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  1. that code appears to be for one of the o"2 -- lambda sensors. I had the same thing and it did cause the vsc and trac light to come on. it is extremely unlikely that it has anything to do with the humming though
  2. fronts are 8.5j wheels are wider at the rear 10j but im still running 245's on them with a little stretch.. 255 would be better but they will rub my arches I don't think the 19 inch axe are staggered and should be 8.5j both front and rear. alloys tend to come with the manufacturers recommended offsets for your car.. I run 5mm spacers and the wheels are flush with the bodywork
  3. wind deflector visors are WELLvisor they attach with double sided tape and a few clips springs are Tanabe DF210 Wheels are axe ex20 no arch rolling but the rear tyres are slightly stretched to clear (minimum size should be 255 and im running 245) if you've got fat friends in the rear it could be a problem Tpms was fitted by putting them on the wrong side of he rim I now have 2 tyre valves per wheel -- it all still works fine though and ive never had a problem
  4. on my 2005 gs 430 im running with 245/30/20 I believe this was a size offered as standard option in the usa, however if you live anywhere by speed bumps or badly potholed roads I would not recommend them they do look cool as **** though (personal opinion -- your opinion may vary)
  5. retirement its that thing people who get paid a decent wage do. pension is what you could have paid into instead of buying a lexus .. LOL
  7. dammit now I want to clean my car again....
  8. while not specifically listening to this music its still a great tune and the video is exceptional
  9. im not sure but I think the car can be locked with the sunroof in the up position if that helps
  10. sounds great. send me a message when the next one s on