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  1. Happy Birthday John1986!

  2. why not buy an older one for less money in good nick, if ur up to it get a reg before 2001 and ur not hit by the higher tax. with all that change from 12k by buying an older one u could do any little mods u fancy
  3. take i these point the wrong way aswell as they are from the US
  4. i dont understand how did she flood the engine by moving it a few metres
  5. i agree, just a sharp beep when engaging reverse would have done. instead u feel liek ur reversing a lorry
  6. ah well ill see how it goes i spose it could save a situation like that. shame they had to put it next to first
  7. Hi just wondered if theres a way to disable the beep that comes on when reversing as its slightly annoying
  8. where do u get the facn washer jets and do they come in platinum ice
  9. no offence, but it happened to my m8. have u checked that the little dial hasnt somehow been turned that dims the lights
  10. damn just checked out the is220d 8.6 to 60 and 44mpg bet it doesnt sound like the straight 6 but thats just annoying. faster and more economic. might have to be the next car lol can the 220d engine go in the is200 ? prefur the 200's looks
  11. well if thats the case i wont be keeping the car i think and my guess is it will reduduce the value of higher co2 output cars. what r we ment to drive 1.4's i spose we could all go TDi but as far as im concerned they arnt much cleaner with black smoke coming out the exhaust when u push it
  12. thats nice, some ideas as mine is the same colour. not keen on the spoiler tho i think i need the dark headlights
  13. oh hes doing the cambelt and tensioner anyway. i said i was interested and he said it needs cambelt but we would do that anyway no extra cost which is fair enough
  14. lol no problem, yeah another time would be better got exam that week so should probly revise
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