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  1. I usually get about 370miles to a tank, long distances I get 400+. And i've got a heavy right foot! LOL!
  2. Does my 1999 Is200 have one? Most posts state that its from 2000 onwards. Can anyone shed any light on this? James
  3. Yeah, I live in Leeds, be up for meeting up especially to see some other peeps mods. James
  4. Pretty sure its been in Fast Car too recently. Getting some nice attention mate. You thought about trying to get a full feature?
  5. Stav, pretty sure your car in the latest jap performance mag. At the JAE show. Looking good. James
  6. Had trouble starting my IS over last couple of weeks. With no set pattern, the car will turn over fine, put only start if I either give it a bit of as or turn off then on again. The only thing I do out the orderinary is sit with the car on first stage for half our on my lunch to have the music on, could this be putting strain on my battery? Or could it just be the cold weather? Anyone any ideas? James
  7. Defo traction control light, if you want to check, just boot it in the wet. Should spin rear tyres and same light will come on. Doubt there was anything on the road, IS's slip n slide in the wet. James
  8. only one visible Cam gear...... LOL! My mistake!
  9. I thought the engine was only a 12valve? Really confused. The engine only has one cam gear on top of the engine. James
  10. Sorry to go off subject a bit, but the Wiki-page states the 1G-FE is a DOHC, is this right?? Sorry if this is a really stupid question. Also would it be possible to bolt a 24valve head to a 1G-FE?? Cheers James
  11. Asi have pm'd you. Cheers James
  12. Does anyone know what size hoses are in the silicone hose kits for the 1G-FE? Just found a few places that have them cheaper serperate, but un-sure of sizes. Cheers James
  13. Thought I had the same problem a while ago, but realised it was the stereo being a bit too loud! LOL!
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