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  1. I have updated my 2009 ISF with the latest disk but it only updates the maps and not the postcode search / operating functionality. Its the only thing that annoys me about all Lexus of a certain. Its the same in my IS300. Love both cars but just hate both crappy sat navs. I use google on the phone instead.
  2. Oh, and check your rear brake lines for corrosion just behind the flexi from the calliper. Somewhat of a saga to replace fully if it needs doing and its a pricey job.
  3. If I remember previous comments from others its OK. Although didn't @Big Rat have Lexus Cheltenham fit his ?
  4. I'm not sure there is much left of the written off car at Japanese Car Parts but the Borla exhaust, although crush damaged by the forklift it was moved around with was sold to a member on here some while ago. And I have both exhaust tips in case I ever need them as they are £418 each side from Lexus if I remember rightly. Worth contacting Wayne @northern isf if he's selling.
  5. Well I'm just up the road in Chellaston Samir. 2 ISF's within a couple of postcode areas, bet that's not common. How lucky the people of Derby are if they are F spotting. We shall have to meet up.
  6. Interesting point. My local Lexus dealer, who stamp my service book and do a very nice Latte with an L shaped logo of chocolate fairy dust, is a shared franchise with Toyota who occupy the same site........ and they share the same workshop and same mechanics! I'm aware the hourly rate is much less than some others quote for Lexus dealers so is this a good thing or a bad thing? I took the trouble to speak to the mechanic who did the last work I had done and he was thrilled to work on such a rare car and I warmed to the view that he was proud to do a fastidious job so is this better or worse than an independent ? Who knows ? Pays ya money takes ya choice.
  7. Without doubt a tasteful improvement the likes of which you might see on a car 2, 3 or 4 times the price so well done, an inspired improvement. So is it new leather inserted (now that must be expensive) or painted / dyed (very carefully). Looks great either way.
  8. Are you from Derby @ctrsam If so that makes 2 of us. Obviously a great choice of car. Might see you about.
  9. Similar with me. It it bolts together its within my skill range to un bolt it and sort it out and I enjoy doing it as well, or probably better, than anyone else can. I'm the sort of guy who cleans everything and paints nuts bolts and brackets before putting them back. When changing all my brake pads I spent hours cleaning the inside of wheel arches and everything within reach. Sad I know. As for FLSH and warranty then potentially it gets more important as a buyer and a seller the older the car gets. When buying my 9 year old ISF privately a FLSH was essential and the extended warranty was transferred to me. I have both a service plan and warranty paid monthly for less than good night out would cost. In a year or so it might get sold and will still have a FLSH and warranty to transfer and I expect the first serious buy to snap it up. Well that's the plan anyway.
  10. The lesson here is buyer beware and do loads of research but as long as any buyer has eyes wide open it might still be a good car for someone. That said I would think about a few more things before handing over hard earned cash or backing out: Ask the dealer for the contact details of the previous owner and try talking to them. Judge if the dealer wont play that game (maybe that's why the reg doc is "missing". Original owner might just be a **** but ask why they didn't trade into a Lexus dealer? Maybe they tried? but make a judgement. Take the car to a Lexus dealer for an inspection, they will or should be able to confirm any body repairs done and if they will offer a warranty. I understand its based on service history OR inspection. Or get an RAC inspection. Again if the dealer wont play its yet more suspicious. It might not be the best car but is it actually a bad car? Maybe buy at a significant discount below others without such questions. There will be others without questions as has been said but possibly for thousands ££££ more Hopefully it sells to a buyer who's fully aware of everything they can be and the price reflects the issues as it will sell eventually Im sure.
  11. @Flytvr makes a good point. For what must be near double the money is it near double the car or double the fun. It's a tricky one. On the other hand money in the bank is doing nothing.
  12. Nice one Dan. Exciting for sure and impressed with your on going investments. Looking forward to seeing the results.
  13. It took quite a search on ebay but here they are from BW Auto Parts California. Price + tax + shipping was about £35. Cheaper than a new chrome set from Lexus. 20PCs TOYOTA-LEXUS OEM BLACK MAG LUG NUTS WITH WASHER 12X1.5MM
  14. Welcome back into the fold Dave, glad you're back into F ownership and glad you miss what's now my ISF. No hard feelings about the brake pipes as its all part of the fun of buying a near 10 year old car, how would either of us know. Still an excellent car in excellent condition as far as I'm concerned and a privilege to own. I had the wheels refurbed and painted Bronze with some OEM speck Black wheel nuts from the USA. Pleased with them but might go back to stock next year. An RCF in USB then, what colour interior? USB with Grey Leather would be on my list in the future. But you will be sad to see the TVR go. Time moves on and only time for so many toys. Lets see some photo's of the RCF when you have them.