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  1. @liambart where are you in Derbyshire. I'm in Derby so you cant be far away but never seen you on the road. I wonder if there are any other local East Midlands owners out there as I've never seen another ISF on the road at all!! Which is one reason I wanted one.
  2. Maybe time for a few updates on this thread maybe?? After a rear puncture on the M1 last week today I got my rear tyres replaced. I went for Avon ZV7's as they seem to be a good all rounder. Only time will tell. I should of asked for recommendations here I guess. I replaced the 215's I bought the car with at the rear with 225's they should be and it got complicated with the tyre fitters moving one good 215 from the rear to replace the worst one on the front. I wasn't sure but know now the rear rims don't fit on the front because of the different offset but bless them they sorted it out in the end. Happy to recommend National Tyres in Derby for their attention to detail. I plan to match to fronts up in the ne year.
  3. After a number of IS 200 Sports I now have an IS 300 Sportcross and am after a tow bar, however they seem to be a bit elusive! There are a few very old threads on here, and they appear to be available from the US but anyone got any recent experience of getting hold of one in the UK. (particularly the detachable type) Anyone with one to sell would be great. So I would be interested in in anyone's experience of sportcross towbars. Thanks.
  4. Kindred Spirits............that's cars perhaps as well as owners. I took the ISF to a work meeting this week (any excuse) and found myself parking next to this. Look Familiar ?? I then bumped into the owner as I was about to leave to find its a Toyota Aristo V300 Vertex Edition. A personal import from Japan which has the 2JZ engine, same as my IS300, although with twin turbo' s for him. Its very quick apparently. It was certainly very nice. Other similarities to my IS300 include the steering wheel auto box shift buttons and nearly all the other switch gear. I bet there are more. The line of evolution to Lexus and later models too was clear. Small world
  5. gb1600e

    Theft prevention

    So are you saying his key AND the spare!! were in Faraday bags and it still got hacked and stolen ?? I got 2 faraday bags the week I bought my ISF and the spare sits in one, in a special secret place in the house all the time. The one I use daily stays in the bag, (not by the front door), even when I'm out. I hope I remain this disciplined although given I lack discipline in many other things potentially not. I wonder how many folk keep the daily key in a bag by the front door but leave the spare unprotected somewhere else ?
  6. I bet many of you guys surfing Auto Trader may spot this car as familiar, and you would be right. It was on sale for a while a couple months ago at a Vauxhall dealer in Stoke. I viewed it closely but walked away as it wasn't right for me and wasn't the excellent condition I hoped it would be. It disappeared off sale but appears again now from a dealer in Newport Pagnell. (possibly looking more excellent than it was). So to be clear I'm not in the trade nor qualified to give advice but if anyone is interested to know what it did look like 2 months ago then PM me. (not sure of the protocol of going through the details publicly on here?) Before I found the right one I appreciated the same heads on the cars I went to see from anyone who knew anything so only fair I put what I found out there if anyone interested. No doubt it will be a great car for someone though.
  7. gb1600e

    possible purchase

    Its interesting the possible different conversations with dealers we seem to have, the consistent I guess is whether they know the car or not. My conversation with them last week as a new owner was an easy one. Its still under warranty, now transferred to me, and the car had it big service the week before by the old owner which means they know the car better than I do. I got my quote to extend the warranty on email so popping it when I can to do the deal. So far Lexus Derby
  8. Not a Facebook fan myself but great work Dan all the same.
  9. Ouch. That makes me wince, never mind you, then or now. And Yes its certainly colder Uuuup North. Keeping my IS300 Sportcross, which arguably is cheaper than a 2nd set or rims and tyres maybe the way forward me thinks. Now let me note that justification down because is a conversation I fear I will be having with the wife before Christmas.
  10. Peter, Always a relief when any car sails through an MOT so well done and thanks for the update. I noticed your smoked bumper reflectors and thought how it finished off your rear end nicely (Ooo Errr). Have you wired them up as additional rear lights or just have them as reflectors not connected to anything. In fact do they have any normal reflectivity at all if not powered up ?? With my black badging on white paint with smoked lights it could be just what I need.
  11. Dan, Is your man the guy selling on ebay from Walsall? That guy has his rears at near on same price (£202 for 2 pairs) or your man is matching him perhaps ? Seemingly on ebay they are in stock as item listed in UK (Walsall) with 1 week delivery. Interestingly he also has buy 3 at £187 each and buy 4 at £176 each and all have "Make Offer" So maybe if 4 people are interested we are onto an even better deal. All that said I'm still in for a smoked set of rears with you and your man. The fronts are not listed with him but all his other stock listed shipped from China is 2 - 3 weeks so still in time for Christmas.
  12. Having just bought my ISF I'm in 2 minds about all this. I want to use it ALL the time (does that feeling wear off ?) but know by doing so it wont likely keep in the excellent condition I bought it. Winter tyres on a 2nd set of wheels is a compromise. Mind you so is keeping the other car. Ahhh decisions decisions. Should I rely on global warming to make the decision easier.
  13. gb1600e

