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  1. Yes, I think the innards of the pump are probably pretty basic, hence my wish to try and keep it going. All the automotive compressor companies I have found, deal with air-con pumps not suspension pumps though, so the hunt continues. I have a new style Range Rover too and the air suspension on that is really good - smooth, doesn't roll much, so the system can work but I'm struggling to find someone to fix it. Heigh ho...
  2. PCM, for maybe 20 seconds but it's quite noisy, much more than it used to be. So slow + noisy = my thinking the piston rings have gone. The car's used by madam every day and I wanted to pre-empt the thing collapsing. Simon.
  3. Thanks Herbie. I had a strut replaced a couple of years ago and it was £1k when I could justify the cost because of the vehicle's age. I'll look into a repair first off as all else seems OK at the moment. It's "only' done 90,000 miles. I saw the one on ebay Mr Shandy and it does have a 3m warranty but I think that's plan B. Plan C is the springs route but thanks for the feedback both of you. Simon.
  4. Hi All, The suspension air compressor on my 2004 SE-L has become very noisy, although it still works, albeit slowly. I assume the piston rings have worn out. A new one supplied and fitted is more than the car is worth, so I wonder if anyone knows of options (not springs) to pursue? Arnotts don't have ones for cars that old and I've not been able to find anyone to repair it. Any ideas? Best Simon.
  5. Mr Brown, Thanks for the reply. I'm in Surrey too (Haslemere) and I don't know of any Lexus independents near here. Can you tell me who you use. Many thanks. Simon.
  6. Did you ever get an answer to this? I've got exactly the same problem? Best, Simon.
  7. +1 on this noise. This is starting to look like an inherent defect. Any news on a diagnosis? I'm reluctant to ask a dealer to start blundering around at my expense behind the dash without some sort of clue what's going on.
  8. No answer to your question I'm afraid but I agree with your comment about the brakes. I had to change the front discs on my 2004 RX300 after only 38,000 miles. Typical warping symptoms - shuddering through the steering wheel when braking from high speed. Got much cheaper aftermarket parts (discs and brake pads) and no problem so far - but I've only done 42,000 now! The idea that wheel nut torque makes a difference seems to me, er, a little hard to follow. Simon.
  9. Had a similar problem on my 2004 RX300. Radio reception was ok until I turned on the heated rear window, then lots of crackles & interference. I had the rear window replaced (under warranty) and it was fine. From memory, the 'aerial' was integral with the rear window but there was some break in the circuit. I took the plastic off around the rear window (easy) and I could see what was what. I don't know about your model but you could have a look and make sure everything's connected also check continuity on the heated rear window. Simon.
  10. This has been much discussed in the past. I originally asked I Lexus Guildford how to adjust them and was told that because the headlamps are the eyeball sort they do not have a left-biased pattern, just an even spread. (Mine are the sort that go round corners on my 2004 RX300). Therefore, the reasoning goes, no need for any adjustment. I have done thousands of miles in Europe since then and never been flashed, so they might well be right. Simon.
  11. Er, I use Mr Sheen. It takes about 15 minutes to do the whole car and stays visibly water repellent for two or three washes when I do it again. Lovely and shiny and feels like its just come out of a showroom. Any tar spots come off in no time with a drop of petrol on a bit of kitchen paper. Do the same on my Merc SL320 and my BMW bike too. Have for years. Simon.
  12. Hello James, I've got a 2004 RX300 SEL with the moving headlights and I asked the same question of my dealer (Lexus Guildford) before I went to France recently. He said there's no simple adjustment or any stick-ons but that because the lights give broad, low level illumination there's no need to do anything anyway. He said they flood the left and right equally and there's no problem. I don't know if that's true but I drove in France and no-one flashed me so it could be. Hope this helps. Simon.
  13. I use a Pendle which is the best I have come across and was recommended by a local bike dealer. I have a tow-ball mounted frame previously used on our old Freelander. This worked absolutely fine on both the detachable Freelander ball and the fixed ball I have on my RX300. There are extension bars to accommodate different numbers of bikes and each bike sits in its own pair of wheel carriers, strapped down with the straps supplied. No bikes banging into each other, very easy to get both the frame and the bikes off and on. Mine has electrics too which work fine. Good quality plated and powder-coated frame. No rust after three years. Pendle staff are were very knowledgeable when I phoned and should point out the best option for you. Simon.
  14. I bought a Lexus (RX300 SE-L '04) secondhand in June of last year and this seatbelt beeper has been driving me absolutely nuts. Like everyone else, I don't drive without one and nagging your customers seems an odd way to promote their loyalty. Anyway I can't tell you how pleased I am this solution has been posted. Thank you. Now, if anyone can tell me how to get round the 'elf 'n' safety 'I agree' on the SatNav....... Simon.