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  1. Iv ben using my mates merc E300 none turbo derv 1999 plate full service ect ect for the past 2 weeks for my 48 mile trip to work every day.I take the same roads at the same time, nothing has changed.He offered to let me use it to save fuel and miles on my GS300 sport.Now the figures,my Lexus does 390-400 miles to £60 of petrol,his MERC does 310 to £50 of derv.Add on to that the fact its a MERC and rides like a sack of sh**,would not pull the skin off a rice pudding,i politely gave it him back(thanking him) It does more m.p.g,but the cost of derv makes it the same over all. What do people think?? hope i have not started a riot!!!!
  2. I do the same 48 mile trip to work every day and as we al do get board,iv tried air con on,air con off and climate control on auto.Like people are saying it really make very little differance to the fuel econ.For me its more the mood im in,do i fancy warm sunshine with the sunroof and windows open,or nice cool quite air-con.
  3. I had mine done while i worked for lexus,cost me £50 for the pack and £50 for the claner to do it on his day off,leather and paint work was done.I thought the leather treatment was sh**,the black was all dull and looked old,i had to use leather treatment and food to bring it back to what it was before it was done.The paint work was good.The cleaner washed then used a fine cutting compound then used the supa guard and pollished to a really good finnish,covers little marks and scratchs very well.All that said,it only lasted about 6 months and was not worth the money(and i paid £100).Its says it lasts 3 years,it is allso a protector for spills on the inside,not tried it though!!!!You can get much better and cheaper else were.
  4. We have one at work at the moment(as i work for B.M.W)you are right about the plastic bits.Looks quite nice in the flesh,the back is like a M6.Its not as big as the X5,not that much bigger than the RX450H.B.M.W call it a sporty urban vechile!!!!! what ever one of them is? still over priced but more rounded and not so many straight lines like most B.M.W's.They even have a hydrogen version coming out soon,in conjunction with MERC of all people!!!
  5. Some people call the crank pulley a drive pully,i would be carefull he does not mean flywheel!!!! it is common to have problems getting the crank pulley off when changing the cam belt,wounder if this has any thing to do with the situation?
  6. There is no RESPECT any more.Poor guy must be gutted. On the plus side, with all that insurance pay out he can afford a real car, LEXUS. :winky:
  7. Sounds like you brought the wrong ones.Go to lexus with your reg or chassis no. and see what they say
  8. They are the same.Lexus dont fit parking sensors at factory they are called port of entry fit,they get fitted at port of entry if you order them from factory or at the dealer if you have them as an option after fit.
  9. Lexus garages us castrol magntex.As long as you use a fully synthetic oil you will be o.k
  10. I had simular noises from my sport,traced mine to the brake pins and spring clips on the rear brakes,like some-one said earlyer in this thred.its well worth changing them as its only a few pound,and easy to do.If the noise is still there i would use w.d.40 or other spray lub on the bushes,do each one in turn(give a good spray)wait a few days and see if the noise stops(sometimes takes a few days for the lub to work its way in).the good thing with w.d.40 is after a week or two it wears of,so no lasting damage can be done to bushes/moving parts.Keep working your way through each one till the noise stops,then change that part.Like i said w.d.40 wears off,so when the noise goes dont think you have fixed it,it will come back.
  11. 104000 miles on mine,runs like new.very happy,cant think of a better car. :winky:
  12. Me and a few mates will be there :winky:
  13. If you go for the SPORT you will get HID and a tighter ride.Nice car the merc,what size engine? looks very simular with the same headlight style.
  14. they may think twice when they discover that the £50k car they have brought is only worth the equivalent of an astra within a few years the high end expensive cars have always depreciated at a high rate, its going to be even higher now ! I think thats the point im trying to make,its one thing buying a car,its a different thing all together running the car.If i sold every thing i could proberly buy a old ferrari,if the gearbox went or water pump ect i would be stuffed.
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