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  1. Surely that's not correct John? That indicator is for the hybrid battery and would normally look something like the picture below:
  2. DashCam adapters

    All the cameras I've seen so far have all had mini USB connectors so I think this may be a case of the manufacturers actually using a bit of common sense for once. However, if push came to shove then yes, snipping the plug off and soldering a new one on isn't too difficult. Sent from my D6633 using Tapatalk
  3. Great guide and thanks for taking the time to do it (even though I don't own an LS400). If I may just be slightly picky, I suggest that you save the document as a PDF file. A DOCX file requires Microsoft Office 2010 or newer to open it and not everyone has that because it has to be bought, whereas Adobe's Acrobat Reader (designed for PDFs) is free and you can almost guarantee that everyone has it. It is true that the free LibreOffice can be used to open Microsoft Office files but it has been known to cause problems for some.
  4. DG65 OHE is on as insured and is a Vauxhall Insignia, which is what that car in your photo is. Checking the MOT history, DG65 OHE is a Black Vauxhall Insignia - am I missing something here?
  5. Upload it to Youtube and then post it in here.
  6. Well the first one certainly isn't unusual. If you lose all keys to a lock then yes, a locksmith could dismantle it but it may work out cheaper to just get a new lock, complete with keys, when you take into account labour charges. As for the '0906 Tech Support number' I don't know, it may be legit. I mean, if you ring a dealer, whose responsibility is it to know about key codes? The mechanics/technicians will only know about repair and/or exchange so it could be an admin responsibility but doubt they would be able to give info on older imported cars. The service book for the car (the one you get stamped) should have the key code written in - the one I had for the RX300 and the one I've got for the 450h have it in there. No idea why two main dealers would give conflicting info, other than they just don't know the answer but don't want to admit it, or who to go to to find out the answer. A complete guess here but it may well be that they can't get keys for imports because a) they just don't have the contacts or admin channels to get them, or b) maybe the Japanese transponders work on a different frequency that may be illegal here in the UK so they aren't allowed to bring them in. Like I said, just guessing.
  7. In that case I'll leave it to someone else as I've never owned one. Good luck in getting it sorted.
  8. What model year and which RX is it - 300, 400h or 450h?
  9. Jump leads: which size?

    A traditional starter motor can draw anything upwards of 300A when starting but the hybrids don't have a traditional starter motor. The batteries are much smaller because all they do is to power the security/entry/exit system and the computers to get the car into the ready state - the engine is actually started by the traction battery. However, although you don't strictly need a big beefy set of jump leads I would still be tempted to go for them as the small ones can often give problems. We've had nothing but automatic cars for almost 30 years now so I've always carried a big beefy set of leads in the boot, but about a year ago I also invested in one of these units. I've never actually used it yet so I can't give you any anecdotal evidence of how good they are, but there are loads of videos on Youtube showing them in action and they seem to perform very well. Also very handy for helping other people because I'm not sure if a hybrid can actually be the car to provide the jump start if someone needs it.
  10. Mk4 LS400

    The more I look at them, the more I agree with Phil; the wheels themselves are a good design and look good, just need to be silver rather than black - for me anyway.
  11. Mk4 LS400

    Each to their own and all that Connor, but I'm afraid that I'm no fan of black wheels either (on anything). Your originals suited the car much better in my opinion but the main thing is that you like them so onward and upward
  12. Bit of an interior change

    Excellent job Lee, looks really good and much better than the wood in my opinion. Where did you get the wrap?
  13. Well, having the bulb in situ sort of detracts from the LEDs - much better with the LEDs on their own IMHO. As I explained above, the flasher unit needs to see 2 x 21W + 5W for the side repeaters + maybe a very small amount for the dashboard tell-tale, so say about 50W to work properly and avoid hyperflashing. Losing a 21W bulb and adding a 5W to the LED's couple of Watts will not do it as you'd still be 14W down. If you want LEDs you need load resistors or a flasher unit designed for LEDs. 50W 6Ω resistors can be bought here for £2.22 inc VAT plus delivery Maybe you can get them for a better price elsewhere but I only live about a mile from CPC so it's my 'go to' place.
  14. My RX300 was a 2005 model (05-plate) so no, yours is definitely not too old and he's just talking cobblers. I could adjust timings of interior lights, sensitivity of rain sensor, bleep when opening/closing tailgate and other stuff like that. The car didn't autolock, didn't beep when locking/unlocking and didn't beep when in reverse - but now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing a customisation menu for any of those three parameters, but it has been a while so I may be wrong. I've not tried it yet on my RX450h as we've only had the car about six weeks and we've just been so busy, but I'm confident that it should work perfectly well. Your problem could be something to do with the drivers for the miniVCI cable; I remember it took quite a bit of messing to get it to work properly, but I was trying to get it on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I managed it in the end and it now works well, but most people say that an old laptop running Windows XP is the easiest to setup.
  15. You do know that you could have scratched the 4x4 and automatic itch with a Lexus RX don't you? At least promise us that the BMW you've got has indicators Good luck and best wishes for the future, happy motoring.