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  1. Time to get my own back Dav . 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Make sure you join the RAC 😜
  3. Stuno1 was after a orange carbon RCF . Nearly did a deal ,just didn’t work out . Glad I got the m4 . Like I said mate just test drive them both .
  4. . I had a 13 plate isf . Love the car . Now running a M4 . Absolutely love the m4 . I probably agree with some things that have been said regarding wet conditions. All I can say is test drive one . You might be very surprised.
  5. Dan. I might be interested just for a day blat . Just sold my ISF . Are m4 welcome ? 😀
  6. Thank god for ze Germans Sean
  7. Big rat did you treat mrs rat to steak and wine for the video 😜
  8. Warrington guy

    Got my 'F' Back

    Big rat . Just some fun on the way down .it has to be done ✅
  9. Warrington guy

    Got my 'F' Back

    Big rat LOVE IT 😀
  10. Warrington guy

    Lexus RC-F V10

    Don’t worry Dav . Me and ratty will soon have your garage sorted
  11. Cheers big rat . Thanks for your hard work
  12. Bloody noisey hooligans👍👍
  13. Cheers big rat . 👍