    F club cyber security

    Im not worried about folk on the internet knowing my reg number from a photo or on here that its declared Im from Derbyshire but good luck to anyone who can work out where my ISF is parked from that. And given there are only so few ISF per year, per colour Im not sure I should worry about someone cloning mine although I don't underestimate the pain it must be if it happens. I do however worry about the amount of life some people detail on Facebook, including the likes of when they are not at home, out the country, on holiday etc when all their most valuable positions (their F Cars) are at home alone. Just one of the reasons I'm not a Facebook fan. (I have many ) That aside I bet the rate at which of which F Cars are stolen is pretty low as compared to other "similar" performance cars? Surely one of the best kept secrets amongst people who love cars not least those who steel them? It would be sad to hear but anyone had an F car stolen? Of course all sensible precautions taken and my 2 faraday bags arrived from the Amazon today. I put my reaming trust in the Lexus security and the Cat 7 tracker to do the rest. As for a bent pole....... no further comment.
  14. gb1600e

    possible purchase

    I just bought my 2009 ISF last week (still smiling) and looked at this ad and was put off as to me it was suspiciously cheap, if there is such a thing? I could be wrong and its the bargain of the century. (wasn't my choice of colour either as I justify to myself the higher price I paid ). Im no expert but I was advised more than once by wise folk on here its all about the condition and you will only truly see that when you stand looking at it. I walked away from 2 "bargains" and was pleased I did. To me the panel gap on the rear bumper doesn't look level on the left and isn't same as on the right (could be just the photo) but given the spot about the tail pipes has it been back ended? Check that closely. Not a problem maybe but you would want to know. Wheels look OK so probably refurbed already with over 100k miles? Again not a problem if its needed and you budget for it. By coincidence I had a guy completing a SMART repair on another car today and asked what cost if I had a bumper scuff on the ISF (I don't have its mint all round) and he laughed and said "not cheap". He rattled on for ages about it being 3 stage paint, and a pig to blend in. Not to debate the technicals of the paint or advantages or not of SMART repairs but don't assume you can get any chips, scuffs or marks done for a few hundred pounds. And they haven't bothered to hoover the drivers footwell carpet. Well honestly. My top tip would be to ring your local LEXUS dealer with the Reg and ask them if they will warranty it? which they will mine and for a further 2 years beyond the 14 months I got transferred from the previous owner! That's awesome and gave me tremendous confidence to buy. Of course its dependent on Lexus having the service history and maybe seeing the car but as noted you might have problems with the change of plate ?? All that said what's it worth to you ?? Good look . If its not this one then yours maybe out there somewhere else.
  15. Well eventually I'm an ISF owner and I'm sooooo pleased with it. Collected today from a member here so thanks David @Dave400SE for the opportunity. Great to meet you. I gather its belonged to at least 1 other member too so perhaps I'm just the current custodian of this fine machine. I took the long way home through the Peak District and haven't stopped grinning yet. I didn't stop to take any new photo's either, Doh, but here's a couple of Davids. Its in great condition but I cant resist spending a few ££ to make it the best it can be. Thanks to all you guys on here from which I have leaned so much on my search to find the right one. Love it. Love it. Love it.......or is it "her" ?