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  1. Oldnslow

    New RCF owner

    Thanks very much for the great comments. To answer one of the questions the interior is black leather/ alcantara. Car has done 12500 miles with 1 owner. I aim to be out and about next year so hope to run into some of you.
  2. Oldnslow

    New RCF owner

    Ha ha. No car is tucked up in the garage and I haven't got round to reversing it out 10ft to take some pics......I like to prolong the suspense. Tomorrow.
  3. Oldnslow

    New RCF owner

    Will try and put a few pics up tomorrow, think it is the same colour as yours .
  4. Hi everyone. Collected my new(to me) RCF this morning. Very impressed on the 200 mile journey home and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I think this is going to be a keeper. I will try and update when I get time.