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  1. No surprise to me that the ISF comes into Autocar magazine's list of depreciation busting performance cars. But Shhhh just don't tell everyone !! "There are certain performance cars on the second-hand market that are so well-regarded – and that are in sufficient demand – that their values are set in stone. Pick the right one and it’ll probably owe you nothing two or three years down the road. You could get back every penny you paid for it". "post-2011 IS Fs still command £25,000, while the earliest cars are trading hands for around £18,000. It’s unlikely they’ll slip much further" "IS F is exceptionally rare, which is exactly what will keep values strong in years to come." Well we knew that I guess but it's what Autocar think too, and its certainly more fun than keeping the keeping the money in the bank! I just need to wait until the RC F reaches a similar status before I raid the bank again
  2. Glad you got sorted at a price you were OK with. But what was the delay? did they struggle to sort it out or just struggle to fit it in/
  3. They have 2 LC500 for sale at Lexus Derby. What chance do you think they will let me have one as a courtesy car when my ISF gets serviced. If I was in the market to buy (which by miles I'm not) there are a fair few on the market at present so should mean a good deal could be had ?
  4. No, Shamefully still not sorted my scabby rims yet. Nor taken to plan B with the other particularly beautiful set either They are almost too good to put on the car, but as window dressing? Nothing wrong with that.
  5. Paintwork looking great in the sun Dan. and the increasing number of black accents adding to look. How are you getting on with those Bridgestone tyres by the way?
  6. Great Car, Great buy for someone. Anyone on here ? it would be interesting to know what's replacing it. Or do you have a big reveal planned some time soon.?
  7. Interesting point @ColinBarber So are you suggesting Brembo make one standard for Lexus to sell over the counter and another standard for the after market ? I didn't realise that. And how bad can the after market Brembo ones be?
  8. as @PhoeNicks suggests the sensor is in its own cradle mounted under the bonnet slam panel and a good few inches back from the badge. I was interested to check this out on the ISF that was at the breakers near me a couple weeks ago. Having just looked at my badge it might benefit from a bit of a polish up too.
  9. A GS F is definitely a car I see myself having one day, but not for a few years yet. Is this you. My favourite colour. Its beautiful.
  10. Euro Car Parts stock Brembo disks and pads for my ISF and IS 300 (not sure about RCF but why not if Brembo do them?) and regularly email me with 50% off deals. Just done the IS 300 and plan to buy some for the ISF ready for when they do need doing. It might need a conversation with an interested guy in one of their trade counters if RCF not listed online but worth a go for 50% off. Even heard of Lexus dealers fitting customer bought parts during a service visit ( for labour ££ only). What's not to like?
  11. @Northern isf so what was the mistake you made. Anything we need to know to avoid doing the same.
  12. Yeah, we all seem to be naturally sceptical but would a head light manufacturer really make headlights that cant be adjusted to meet safe driving standards not least legal requirements. Somebody out there must know?
  13. Its a great idea to keep Dan. Fact. But I guess it depends on what's to replace it...........?
  14. I was in the "keep it original camp" and wasn't sure if they would look a bit naff but I'm thinking they look OK. Not persuaded to be ordering just yet but I'm warming to the idea. Agree though I would want to be confident about the adjustment.
  15. Oooo. Exciting. You must have photos let's see them then. We like photos.