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  1. Dont see my name, or have you put me down as Jap raver??
  2. Count me in for this if in May, whats the final figure with 15 people then ??? think it works out to be around 105 each not bad if you ask me, and thats for all day :)
  3. That is a very good price, im well up for this now..............should be fun in my IS?
  4. sounds like fun, i would be up for this.......:)
  5. I dont think so mate, you would have to take it somewhere else..... :)
  6. I think there are 3 or 4 that have been done now, think there are 2 in the US 1 in AUS and the TTE one................ :winky:
  7. sound like you have one hell of a car there mate :D , so whats she puting out at the fly..... i see you say there is more easily avaible if need be.....i take it you had it on a dyno so whats the BHP then 330 give or take 10/20 as for more power dont think you would get much more then 400/430 out the IS 6 pot and keep it as a day to day car! all so what gearbox did you go for....?
  8. Very nice, i take my hat of to you as to any one that takes on a job like you have just done, and i bet you are :D each time you go out in job you have done there.
  9. you said it the Lexus has the (reliability) and with that. if it turns out as good as the M3 and the RS, then i think more will go for the Lexus
  10. That sounds like fun i would be up for this..........
  11. 500 think i will try and get a 2nd hand Sports one
  12. Thanks for that, so how much am i looking at for a Sport LSD or the Cusco/TRD ones
  13. Hi there, im looking at geting a new Diff (LSD), will the supra fit in the IS and if so where would be the best place to get one......or what options do i have? if it dont fit? as my one is on it's way out and i need a new one ASAP. Thanks :)
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