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  1. I changed the battery on my ls400 last week, purchased from Lexus Stockport for 82+vat so that' 98.40 all in, I rang and they had it in stock so picked it up the same day, date stamped as of September 2017 so it hasn't been sat around for too long. Didn' bother trying anywhere else having researched before hand that other brands had the terminals the wrong way round or were the wrong size.
  2. Bluesman I suppose it's just like anything some people do it on the cheap and some spend a lot of money. The ones on the video you can tell they didn't so it properly. Link to a review video of the original car.
  3. All the more reason to keep the ones you have and look after them. The problem in the UK is we don't tend to like spending money on our cars because it's more than the cars worth. I've been looking high and low for a car to replace my 1996 ls and haven' come across anything I would spend my money on, therefore I don't mind spending 2 or 3k on getting mine fixed up so it lasts me another 4 or 5 years, I bought it 4 years ago for around 1500 can't remember exactly how much now. It's probably standing at 2k with the bits and bobs I've done on it so far. I've been researching over on the American forums and it looks like they put a lot more money into these cars than we do, i even found a fix for the heated seats. 😁
  4. Haha, the red one does look bad. But I will say this though some of the Americans and even the Japanese have done some magic on the LS cars, have a look on clublexus and also the American Lexus owners club. What you don't see is the effort and money that goes into doing the cars up, not just the bodywork but the engine, suspension wheels etc. This is a big thing and it' called "VIP" do a quick Google for Ls400 VIP and you will see some brilliant looking cars.
  5. Ouch. I would suggest looking at parts from the usa, quick search and you can get them for around £200 plus postage and customs charges I still think that will set you back a lot less. I bought a full timing belt kit from America and it was almost half the price Including postage and customs charges.
  6. Can you upload a picture of what it looks like? I'm probably going to go the aftermarket route, with hands free built into it.
  7. I'm up in Dundee on the weekend, my wife's from Dundee so not too far to go to see it whilst I'm their. like yourself I'm not so sure if I should go for it as I know it will need some money spent on it, no record of timing belt being done, hideous alloys and the aftermarket exhaust will all need to be sorted before I think about putting it into everyday use.
  8. Is this the one In Dundee? If so I'm up there to have a look at it and maybe fork out the money if it's decent. I've been in touch with the owner and he assures me it is immaculate.
  9. I've tried that, but after some reading and a post on the forum about the radio having a dry solder on one of the capacitors I think, I just need to get the radio out and looked at by an electrician (father in law) who understands that kind of stuff. Although I'm hoping I can fit something after market, as I need a range of music in my life and I've got rid of almost all my cds and haven't had a cassette in over 10 years.
  10. Thanks folks plenty of food for thought, and i will ask the refurbishers if they can give me details of the paint code before getting them done for the centre caps, I'm hoping I can get the Lexus badges off the caps and sent off for some chrome finishing as well just to make them standout against Silver wheels
  11. Maxwellwd i only use mine for the run to work and back, which is around a 14 mile round trip so tops I do in a year is about 4K, in that time I've had no issues apart from no backlight on the radio. Which I have decided needs fixing now. Ive seen a few mentions of lpg and I personally don't see the need if you are only doing 4 to 5k per year as the payback would take way too long on the Ltd mileage you do, I've thought about it a few times and don't see the need. with regards to chasdads thought on not bothering spending the money and just replacing when need be, I don't agree with that, as there are very few good ones coming up for sale at a reasonable price, and even when a good one comes up it will inevitably need money spent on it, I've been looking on and off for the last 12 months and not one has caught my eye that I could justify buying. I recently saw one pop up on eBay, for 3600 navy blue, low mileage apparently stored for 10 years of its life, unfortunately it had the ugliest after market alloys, no service history past 2001, an aftermarket exhaust that sounded like it came from a Ferrari, and no record of a timing belt. To get that back to standard and fully serviced etc it would have cost me 5k all in, granted it only had low mileage (37k) but I couldn't justify the extra costs. Anyway my point was, if you know your car and it's in good condition and just needs some moneybspending to make it perfect I would rather do that than hope another one comes up in the future.
  12. Hi Maxwellwd I would say yes, go for it as I'm going through the same process although a bit slower than you, I bought mine just over 3 years ago and the first thing I did was have the timing belt and water pump done with all the other extra bits that needed doing, plus all fluids etc changed as the car was stood in a garage for 3 years prior to my ownership. Having gone through the I need a new car over the last 12 months I can't find any car that I would rather have, so have decided to splash the cash on my current one. I'm getting the alloys refurbed probably all 5, 5 new tyres, rear bumper needs a respray as I think it's been reversed into something by its previous owner, cracked paint and lacquer, new number plates as mine are beginning to delaminate, new boot seal, find a fix for the heated seats, (I'm adamant I will find one), new stereo or some hack to get an iPod connection. This will probably set me back well over £1000, plus I believe a few bushes need replacing as they were mentioned as advisories on the mot, will get them done too, this all because I know for the money I spend I will probably get a decent return in that it only cost me £1250 3 years ago and if I now spend another 1200 to 1500 I am sure I will get another 3 years, probably even more, and for a that money will can't find any other car I would rather have.
  13. Thanks both for the replies. I'm having the alloys dipped and then powder coated, and I'm guessing but not sure that the centre caps are plastic. I will speak to the refurb guys and see what they say.
  14. Hi All I thought I would get my alloys refurbished, standard 1996 alloys, but I'm concerned about the centre caps not matching following the refurb, so I rang the Lexus garage and asked if they are still available, he said yes they are, and I could hear the shock in his voice when he asked another member of staff is that really the price?!! Anyway he came back to me and told me £60 each, ok I thought let's ask how much a new set of alloys are, £266 plus vat each, that makes it circa £1500 for 4 wheels and centre caps. More than I paid for my car. (At least if you have the money you can buy them new) Anyway to manage my OCD does anyone know how or what approach I should use to get the centre caps cleaned, maybe sprayed to match the alloys once the alloys come back from refurb? Thanks, Azeem
  15. Thanks all for the replies. steve2006 have you got the Diy writeup on the radio resistor? I should be able o manage that one myself. My climate control illuminates fine and I he moment. The other stuff hopefully I can get sorted too, as I'm hoping to keep the car for as long as possible.