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  1. RobinGBrown

    RX450 - MPG

    I just wanted to add that for people quoting their personal MPG figures it would really help if you also posted your tyre size/brand/model and _most importantly_ your tyre pressure For instance my RX400h has just come back from it's summer holiday to Slovakia and managed 31mpg over approx. 3000 miles, over half of which was motorway. Tyres are 18" Hankook whatevers on the front and Michelin Latitude Sport 3s on the rear at 35 psi. Without the tyre information it's all fairly anecdotal Also, sign up for Fuelly, it's a real help
  2. I've got a 2004 RX300 in silver and the black paint has stripped off on the driver's door mirror mount (where an old style quarter-light would be) and I'm going to respray it myself - is there a specific paint code or type for this black paint or will a simple black gloss be suitable? Also does it have a clearcoat? i.e. Is it 'normal' body paint with clearcoat or is it something else? Thanks
  3. Interestingly when I look it up the Primacy 3 is only rated C for economy, the Primacy 4 on the other hand comes out at A but with less wet grip and noise. Might change my order - there's simply too much choice!
  4. I've just ordered some new tyres to be fitted on Friday and there are two versions with very slight differences and I wondered if anyone had compared them before? Michelin Latitude Sport 3 V (99) versus Michelin Latitude Sport 3 XL V (104) Ref: The XL has a 104 load rating compared to 99 for the 'plain' one and also has a better economy rating but is listed as a special v*lv* fitment. The Michelin site above, rather helpfully, doesn't show any information about it's various 'specifications'. I've gone for the XL as every little bit of economy helps but thought I'd better double check with the gurus here to see if there's any potential problem? Thoughts?
  5. Another point, and this is from driving my RX400h which is not quite the same: tyre pressures make a big difference Recommended for the RX400H is 32 but I had to put it up to 35 on the Hankooks that came with it to get any form of decent mpg from it As others have said, there's definitely an adjustment and learning period. Nowadays I find that when I switch back to my RX300 I have to really put my foot down to get it moving like the 400.
  6. RobinGBrown

    GROM Vline

    Having done this trip (UK to Slovakia) several times the DVD is good until you exit Austria. However we use a Garmin all the way as the price of the DVDs is excessive even for Lexus and the Garmin just has much better features like easy to read speed, choice of kmh/mph, speed camera data, lifetime traffic, lifetime maps, etc. I'd be very hesitant to use something that takes over the central screen - will it be compatible with all the basic features like aircon control, etc?
  7. The GPS is very handy for your own reference and most dash cam viewing software will show you the route and how fast you were going on a map as well as the video, but yes if you're paranoid about your insurance company using it against you then avoid the GPS (or at least don't send them the raw dash cam files!)
  8. I have this exact setup with the A119S and I can thoroughly recommend it because it's super stealthy in the position above. Don't bother with a hardwire kit as wiring it in is easy enough too as the cable will slip in under the various bits of interior and is long enough to reach to the floor mounted socket in the middle. Make sure to get the right 119 from Amazon/whoever as there are a few variants - get the GPS mount version: I've also fitted a non-GPS 119 to my rear window as the price is sufficiently low that fitting two is better than finding a specialised front and rear camera Thumbs up! p.s. I can also attest to the stickiness and durability of the 3M sticky pad that comes with the camera - it was exposed to direct sunlight last summer in 30+ degrees heat while parked all week and hasn't budged a millimetre.
  9. Cheers guys, like you I always use the same tyres on the same 'axle', but i was a bit worried about mixing them up front and rear, thanks for the reassurances
  10. RobinGBrown

    MPG of different wheels and tyres?

    I'm wondering which is the most influential factor? Height of sidewall, size(weight) of wheel, or width of tyres? I'm assuming that the 15" wheels are more economical because of reduced width and weight?
  11. I normally like to buy a full set of tyres but the Hankooks on the back of my RX400 are going bald on the outside edge. Are there any potential problems if I replace them with Michelin Latitude Sport 3s and keep the Hankooks on the front til they wear out?
  12. RobinGBrown

    29" Wiper Blade?

    Ordered it despite my misgivings and it arrived today - all 26" of it" Seems like either the description did have a typo or the shop just sent me the right part anyway. Now to move the replaced Lexus wipers, with new refills, onto my RX300 and replace the Bosch ones!
  13. RobinGBrown

    MPG of different wheels and tyres?

    Thanks Colin that makes a lot of sense
  14. RobinGBrown

    MPG of different wheels and tyres?

    Well I wouldn't be asking on here if I hadn't already tried to find out, I'm probably not using the right search terms
  15. RobinGBrown

    MPG of different wheels and tyres?

    Do you have any references for that because I'd really like to find out more