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  1. I agree with Herbie, check the battery terminal voltage when the engine is running, it should be a minimum of 14 volts. Also check the battery starter current specification for this particular battery and compare it with the specified rate for the vehicle. Barrie
  2. Had my discs and pads changed using non Lexus parts a couple of years ago....no problems, just a real cash saving.
  3. My RX300-SEL rear suspension is fairly high (though not quite so high as the one in the photo) and has been since I purchased it around 7 years ago. Have you checked the level settings on the dashboard, any red lights? I would be cautious all the same. BTW my vehicle is a 2003 model.
  4. Hello Colin, I managed to take a photo of the 'phantom' clock dial. I have owned this vehicle for 7 years and have never seen this until just recently. Checking it out today I have discovered the red figures show up when light, from the sun or a torch, is shone on to the clock screen. Obviously it must be a reflection from the light being reflected from the crystals? forming the clock digits. I only noticed it recently when driving on a sunny day when checking the time on the clock, there were two sets of figures (quite bright). The green figures telling the time and the red figures shining behind. As I said I have never seen this before (probably, being retired, I rarely check the time! Barrie
  5. Found the problem. Although I had just replaced the battery in the main key fob the alarm system did not work. Today I checked the battery that I had replaced yesterday and found that the voltage had reduced from 3.2 volts to 2.85 volts, obviously a duff battery, although in its original blister pack. The other 2 key fobs were also powered from the same set of batteries. Replaced the three key fobs with new batteries bought today....all OK Relief!! Barrie
  6. Thanks John, I have owned the car for 7 years and it has never happened before. I will probably try to see if I can drive the car, albeit with the alarm sounding. I need to get the vehicle to the garage that undertakes my servicing, either by driving it or arranging for a rescue service to pick it up. Barrie
  7. Thanks John, No house alarm, still a mystery....? Barrie
  8. Lexus RX300 Mk2. I cannot disable the alarm using the key fob. I have tried 3 separate key fobs, and just to make sure, replaced the battery in one of them. There is no sound from the car (usually a click like a relay operating) when I press the key fob, also the car sidelights do not flash. I can unlock the car and start the engine with the key but the alarm starts and does not stop sounding. If I stop the engine and close/lock the door the alarm times out after the usual sounding period. We have had a snow fall, although snow has never caused any problems before with the vehicle. The alarm system was set, as normal, 2 days ago. Any ideas anyone?? Barrie
  9. Thanks Colin I will keep a look out to see if it recurs, maybe some glitch with the clock unit...strange? Barrie
  10. Hello Colin,, Although the figures were also showing with the ignition on (engine off). I went back to the car after about an hour and switched on he ignition, only the digital clock figures (in green) were showing. The background red figures had disappeared. I also started the engine to no avail. Are fault codes displayed in this manner?, if not, how are they displayed, the owners manual is no help at all. If it happens again I will try to photograph the images, although they are quite faint. Many thanks for your interest, much appreciated. BTW the way RX300 is a Mk2 2003 model, so far very reliable. Barrie
  11. I've got what appears to be a fault code showing in red - behind the dashboard clock screen. It is 18-88. Can anyone identify this please??? Many thanks. Barrie
  12. I agree with John. My RX300 is 14 years old and, so far - touch wood, is going well. I had my front discs changed some time back using pattern parts at much lower price than the Lexus ones. I have found that Toyota and Lexus brake discs do not last as long as other vehicles I have owned. My power steering pump started leaking and a new one from Lexus costs the best part of £800, I had the existing one refurbished and re-built, fitted etc. for less than £300. No fireworks from me on this one. Barrie
  13. My 2003 RX300 steering pump developed a leak so I had the pump removed and sent to be reconditioned, much less cost than a replacement. The pump is a very simple basic vane device. The only parts to cause problems, as far as I can see, are the bearings and gasket.
  14. I have the same problem, two or three water tramlines across the screen on my 2003 RX300 (Mk2). Tried new blades, used slightly abrasive windscreen cleaner - still the same.