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  1. RX300 Fault Codes

    Thanks Colin I will keep a look out to see if it recurs, maybe some glitch with the clock unit...strange? Barrie
  2. RX300 Fault Codes

    Hello Colin,, Although the figures were also showing with the ignition on (engine off). I went back to the car after about an hour and switched on he ignition, only the digital clock figures (in green) were showing. The background red figures had disappeared. I also started the engine to no avail. Are fault codes displayed in this manner?, if not, how are they displayed, the owners manual is no help at all. If it happens again I will try to photograph the images, although they are quite faint. Many thanks for your interest, much appreciated. BTW the way RX300 is a Mk2 2003 model, so far very reliable. Barrie
  3. RX300 Fault Codes

    I've got what appears to be a fault code showing in red - behind the dashboard clock screen. It is 18-88. Can anyone identify this please??? Many thanks. Barrie
  4. I agree with John. My RX300 is 14 years old and, so far - touch wood, is going well. I had my front discs changed some time back using pattern parts at much lower price than the Lexus ones. I have found that Toyota and Lexus brake discs do not last as long as other vehicles I have owned. My power steering pump started leaking and a new one from Lexus costs the best part of £800, I had the existing one refurbished and re-built, fitted etc. for less than £300. No fireworks from me on this one. Barrie
  5. My 2003 RX300 steering pump developed a leak so I had the pump removed and sent to be reconditioned, much less cost than a replacement. The pump is a very simple basic vane device. The only parts to cause problems, as far as I can see, are the bearings and gasket.
  6. I have the same problem, two or three water tramlines across the screen on my 2003 RX300 (Mk2). Tried new blades, used slightly abrasive windscreen cleaner - still the same.
  7. Thanks Chris, The switchgear has been changed also the system has been flushed a couple of times. After flushing the heater works for about a couple of miles then reverts to lukewarm (just on the drivers side). The air has been bled from the sytem, no coolant leaks. The vehicle is going in for service later this week, I will let you know the result. Barrie
  8. I have been using 5W30 oil for years now in a Volkswagen, BMW and my RX300 v.2. Never any problems. In fact the BMW (5series) remained faultless for 16 years and the Lexus is now 12 years old with the VW being only a young 11 years of age. I have had a couple of problems with the RX. Firstly a leaking power steering pump and currently failure of the cabin heating (possibly a blocked heater matrix or water pump problem). Has any owner had the same problem? remedies?
  9. Part Number

    I had the same problem (Mk2 2003). Lexus could supply just the pump at an horrendous cost, so my service man removed the pump and sent it away for refurbishment, then refitted the unit when returned. Total cost for the whole job including topping up rear axle diff. oil came to £310. Obviously I was without the vehicle for 3 days. I think a replacement unit from Lexus was circa £800, but I am not too sure.
  10. New Keys For Rx300

    Not so ridiculous as Lexus!!....col. 4 keys (inc. master and security system reprogramming) for £627 against the mainstealer price of £1000 plus £280 for further keys!! The other advantage being that the work is undertaken in your own driveway (or on the roadside if keys are lost or damaged away from home whereby you could be immobile).
  11. New Keys For Rx300

    I had the same problem around a couple of years ago, I contacted Car-Diac (http://www.car-diac.co.uk/mobile-locksmith.html). 'Danny', the technician, supplied, cut and programmed a new master key and supplied a second key also cut and programmed. He also laser cut a further 2 blank keys that I supplied. The total cost being £627.60 inc.vat. It appears the Lexus lack the technical knowhow required to create a new master key programmed to the existing security system, or is it just a rip off? BTW my vehicle is a 2003 RX300SEL.
  12. Re. para 5. Could be a power steering pump leak. My 04 RX300 suffered this problem so I had the pump removed/replaced and reconditioned for £310. Lexus priced a new pump at around £900! not including fitting. Just check the steering fluid level, the reservoir can be found in the engine compartment under the moulded cover on the right hand side of the vehicle.
  13. Would it be possible to install an extra battery (preferably a sealed type) connected in parallel to the original to supply extra ampere hours? Maybe located in the cargo area?
  14. That is why I am hanging on to my RX300. The 400h seem to be problematic (batteries, inverters etc.).
  15. I will hang on to my RX300 as long as I can. It starts up every time even after a couple of weeks, or more, of not being used. It reminds me of the old Ford cars of many years ago on a cold morning...out with the starting handle! Nothing worse than having a nice car in the drive that you cannot trust to start when needed. Colin, that was a very interesting tracking test you undertook some time ago, top marks for ingenuity. You are quite correct re. deep cycling, a death knell for vehicle batteries. Interestingly, marine batteries are designed to be deep cycled, maybe if you could find a marine battery that would fit the vehicle? Just a thought.