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  1. So sad to see this, my plan was to keep it and get it repaired. I went down to the yard that held it on behalf on insurance and they stole the induction kit and a bunch of other stuff. It was far better condition at the time of the crash. By the time I got to the yard to inspect it I soon changed my mind on keeping it. Chasis was real twisted in the boot, they kept it unlocked for the world to take what they want, was not a pretty sight.
  2. @olliesgrandad It was taken into consideration, I asked how much it would effect the payout, and I was advised it was just below 10% reduction.
  3. @Twellsie It's like @Linas.P Said. They offered £8,900 without the car. £11,400 with. Considering my situation the ball is not in my court so I can't say anything. So you guys would advise getting it back regardless and selling parts? the only concern I have with stripping it for parts is like you say, the demand for them and if in the long run I will get more or not. The guy who determines the category is going to determine the final outcome tomorrow (dont ask why it's taking so long). If it's a CAT B they say it's too dangerous for me to have it back at all unless Im a registered breaker, but I did speak to one of the staff who says she will do what she can if I REALLY want it back.
  4. Insurance offered £2,500 for the car and it would be taken to a salvage company to either be sold for parts or as is. I have an independent assessor going out at some point to give a final verdict on the category. It seems to all just be dragging on... I would love to get it fixed and back on the road with time. I guess it would be my hobby on the weekends for a while...
  5. So I got a call from insurance company today saying they will not release the car to me because the engineer changed the category from CAT S to CAT B.... How on earth is this possible? I told them to get another independent opinion, so another guy is coming out on Friday to check it again...But even with a CAT B they say I cannot keep the car...They say they will have to dispose of it themselves...What kind of messed up system is this? I told them THIS IS MY CAR. I own it. I can do whatever I want with it. They were just like no, the car is "Not Safe" when it's classed as CAT B and a registered car breaker can only have it. Anyone have any idea what deems a car to be a CAT B?
  6. @Grey One I get where you coming from. I planned to keep this car for the next 10 years. I've requested the car back from insurance, So will get it dropped home, get a few bodyshop guys to come and assess and get quotes. I spoke to one today who seems to think only the outer shell has taken the hit and thinks he can sort it, but wants to see it first. @NothernDanIt's a good day for me. Insurance did pay out, not quite what I was expecting, but I'm happy to get something.
  7. @NothernDan Still waiting to hear on insurance. They waiting from response from Police to see they taking it further. I will keep it, I need to assess the damage myself or get someone to have a proper look at it. @Linas.P So are you saying I could get the damaged panel from an IS220/IS250? The insurance have given a CAT S. That's interesting! where did you find this? well I hope it's not a cut entire body sort of job otherwise I probably wont do it. If the body easy enough to repair I will go ahead and fix it over time.
  8. @Hangie I would most likely take it to Poland if I had it done, I would be grateful if you know any good garages there? but its early days yet I dont know what insurance will say, and how they go about stamping a category on the car, I would rather take it and have it unrecorded. @dandydons I cant say exactly where but it wasnt in Fife. I will try negotiate but dont really have many options in my corner 😕 I bought the car for me. I was gonna keep it for next 10 years at least so I am gutted to let her go to salvage so easy @olliesgrandad I'm not quite sure what you mean. I dont think it folded that bad
  9. @Hangie Thats incredible! How did you find this?! have you used the same guys before?
  10. @Hangie thats amazing! Yeh I did think about that, I have contacts in the EU that would do it, its just the wheel axles that I think will be the major work because the bodywork doesnt look all that bad
  11. Hi All, I recently crashed my beloved Lexus IS-F and am in need of some advice...The insurance company has advised it's a total loss. What do I do with it? The engine has not been touched and is in good condition. 76,000 miles. It's just this one side that has taken the hit. I have considered options: - repair it privately and sell - Buy an IS250 and swap the engine - Sell as is to a salvage company (for which I will get pennies) - Take it apart and sell the parts Any advice would be much appreciated. I am totally devastated.