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  1. Warrington guy

    Kemble 'F' Meet

    C.B . It’s a two and half hour drive for me. It’s a great place Kemble. Breakfast coffee etc. More than happy to meet you somewhere on route . You can then follow me down .
  2. Warrington guy

    Kemble 'F' Meet

    Flytvr . Am I allowed?
  3. Warrington guy

    Drunken Rat on Tour

    Big rat . Is it Blackpoo😜l
  4. Flytvr . Can’t believe it’s not sold . You won’t find better
  5. Flytvr . Here’s one for your folder. The white RCF was getting some stick 5 mins later . Can’t remember who by tho 😂
  6. Big rat . Sure you said last one in the services buys lunch . 🤣
  7. Not to sure it would slap the m4 silly
  8. Warrington guy

    Show us your other half

    Ratty. Look like a council job . Plenty of tools but no one working 😜
  9. I ran Brembo pads on the isf from eurocarparts . Just as good as stock
  10. Big rat .massive shame . Brilliant cars
  11. Sorry Dav . I’ve jumped over to the dark side now
  12. My ex white beauty
  13. Warrington guy

    Rcf vs m4 5th gear

    Correct 👍