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  1. while not specifically listening to this music its still a great tune and the video is exceptional
  2. im not sure but I think the car can be locked with the sunroof in the up position if that helps
  3. sounds great. send me a message when the next one s on
  4. cloudedmind

    lexus 2.jpg

    2005 GS 430. axe 20 inch split rims, tanabe lowering springs, drilled grooved performance brakes, RJ tuning stainless exhaust.
  5. so are there any meets in the west mids... does anyone organise one ?
  6. thanks for the reply. I may end up sticking with the ls 400 but I was fancying something just a little quicker and smaller and the gs seems to fit the bill
  7. hi all. im currently thinking of buying gs 430 reg: gu05mgy and was wondering if anyone on here had previously owned this car or had any information on it. thanks
  8. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!