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  1. 1. Yep 2. Interesting. Didnt know that. 3. Gave up trying to transfer my phone book. It's as if the software is from a previous century. 4. How about a number 4. The dipping wing mirrors when in reverse only work when the mirror adjust switch is in the L position.
  2. Yes, my thoughts go to anyone layed off work and all you businessmen as that must be worrying for loads of reasons not least finance on an F car. I realise I'm lucky in his respect as employed by a big telecoms company, have worked from home for years and my ISF was cash purchased. If I can keep in good health Im hoping to ride his storm with minimal impact. I thought about SORN but didnt as a weekly trip to the supermarket in the ISF may have to be the only fun I get in the near future
  3. I got my IS300 MOTd at the local village garage last week and they still remain open but Lexus Derby shut down yesterday. I guess the local needs the business and the money. For no real reason other than my OCD I would maintain continuous MOT on my ISF, if safe and possible to do so, rather than it show a gap.
  4. And pay more taxes for around 10 years. Small price to pay though when people are dieing.
  5. And not all Lexus labour rates are the same either for any non service menu work so it might be worth shopping around. Lexus Derby share the same franchise site with Toyota and the pricing is maybe more Toyota but much cheaper than I've others quote here.
  6. Well it seems to have sold or been moved on in the trade as not there anymore. I would imagine for every buyer who wouldn't buy a press car for any supposed issues there is a buyer who craves the story telling it might offer.
  7. Nothing against green but I'm not sure about this one. I bet it looks much better in real life though.
  8. Hi Dave, you may remember a Blue RCF is on my bucket list....🤔..and given you posted you regret selling your ISF to me...🤔 you could do a lot worse than have it back. But I bet yours is too new for me to afford and your old one too old to go back to. 🤔 But just for info what year is your RCF and have you got any pictures.
  9. Nice one. Worth the wait and looks great in USB........and a sunroof. Sorry moonroof.😅
  10. My pride and joy has just rolled over the 100000 mile mark (and still going strong) and I wondered how many more out there have reached the milestone? Probably a few ISFs but any RCFs or GSFs Any drivers done 100k F miles themselves?
  11. Agreed. Something wrong as moisture shouldn't be getting in. Kids not closing the rear windows fully has been my problem in he past. If it's not a window then it needs looking at by the dealer if a door seal has gone. Did you buy from a dealer or have a warranty ?
  12. I might go but will leave the decision to nearer the time. The museum is a great place if anyone hasnt been and worth a second visit maybe but would like to see it free to just park up. That in itself is an attraction the museum use as a feature so disappointing they dont offer it.