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  1. Happy Birthday dirtyharry7717!

  2. hay janey...... Im still here , not as regular as id like but still none the less. Still got my IS200, wouldnt ant to get rid of her now, Im busy doing a lot of charity work for children, and with my normal day to day job , its just trying to find spare time...
  3. those look awsum Ejan :D i was wandering if INOVIT SPARKLE 9 X 18 ( REARS ) 265/35/18 INOVIT SPARKLE 8 X 18 ( FRONTS )235/40/18 would these sizes fit ok on my is200 , shes not lowered yet ????? or should i stay with 4 X 225/40/18 ?
  4. lexynik mines is manual and deckie77 yes trailer has breaks, not sure on total weight ill have to check .
  5. lol yeh i was thinking about a we jeep to run around in , but my 2000 lex has only got 62`000 miles on her, all proven. , look like back to nagging the wife lol .. oh dear thats not gonna end well lol
  6. Just wandering , how many people have them on there is200`s and what do you tow, and whats the weight these cars will tow.. you see me and my mucker bought a speed boat to mess about with in the summer.. ( ) , but at the moment my mate tows it with his 110. the problem i have is if hes away offroading i cant go boating :( , and the wife will not let me buy a rangey you know how it is....
  7. ive re-checked all the ball joints and caliper but what i have noticed that i never noticed before was that there is no locating screw for the discs. :o and you can jiggle the disc slightly back and forth,,surley that cant right...and if it is then why do i only here the creaking and knocking on the drivers side when breaking to or rolling to a slow stop..??? any ideas....
  8. yeh this is a crazy one , replaced all disc and pads, began to get slight noise only hear it when rolling to a stop, its like a warped disc drivers side, checked it all ..seems fine. But the damn noise is still there, all ball joint have been replaced all seems a bit :doggy:
  9. all sorted , found a local guy that will recore mine for 50 quid :) nice one
  10. right guys i understand that this may be caused due to an oil leak but engine is dry , alt is kicking out 16.5 wae to high, car will not start off key , but did jump start, does anyone know if you can just change the regulator if so where can i get it and how much , or do i go for a new alt. ...shock horror price im getting fed up driving the oldmans 940
  11. Maybe the belt just needs to be adjusted or tightened. Belts stretch and get a little lose over time, if you cannot adjust it anymore, you can put some soap (dry) on the belt. It will stop the squeak for a few weeks. Unfortunatly due to the adverse cold weather were having at the moment it doesnt help......on the other hand my alternator is about to pack in ,,,,car starts with a jump , also my battery has a full charge :( relegated to driving the old mans volvo 940 over the holidays :(
  12. bloddy afgan training :( yet again missed out on a group buy,, keep me posted for next time Jason. hope all goes well for the op. speedy recovery mate
  13. so what was the final outcome of this ? did we get them , if so how much and were they the right one for the is200 ? soz ive been away , training for afgan.
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