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  1. I definitely enjoy it more than the RCF. You don't need to rag it to three figures, it has plenty of torque and the gearbox is very good. Being so small it very easy to place on the road and it is a car for going round corners. If you put it in standard mode it pootles along very nicely but then sport sharpens everything and the exhaust pops and bangs( as did the RCF). No one knows what it is and I have yet to see another on the road. You have to test drive one! People say the Pure is the better alround car but as mine is just for fun I went for the hardcore and to be honest I don't find
  2. I can tell you the Alpine A110 is brilliant! I have an A110S ( replaced RCF Carbon). I would describe it as a grown up Elise. My only criticism is that luggage space is marginal for going away. Happy to answer any questions and if anyone is near East Herts happy to let people have a poke around.
  3. I advertised my car at £32.5k and got no calls. The garage I traded it to had it up at £32.5k and ended up passing it on to the current seller. I think £30k is the top price for a low mileage carbon and £28k for a similar non carbon of 2015 vintage. I will now be proved wrong and they all sell....
  4. Most of the rcf's seem overpriced. I traded the red carbon in November for £28.5k and 4 Months on they want nearly £36k. It is a lot of money for a 6 year old car.
  5. Had my RCF carbon for exactly 2 years. Sold it last month as I was not driving it. Replaced with an Alpine A110 S.
  6. As Tom got £30k for his I was a bit disappointed with the offer but it was the only call I had in a week( 1100 views). I have ended up taking £28.5k in px from another garage.
  7. The garage in Harrogate offered £28500 for mine( red carbon on Trader). I declined and I am in the process of P/EX ing at the moment. Should pick up new car on Thursday.
  8. My Carbon will be up for sale at the end of the month.
  9. Hi. If it helps I have a 2015 carbon in red with 15k fsh lexus and I think mine is worth 34k.
  10. We have 3 cars and none have them have been anywhere of note in the last 3 months, total mileage is under 100 miles. I feel the RCF needs to be driven at warp speed ,I am always worried about my licence and it is not really suited to being flung around the lanes of Hertfordshire. Short term it is staying, it is a brilliant car!
  11. I am in exactly the same position. The car is in the garage under a cover and never comes out. I think have cleaned it more than I have driven it. I keep looking at Loti, Caterham and classic Alfa's. I think I need my thrills at lower speeds....
  12. Thanks very much for the great comments. To answer one of the questions the interior is black leather/ alcantara. Car has done 12500 miles with 1 owner. I aim to be out and about next year so hope to run into some of you.
  13. Ha ha. No car is tucked up in the garage and I haven't got round to reversing it out 10ft to take some pics......I like to prolong the suspense. Tomorrow.
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