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  1. Mines currently on 173k as a daily driver, still smooth and quick, replaced the rad and powersteering pump around 160k only since i owned it from mid 2011 at 110k, when i first bought it the mileage didnt put me off as these cars have a good reliability and the previous owners kept it well as it was mint, since then i changed the oil at exactly 10k intervals.
  2. Lexus Wheel Bearing Kits

    Good to know u resolved it, i learnt that when i had my private work car, thought it was bearings, made lots rumbling noise, garage said change the tyres as bearings looked ok and it did the trick, stay away from dirty cheap brands. You can get genuine toyota bearings from ebay for a lot cheaper.
  3. New Radiator Time!

    Thin one was a manufacters upgrade to save manufacturing costs, same fitment and everything, does the same job, no less or more, unless you count it towards weight reduction, easy job, you can't go wrong. Just make sure you don't break any fan plugs or cable clips as at 135k, they will be brittle.
  4. Lexus Wheel Bearing Kits

    Have you checked tyres, poor quality and cheap tyres can sometimes make sounds as if the wheel bearings knackered.
  5. Back Tyres Wear More?

    Take it back, it should be a free check to see whether its still in alignment settings they left it on and whether they done anything wrong, check your shocks and springs if they upto standard.
  6. The 2nd method my auto locksmith tried it on my 99 is200 and it worked @ians200, but it forgets the key a while after but now there is another method i will try that on my day off.
  7. Thats not the whole hub anyway, just the bearing kit, you will need a machine press to do this so a garage is recommended which could charge £30-£60 depends on area, but that is the bearing you need for the front, bear in mind that if you buy a 2nd hand hub, it must be of low mileage and age otherwise say in 6 montha it goes again etc.
  8. Do you know if its the bearing for sure, could be a poor quality tyre, happens you know, did you get it diagnosed, bearing grinding is an mot failure if serious play.
  9. Back Tyres Wear More?

    After i fitted new springs and i gave it 2k mile wear in mileage and then replaced all 4 tyres as old ones wore unevenly before suspension replacement, i had the geometry reset and now all my tyres wear equally and last longer, sure i've done 15k and still more than half to go, bear in mind i have a heavy right foot and lowering springs to handle the speed into corners, you best book a wim appointment. It'll drive in a straight line and your fuel economy will go up slightly.
  10. My car is at 170k, its had alot of generous work done since i owned it and has never broke down but at this mileage is it worth selling or breaking, bear in mind though it has had a fair few parts replaced in the couple of years and services every 10k miles and the car is 100% working and still pulls like an average lexus, clutch is strong and has a few mods. Please be thoughtful lol as i do want to get the most out of it if i keep it so that's how much i pride in this car.
  11. Well believe or not i just learnt how to change the taps on my bath to a shower mixer and also had to cut back the old cooper pipe as it was leaking to put new push fit hoses on so i can say that i pick up things easily as i never done it before and always called in the plumbers but by looking on youtube for the cambelt change for the is200 i certainly thought it looked easy so i shall look forward to the summer lol
  12. why is that Chris, good thing i asked here, although i never done one before, so its just a thought for now.
  13. Thanks ChrisIS200SportTTE, i wish i had the lexus aero pack though, would set it nice with the ride hide etc IanS200 nice one lol when it goes bang i'll have to find the wheels in four different locations haha I shall get the cambelt done asap ravi, might try it myself if i have time.
  14. Cost is not a worry as i do all the easy to get to work myself. But thanks anyway guys.
  15. Well it looks like new, believe me or not, i looked after it very well as my friends say, has no corrosion anywhere, underside waxoyled, it runs smooth, passed last mot easily so its all good for another year, but i was just wondering if should go in to changing the cambelt or let it snap as an engine swap will keep rest of the car running for years.
  16. Coilovers

    Should do, as its the same chassis, you tried/done it.
  17. Bilstein Shocks ?

    Bilstein is good my friend, have you bought them and how much are they. I have apex springs on standard shocks, they not bad for the road as to what some people say.
  18. Is200 Drift Vid

    I love this video haha
  19. Lowering My Lexus

    I have the apex springs and its not bad but hell it scrapes over every ramp on full load, make sure you check your rear shocks to see if the bushes have gone because if you take them off and they disintegrated otherwise you can't put them back with out thinking it might play abit so i had to buy to new ones as lexus don't do over the counter bushes for them.
  20. Front Head Lights

    You are not going to get anywhere further than you are if your expecting if you sand it down, as said above or t-cut, i've had mine angel eyed so had the inside done aswell, good treat.
  21. It'll over heat the engine cause cooler water isnt flowing which is pumped by the water pump and as clifton94 says, the lexus's water pump is seperate and is not driven or associated with the cambelt repair procedure as other cars.
  22. Sticking Fuel Guage

    I have the same problem, yet my car is now 13 years old anf at 167k and still pulls like a train It could be the fuel sender which is located with the fuel pump, costs less the £50 from a scrapyard but i have found a way to get round it, this usually happens when you fill around 10litres on an empty tank, once you have filled up give it a few seconds on the 2nd ignition and the gauge will respond and some its takes that little but extra time but it always work, i do it all the time. Gd luck
  23. Ccfl Angel Eyes On When Unlocked

    i have my angels fitted now, was easy peasy but i was looking for the same idea to come on when you unlock the car and stay on til you lock it. one way you can do is have it linked to the ignition ring light and also powered from the ignition ring starter connection but with a relay inbetween so it don't interfere or blow etc but i'm confused on what relay i will need as the ignition ring light come on with the interior light. but all this involves lots of thinking and cables lol so i left it their. i am doing another set of headights with angels to sell so if anyone is interested. thanks
  24. if i c u on the road again, i will crash in 2 u ok