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  1. This happened to my blue led ones. Took them out and they had melted :-/
  2. £13 bargain! The side lights are pathetic though
  3. Yes fitted them myself. Really easy and not had any problems with pressure loss at all in well over two years of having them on. All you need is a rubber mallet and something to cut them to size with.
  4. Some nice cars youve owned there and I agree about the M3s. but then i dont really care for beamers anyway If its just a remap you want then just get a piggyback ecu. Im not sure if you can remap the standard ecu or not. Take a look at this video. It will make you want one.
  5. I have a few decent photos to upload. Ill do it tomorrow as I use imageshack and its decided to tell me that my files are too big to upload. so ill have to sort that first. and i really cba now. 5.72 mb one of the pics
  6. Oh haha if you took them in raw by any chance you may be able to sort them. Chances are though they are just in jpeg.
  7. I got a few ian so ill get them up tomorrow probably now. Are they over exposed beyond the point of no return?
  8. A few of us were talking about another meet and next time maybe spending a weekend camping somewhere.
  9. What a great day! Thankyou everyone. Nice to meet you all.
  10. They really do suit the car mate. Good choice.