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  1. Thanks for the link. Loving your mods, looks sweet. I have added you to my friends list, hope you dont mind? This is so I can keep track of your work and steal some of your Ideas..:-)

  2. If you do find 50mm, you will need some decent shocks as stock one and many after market ones can't handle more that 40mm
  3. Completely off topic. Love your Sig; S1 is 1 of my favourite cars. 1 of Fords best. That is all, Thanks. :)
  4. Hey Janet... A trip to WIM is defo on the list just finding time. To be honest quite lucky in that it doesn't suffer too bad with scrubbing. 1 of the lucky 1's I guess. I'm getting it done more for the stabbility :)
  5. Hey all Bit of an update to where the car is; didn't seem right to keep adding to new member section so have put here... Body work repairs (mostly) complete (Not 100% happy but eveyone I've shown thinks Im being fussy especially for what I paid). New wheels fitted yesterday (Diamond cut, silver incerts and laquered). Next; The list now reads; Rear arches repaired - Done Sub and amp fitted to stock head unit - Done Front TRD Splitter fitted - Done K&N Panel filter fitted - Done Denzo plugs - Done Refurbed stock rims (same as currently fitted) - Done New N/S Headlight Caliper decals ready to be fitted when calipers painted. 7mm shims ready to go on, need new studs 4x Falken 452's – Done (Love them, Highly Recommend) 40mm lowering springs/ Shocks Mesh for the bottom of the bumper to match the grill mesh. Get it booked in at WIM. Paint calipers etc black and fit white Lexus decals to them. Respray splitter when some paint has flaked off A few snaps from work this morning while trying to get a pic of the wheels; Open to ideas for what else etc :) Cheers Chris
  6. Nah don't worry about that! Also as a tip, when you run out of quick detailer, put a cap of car wash/ shampoo in the bottle and fill with water. Hey presto free bottle of lube! thats all it needs to be essentially not expensive detailer. ;)
  7. Looks good! I've converted many people to clay it is immense! Why did you dry the car prior to claying and did you wash again after the clay? Try get a ph nutural shampoo doesn't leave marks. Get those products and cloths off the floor!! :D Keep up the good work!
  8. Hey All, On friday, I was lucky enough to be 1 of 600 VIP guests at the Mclaren Technology Centre. Being a life long F1/ McLaren/ Willliams fan I was of course like a kid on Xmas eve. Not only did I see some fasinating things including previous F1 cars and facilities, my now favourite car, the MP4-12C. WOW.. I took my camera but spent so much time in awe of what was there I just did some point and shoots for the memories. All can be viewed Here.. Here are a few; Om nom nom look at them all sitting there.. And Ali G made an appearance;
  9. I had adjustable coilovers on my 323. Looked great, handled great, but was sooo uncomfortable for a daily driver and I also took a massive hit on the insurance so for that reason, I'm out. And going for spring and shock combo.
  10. Well few months have passed. Updates and change to plans. Rear arches repaired Sub and amp fitted to stock head unit Front TRD Splitter fitted K&N fitted Denzo plugs Refurbed stock rims (same as currently fitted) on order Caliper decals ready to be fitted when calipers painted. 7mm shims ready to go on, need new studs 4x Falken 452's fitted. Need to get 40mm lowering springs Find some mesh for the bottom of the bumper to match the grill mesh. Get it booked in at WIM. This it is with splitter. Cheers Chris
  11. Yalnif


    I spent ages researching tyres as well. ended up with 4x 452's. Seem to be alot of people with heavier cars (ie is200) taking them off before end off life. The other thing is its equally important to make sure the tyre has a high rating or you could end up blowing out a side wall. Anyway, done 300 miles on my 452's, you wont be disapointed. I've 'tested' them where safe to do so in wet, dry and loose, better than the bridgestones that were on it before. Had an oh SH** moment on a wet gravely country lane. Had to make a sharpe right turn and thought it was time to say hello to the bush but no, gripped and turned. They are supposedly better on MPG but if they are its not noticable. Also, theya re a marked improvment on road noise from the bridgestones. I shall be buying again :) Chris
  12. Been looking into lowering mine. From what I understand, standard shocks only go down 40mm so could well be your issue.
  13. This would ring alarm bells to me. Either something is leaking into the bores (flooding with petrol) causing some restriction on compression stroke and when the petrol/ obstruction clears, reduces compression which makes it seems like compression has gone and it starts 2nd time as bores now clear. If, at 1st attempt it sounds 'normal' the sounds unrestricted, this would say to me a loss of compression which could be piston rings, head gasket, crack in head etc but I'd expect other sypmtoms like not running 100%, over heating. Keep an eye on it..
  14. I'd question we he doesn't 'just plug it in'. I had an S14a and loved it. Why the dramtic change? Only 'common' things I'm aware of to look out for are the things you generally should on any car! IS200 specific are the stereo which in this case has been replaced and dodgy front calipers. The experts will be along shortly to add more obvious things I'm sure. And welcome to the club :) Chris
  15. Newdigate garage. They have done numerous jobs for me over the years on different cars. Not sure how much he doing it while he sorting some dents on the rear arches and doors. I'll ask him thursday. As yours is the same colour he may have paint left on the shelf ;) Doesn't hurt to ask.
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