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  1. i used an awesome product the other day it was made by 303 and looked really cheaply packaged. but it was £26 it claims to be the same stuff nasa use to protect plastics from uv. it brings a dash up realy well and its awesome if you have any black trim on your car.
  2. 6OLDE i love my lex dont get me wrong, but i wish i had bought a manual not an auto,. i'm a driver (not a b/racer) but i do like to drive hard at times and like to feel that theres grunt under my feet! i dont really want to be chopping about my IS as i always said i was going to keep everything standard and now i'm getting a little bored of it and like you i to have had a few niggly faults.nothing serious but annoying all the same and not what i expected from a prestige car. the one thing that really annoys me is the fact that i have crap fuel economy and not enough performance to justify it. also the car is up to 85K now and i realy want to sell it before it hits the big 100 as i feel that this always puts people off, its like putting a 99p on the end of a price tag it always seems cheaper than 00! also most of my friends round hear are into v dubs(not yah yah rubbish all OEM parts with style) and so was i, up until the lex but ive been out of the vw scene for a year or two now and i'm kind of missing the it, i havent got into the lex scene really as i feel a little lame to be turning up in a standard auto which is nothing out of the ordinary unlike some of you guys with your 300's 250's and altezzas. anyway what set the ball in motion (and some of you may laugh and take the p**s!) is that my mate who has the golf rallye has offered me his corrado vr6 and it seems to solve all my probs, it means that i get chance to go to meets and shows with all my mates and that ive got the grunt i am crying out for, and also its a car that i dont mind choping about a little to get how i like it. anyways thats the long and short of it all really. plz dont take any offence as i love lexus and i know i will end up with another in the future,( i know that a year down the line i will be wanting my air con / climate / cruise and all those other toys back!) so before you all dose of after this essay ive just typed 1 quick question how much do you think i should ask for a 99t 200s auto with 85k on the clock in plat ice? kind regards rob
  3. cheers geeza will give them a shout the drivers side has been rattling since ive owned the car and now i'm thinking of selling it i'm gonna get it sorted :duh:
  4. adobe! well i'm no pro but thats my opinion and i'm pretty sure its what most would say. noel are your fingers stiff from all that clone stamping? lol
  5. hi all does anyone know roughly how much a lower ball joint is for my 99 is200s? got a slight rattle and was told by my mechanic mate that this is what is in need of replacement as it sounds like ive got a golf ball in my door pocket. cheers rob
  6. cheers i have used both and did have a copy of p/s 7 which i really liked but i lost it when my old machine went pop.i learnt with p/s 7 and now i find that elements4 doesnt have some tools i'm used to using i.e curves.
  7. i would disconnect the new bits you installed one at a time till it stopped at least then you know exactly whats causing it. you often get it when putting amps in and you end up using a ground loop isolator.
  8. cheers nice to speak to someone with a vast knowledge base will rack your brains when i have a decision to make! cheers much appreciated a quick qhestion where is the cheapest place to get photoshop 7?
  9. i.m a pc man but have been hankering after a mac for a while though. i have an epson photo printer with the 6 individual cartridges its not a hugely expensive one and it did a reasonable job with my old digital camera, but i know that with my new cam the quality of pics that i could be printing is potentialy much higher, i keep thinking about buying an A3 printer.but first on my list is a canon L series lens!!!
  10. yeah i agree i have been looking at a gadget called a spider it calibrates your printer , screen, camera together i believe
  11. standard, supercharged , turbocharged
  12. have you tried playing with your white balance settings? i prefer to use a tripod and a longer exposure i have mainly been taking pics of my mates golf rallye. the camera i bought was a canon 400D and i'm loving it i have a 18-55mm lens and a 28-300 but i really want a canon l series just cant justify spending 900 quid on a lens!
  13. lou: now yous sthure you wanna drink outa the bottwl? andy: yeah! lou: but you dwont like bwottleth, you said drinking out of bwottleth lowersth the tone of the human civilisation andy: yeah a knowe!
  14. just out of interest how many people on here park on the white line in the middle of two parking spaces in a supermarket car park to avoid door dents?? not saying i do of course
  15. theres only one law i agree with and thats dont drink and drive... ....i mean you might spill it..................... ..and that would be alcohol abuse!! one thing i have noticed though is that most people you see driving whilst on the phone happen to be in control of dirty great 20tonne trucks professional drivers and the firms they work for should have made handsfree a priority years ago. also i dont mean any offence to anyone so plz dont take any but i think that people of an older generation as in oap's(the doddery ones) pose a far more hazardous risk on the roads with regard to there reaction times and just general old age issues. i know and understand that its hard for them to loose inderpendance and mobility but the number of times i have had near misses with them in town or have had them pull out of a junction in front of me.IMHO to drive well and safely i think you have to be able to be fully aware of many differrent things going on around you at once and when some people get to a certain age its something they are not able to do,i know i am going to get there one day and i dont relish the thought at all but i hope for everyones sake that they take away my license and post me a bus pass. i've got a great aunt and i reckon i could step off the pavement and touch her wing mirror as she drove past and she wouldnt notice her eyes are so fixed to the road that she hasnt the foggiest whats going on around her.i have never seen her acknowledge me as she has passed and i have been flashing,beeping waving etc on loads of occasions. and to top it all off i pay about ten times the insurance pemium they do!!! :tsktsk: :tsktsk: right rant over, take my antidepressents and back to happiness :D
  16. when i had f1's on i tramlined loads
  17. i will fin out what we used but defo no t-cut! you need a paint cleaner you could also cley block it a light cutting compound to get out nasty scratches a polish a wax i think megiuars do like a three step package. i will find out what we used and let u know. rgds rob p.s you ned to get different density mops for the p/c for different stages in polishing/cleaning
  18. but is it continually spinning? the porta stops rotating and only oscillates in a random orbit/figure of 8 when pressure is applied. my understanding is that the other ones may do a random orbit but they are always continually spinning on one axis...............i may be wrong?????
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