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  1. Sounds like the fuse to me too bud. Don't ask why but it might be something to do with the wife comig 60 mile up the M6 today with windsreen full of *******. In her 2000X Punto by the way!!!!!!!!! , Fast az F***. :winky:
  2. guys just had police on phone they have found some of the car in a breakers yard in london, works out they have been watching it for weeks.looks like the car was robbed to order for parts,obviously a write-off now as they have only found certain parts ie engine door glass and other parts. :tsktsk: thanks for the replies guys when i find out some more info i will let you know,cheers andy Nightmare, I hope they have some idea who the toe-raggs are. Good luck with the insurance...
  3. Zola getting a mention too!!!! I'm sure Big Phil will be a bit put out, but the payout should ease the pain a little....... The fickle speccies pay good money and are entitled to their views but are sometimes too quick to slate the manager. What about the playboy's who roll about on the park at the slightest tap and moan at the refs for nothing!!!!!!! Rant over spare a thought for us Toon fans, Joe Kinnear hospitalised.............
  4. Everything you want to know and more B) How nice do some of them wheels look!!! Have many UK owners fitted after market 19's???? Could get excited thinking of some of them.....
  5. Thats what you call lucky, sound advice to change early to avoid an expensive nightmare.....
  6. Had the SE first. Like many say the 6th gear was useless other than at high speeds. I had no problems really with consumption, returning 40-45ish. Got the Sport model after that, suppose to be 5mpg worse off but not seen much change, different ratio box on them, you can let the car drive itself in sixth 30mph without stalling. 50mile round trip to work at at about 37 mph average (heavy but steady taffic) getting 500 mile to tank average 40.6 - 43.5mpg. Had it up to 48.6 on a 245 mile trip M6 sitting at 65 cruise control on the other day. Had the fifth injector changed at first service but no probs at all with Oil. I would defo be back to the dealer if it's using oil.
  7. Thanks for the replys so far. The snow handling capabilites on it are not as good as the car i have got rid of now who would have said coming from a skoda VRS to a lexus that the skoda was better in anyway! :D think thats about the only way though. Brought it though a dealer but not a lexus one, i will check the dealer do dar on here my local one i think is Tunbridge wells so looks like i'll be heading off that way Good luck with the new Lexus and the service, here's hoping the weather picks up. No more Snow please. Enjoy
  8. Good luck with you hunt for the GS430. I'm sure you will pick a great deal up with the current climate in the car trade. A very good friend of mine took the RX400h out for the weekend from Lexus about Sept lasy year, Got the chance to drive it, superb. So quiet loads of grunt when you need it and packed out with all the usual toys and gadgets. Well worth a look. He was offered £9k for his 16 month old Nissan Marano so he jacked it off!!!!! Sounds like you took the right option regarding fixing up your own Lexus, after the bitch shafted you. I did exactly the same with my 12month old Orion many years ago. Come out of college playing with my new sound system, red light, wet night, bang into the back of an old VW Polo. My fault, my mate fixed his up,(sat in the boot kicked the bottom out so it closed fitted a new bumper and he was happy). My insurance was going to take a hit so mine went to a local bodyshop. New bonnet, leftwing, slam paneel and light units. Cost about £400ish happy again. Like you say there is a mssive difference with how they sort insurance quotes!!!!!!!!! I say its only really there to protect us if anything nasty happen's. :winky:
  9. Wow, £1200 is a bit nasty. But not too bad when you consider some of the nightmare quotes some of the young lads come into work with. £1k mark for fiesta's, Corsa's and saxo's!!!!!!!!!. So like you say, to omit yourself from the small car club and drive the lexi it's Ok, with an SP30 too. Quite lucky now I am borderline ancient with 15yr no claims in tow. Renewel come through at £327 with esure, got it for £275 fully comp, protected no claims with Direct line because we have the house insurance with them. They say if we put the wife's car with them when it's due it should get better still?????? Hope you both have no knocks and you get yours down sharpish. Remember paying about £400 for an old C plate 318i. BMW about 14yr ago. That felt like a fortune at the time.
  10. Its ok, they are all different, mum has the credit card key, my sister has the standard and we have a flip blade key thing.... and we dont live together!! :) Oh and i love caspian sky, mum wanted her LS in caspian sky but they didnt do it...she had an LS 430 in Ivory (066) ages ago and she loved it! Sounds like the key issue is well under control. How long have you had yours? Is the insurance not a bit steep for you? I have always liked the 300, sit's nice. Take care, travel safe.... ;)
  11. £12k for an 07 plate! Wow, that's low. Interesting that my local dealer has an SE-L with acc/pcs but a Nov 2005 car for sale at £17,800 (over 30k miles). The car industry is shaged. It's devastating thinking of what we all paid for these motors. Only 18 months ago i also shed £27k for my 220 sport its probably worth about £12-£13k now 12,000m FSH. When the econamy was going strong back then What Car were quoting 3yr old Lexus sitting at about 60% of their purchase price along with BMW 3series. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! HOW WRONG COULD THEY BE..... My first one was an SE in Codoxton 56 plate. It was about £25K. I took an internet price in to Lexus of £22,664, ( and they matched it after a bit of haggling. I run it for 10 month, then they offered me £21,500 against the 07 brand new Sport £27kish. Happy times. Not bad i thought. Look at the figures now and it's a nightmare. However, i plan to run my beloved LEXUS for a long long time now so it's worth far more to me now, its the car I wanted at the time and I still think alot of others in its class are still not up to scratch. Last payment in August. cant wait. The missus bought a Punto brand new Sept 2000 X plate 82000m £7k new prob still get £800-£1k for it. She makes a point of reminding me!!!!!! I reply with stick your Italian ******* up your bottom. Good luck with the sale, i hope you get yor 12k mate.
  12. Purchased the front one's last year from Climate covers They are spot on I got the plain black, textured front with nylon backs, great tight fit.
  13. Lol, she let you have 3 though so must be pretty forgiving! At last - another Caspian Sky owner! Obviously I'm massively biased, but I reckon it's the best colour out there :D . I was also pretty amused when I saw it down as blue in the log book. Also, I've not yet seen a photo online that truly reflects what it looks like. When I first saw it in the showroom, I thought it was white and that there were blue lights shining on it to make it look sparklier. It was only when I got it outside that I realised what it really was. Have they really discontinued caspian sky? That's a shame, definitely my favourite colour in the bunch - love the way it looks in the sun (I'd also call it a pearlescent white rather than light blue) Spot on, nice to know i'm not cracking up. I had an SE in Codoxton Slate with beige leather before but this done it for me, had to have it. Looks awesome in the white too, especially sat on them wheels :)
  14. Great looking cars. Could be a bit of key trouble at times for you three ladies!!!!!!
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