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  1. White isF for Sale

    Flytvr .im banned form the forum . Don’t own a Lexus anymore .😩😩😩😩
  2. Warrington Dave

    Her she it 88B809F5-AB46-4725-BC2E-5D67B0ED009E.MOV
  3. Warrington Dave

    Yep bye bye to my white f .
  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think you did today
  5. That m4 looks nice ratty 😳
  6. Post your Pics

    Mark g . You need ratty around to mend the gutter. Car looks great 😜
  7. Flytvr . Just the same as a isf . Struggle to understand lexus stock exhaust systems.surely they should be producing something better .
  8. Ratty you must be on some good commission.
  9. Blista. What’s your budget? And colour preference
  10. But there still making RCF s
  11. Flytvr . Can’t we get her to join the F forum
  12. New ISF UK Review

    Must have headers done too . That’s the only way you’ll achieve 460 bhp
  13. New owner introduction

    Welcome to the forum Charlie. You have picked the best colour. . I’m sure you will enjoy it .
  14. Post your Pics

    You have to keep her now mark . She’s a top car
  15. Post your Pics

    Mr flytvr . No coment 🤣