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  1. if you want. i can show you the one i have,i live in fordoun just 25mile south of aberdeen
  2. you bugger i just shelled out 250 buck on discs all round lol
  3. i bought mine a while does ipod touch etc and am selling it, but for more than that one went for my one has the cable that goes into the bottom of the ipod it charges it also. looking for what i paid for it from member £40.
  4. if you can get hold of a lightend fly wheel go for it they come in around the £350 mark, and should get rid of the judder also.
  5. 4 i think. don't worry asi like i said before when i tried to get a meet sorted, folk go offshore and one thing and a other.
  6. why am i still on the list.i did ask to be removed.and why was that request deleted?????
  7. some folk put there's in the ashtry. i have a ipod touch so it hides away under my arm rest
  8. could you please remove my name also thanks.
  9. you will have fun been to malta twice now.good place apart for sum crazy ***** drivers.enjoy
  10. one word piece of *****.done in 5 mins. those ka boys must be soft got told to take oil filter off :huh: oh well hope it sorts it out will find out the morn.saves the g/f having the lex
  11. yeah been on ka owners club. needs to be done from under the car, 4 torx screws to remove 5 cables. should be ok. i can see a few scraped knuckles.
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