the bulb, I dont think. Has anyone else had this happen?
  11. Anyone Else have any ideas? I have checks 2 types of universal fit sensors and they both have the lower resistance. Does anyone know is the extra current would blow/fry anything??? Dont want to break my ECU or anything!!
  12. If your sensors are 4 wire then you can get 4 wire sensors from the UK. Try searching for Lanbda sensors on ebay uk.
  13. Anyone Else have any ideas? I have checks 2 types of universal fit sensors and they both have the lower resistance.
  14. What resistance are your? could you check for me? Check the resistance over the 2 same colour wires
  15. The manual says it should have a resistance around 12-15. Not sure if putting in 6ish ohms will knacker the engine
  16. I have recently purchased 3 universal sensors for my Gs300. However the heater element resistants is not the same as the standard. I believe it is meant to be about 12-15 ohms. The ones i have bought are less. Will this matter? Anyone know??? They are still narrow band and will fit.
  17. OK so today i turn on my car and notice the aerial was already up. I turned the engine of and the aerial wouldnt go down, and it made a horrible grining noise. When I got home I unscrewed the aerial nut and the aerial came out. At the end there is a plastic cord. How do i get the system to accept the aerial back in? any ideas?? The red ! came on today. The turned the engine off and back on and it was gone. What does the ! mean??
  18. I have a Lexus GS300 SE MK1 It has 65K on the clock. I have noticed the accelerator Pedal has been sticking. What i mean by this is when i am stationary, I press the pedal and it feels like it is stuck. I push a little harder and it overcomes the stickiness and lunges the car forward. Any ideas how to fix this?? Bit of WD40/Copper grease somewhere? Cheers Kryz
  19. Is that for the MK1 GS300? DTC 21, 28 Main Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION To obtain a high purification rate for the CO, HC and NOx components of the exhaust gas, a three way cata- lytic converter is used, but for the most efficient use of the three way catalytic converter, the air–fuel ration must be precisely controlled so that it is always close to the stoichometric air–fuel ratio. The oxygen sensor has the characteristic whereby its output voltage changes suddenly in the vicinity of the stoichometric air–fuel ratio. This characteristic is used to detect the oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas and provide feedback to the computer for control of the air–fuel ratio. When the air–fuel ratio becomes LEAN, the oxygen concentration in the exhaust increases and the oxygen sensor informs the ECM of the LEAN condition (small electromotive force: 0 V). When the air–fuel ratio is richer than the stoichiometric air–fuel ratio the oxygen concentration in the ex- haust gas is reduced and the oxygen sensor informs the ECM of the RICH condition (large electromotive force: 1 V). The ECM judges by the electromotive force from the oxygen sensor whether the air–fuel ratio is RICH or LEAN and controls the injection time accordingly. However, if malfunction of the oxygen sensor causes an output of abnormal electromotive force, the ECM is unable to perform accurate air–fuel ratio control. (The main heated oxygen sensors include a heater which heats the Zirconia element. The heater is con- trolled by the ECM. When the intake air volume is low (the temperature of the exhaust gas is low) current flows to the heater to heat the sensor for accurate oxygen concentration detection.) From the manual for the MK1. Looks like its a narrow band
  20. Are any of the o2 sensors on the Lexus Mk1 wideband? i.e. give a signal between 0volts and 5 volts? I beleive they are all narrow (between 0 volts and 1 volt) however just wanted to make sure. I have an GS300 MK1 SE. I know toyota put some wideband sensors on some cars in 1997. Anyone help out there??
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