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  1. sorcerer

    Increasing adverts on LOC?

    If this site is like many other forums and sites in general, the 'owner' of the site/forum/board/etc doesn't provide the ads and has no control over them. They are provided by third-party 'advert suppliers' or media companies. Having said that, there are sophisticated algorithms at work to make sure that the ads are more relevant to each of us. Have you never noticed that you may look for a cordless drill on eBay for example, then the next time you look at Autotrader or something, lo and behold, adverts appear for cordless drills at Screwfix?
  2. I know, but HyperText Markup Language (html) was designed to give us clickable links, that's what it's for. The whole internet runs on clickable links - copying and pasting a number into eBay is just so yesterday
  3. Why didn't you just link to the listing instead of only pasting the item number?
  4. sorcerer

    Dodo Juice - Whoops

    I used a brush and was really happy with the results.
  5. Oh no!!! Hope you were all alright. What did you hit?
  6. Well, I'd say that if you've had good service from someone then there's no harm whatsoever in recommending them to others so yes, please put the details on here for all to see.
  7. Whenever I buy a secondhand car I have always changed all fluids because you just never know. I don't know if it really does any good but I certainly do know that It does no harm and I know that it starts my ownership with nice clean stuff everywhere. The only reason I haven't done it with this one is that it's so new and only had 33k miles on it when we bought it at the beginning of February.
  8. Great write-up Stuart, glad it all worked out in the end.
  9. Thanks guys. I'll be changing the fluid at about 10 years/100k miles as I've never believed in "lifetime" fluids, but to not provide a dipstick is just stupid. How else are we supposed to notice when or if things start to go wrong if you can't see it or measure it? Absolute folly!
  10. This is an embarrassing question for me to ask given that I used to love doing my own repairs and maintenance on my cars, even down to stripping/rebuilding engines, alternators and almost anything in between, but I can't seem to find a dipstick for the transmission fluid I've a long journey tomorrow (Preston to Cranbrook, Kent) so just been doing the usual checks and can't seem to find it anywhere - or do I have to take the engine covers off?
  11. sorcerer

    Petrol ?

    My argument exactly. People seem to think that supermarket fuel is somehow inferior but they fail to understand that the production of petrol is very closely controlled to a very high standard. The tankers all get the same stuff to carry irrespective of where they are delivering it. That's correct. The ethanol is there to cut greenhouse gas emissions and I don't think pumps need to be labelled as such. However, since 2013 a revised BS EN228 has allowed oil companies to supply E10 (10% ethanol). I don't think many are using it yet but pumps that dispense it do have to be labelled thus: UNLEADED PETROL 95 E10 Not suitable for all vehicles: consult vehicle manufacturer before use. BS EN 228 This is because the ethanol acts as a solvent and can destroy some seals, plastics and even metals. I remember reading that first-gen direct-injection engines have some aluminium content in the pumps and it's incompatible with ethanol.
  12. sorcerer


    When you say "not through the eBay route" - you do realise that there are other dealerships on eBay don't you? Lexus Birmingham have a very good reputation for being both cheap and very helpful and you can find their eBay store here.
  13. sorcerer


    Aha, brilliant, well done Lee - I just never thought of scrolling down as I've never had to do it in the past
  14. Look for anyone breaking one on eBay, ring up and see if they have the part you want and if so agree a price, then they list it and email you with a link to the listing and you Buy It Now as normal.
  15. sorcerer

    Petrol ?

    The Super Unleaded is there for people who have more money than sense and it'll make no difference whatsoever unless your engine is tuned for it, which yours and mine are not. I've never used anything else except supermarket normal grade fuel or LPG in my cars and never had anything bad happen to the engine, even running an old Ford Granada (that I bought at 86k) up to 175k miles. Some people like the overpriced fuels because there's more additives and detergents in them but if that's your thing, it's probably better and cheaper to chuck some Redex in every now and then, or convert to LPG which is the cleanest fuel of the lot.