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  2. Just got back from Dallas, saw a couple of RX450H, one red and the other black, Sorry to say if i was in the market for an RX450 i will not be buying. It looked akward from all angles, MK2 still the best looking one. Have put the picture in the gallery, saw it in a car park as i was leaving for the airport, would have taken more pictures.
  3. Currently own a Volvo XC90, on the Volvo Forums the Conti's last for about 13,000 miles (18,000 miles if you are a careful driver). Most of them are changing to Nokian WR. A volvo dealer "confessed" that they make money by fitting conti's. 1 user got 63000 miles and still has thread left on the tyres. I know that you have already but the tyres, just wanted to make everyone aware. Still got the Lex by the way. B)
  4. Currently own a MK1 105K, just passed its MOT No Problems for the last 4yrs (Apart from Battery Issue, was parked for 3months) Will i buy a MK2: DEFO
  5. CALM DOWN YOU TWO Now everyone has there own opinion on the matter Personally i believe people wait for a safe part of the road to overtake. In this instance the moped riding person had the nerve to complain that he was overtaken, simple Personally i would have "tried" to explain to the youth why he was overtaken and walk away. They may or may not listen his problem not mine. If the road is 60 and he his doing 40 Moped or Car i will overtake as soon as it is safe to do so, which is what i believe Mr Fiddle did. now grow up the pair of you. :D
  6. I have a set of 18 i bought of a member here, The are TSW Eurace. I am sure Terry will be along soon as he his betterinformed than me. I am sure if you ask very reputable alloy wheels dealer they will be able to help Will check the size for you and let you know
  7. Jan 05 M1 93MPH 3 pts + £60 Was also told that 96 Summons 101 instant Ban Now don't go above 75
  8. OMG did not know that flab was that flexible
  9. Quite Right 1. Ebay states 2005 model year Salvage 2006 model year (could be a typo) OR 2. The damaged car could have had cherised plates and was given a new reg after it was fixed.