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  1. Happy Birthday dlayen!

  2. surely if they hit you you'd get work done in body shop at there cost?
  3. surely the le will be the same headlight as the 300 also will not be legal without the self leveling which would require ecu and sensors on front and rear of the car.
  4. i'm in and out of my boot all the time and had my springs replaced just before warrenty ran out i've noticed this morning that the part of the hinge that the springs sit in has snapped away from the rest of the hinge. it looks like i will have to take parcel shelf out to get boot lid hinge out to get it replaced or welded. some of you may have the same problem as mine used to lift now just pops open (sport with spoiler)
  5. http://www.rfconcepts.co.uk/digital-recorder.htm ive used these people a few times they do some good priced kits
  6. give westfield motors a call their labour rate is far lower than lexus and they carry a lot of spares and local to you
  7. re: rotors i would have thought you would have to have them balanced once they were milled. but i know nothing about superchargers so could be wrong.
  8. have you tried swapping wheels round ie. front to back - back to front and see if the problem moves
  9. had mine from new but only since 2003
  10. other than le the is200 does not have auto leveling headlights for them to be intergrated into.
  11. mines done 70k and shocks are starting to feel a little bouncy
  12. is that 30mm drop on sport or s and se or are the earlier sports not lower to start?
  13. i got some done for about £10 per wheel 26.50 sounds a bit steep
  14. there's no arrears on the account