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  1. PM'd you with what I remember. To be fair the car drove very well and with a quality respray of the bottom half and a decent wheel refurb I think it would be a good deal for someone. After all how many cars have has a corner or a panel painted and a new buyer doesn't know so why not buy knowing its all been pained? But it has to be a bargain or you might as well buy one that didn't need the work in the first place. Pays your money takes your choice. As for warranty, Lexus told me they would offer an extended warranty on this car given they knew the service history ( subject to inspection).
  2. Hi @Crimson Red I had a test drive in this some while ago and chose not to buy it. It's been moved around the trade a number of times since but PM me if you want and I will share with you what I found.
  3. Yes, I remember the moody photo's of your RCF, professional quality I seem to recall. I also remember a touch of garage envy as well Just thinking how our old TVR's stack up in "wins on list" For my Chimaera 1. Build quality – ummm next question 2. Reliability….. .not bad on reflection, only came home on a tow truck once. 3. Warranty – Errr Nope. 4. Induction noise. Well it burbled nicely, very nicely in fact. 5. Rareness- Somewhere between an ISF and an RCF depending on the colour (of either) But very recognisable. 6. Handling – treat with care. Only lost it coming off a roundabout once. Nobody about, nobody noticed, got away with it as if it didn't happen. 7. Standard kit - From a Ford parts bin or made by a man in a shed but a secret door open button under the door mirror. Years ahead of its time surely. 8. Made in Britain. Ah, refer back to item 1 Loved it then as much as I love my ISF now though.
  4. Must say I struggle to like the orange but am persuaded to defer final judgment until I see it in real life. If noticeable counts as stunning its certainly that.
  5. Great write up @Flytvrand interesting to read such an objective point of view. All its missing is some photo's as Im sure any F owner appreciates pics of a good looking car of a similar ilk. I certainly like to smile and nod in appreciation when I hear a C63 coming, or very quickly going...................... Totally agree with you though to buy one, experience it yourself and move on all the better for it. Come on though, lets see some photo's.
  6. Nis car Johnathan well bought. Its looking like some good cars sub 30k coming into my price bracket now. Another 6 months and I could be trading up.
  7. Absolutely got to be worth a phone call hasn't it. But here's another question Would it expire when the car reaches 140000 miles? They might just take your £795 anyway ?
  8. My second favourite colour (for the time being Im biased ) and love the later wheel design. Undoubtedly a beautiful looking car though.
  9. Its a fair point @BUG4LIFE and in life I generally don't bother with extended warranties for washing machines, printers and the like, (I was even offered one on a £20 iron) and I put that money in the physiological pot that pays to buy a new one if needed. I think overall Im in profit on that front. However despite the bullet proof reputation of Lexus I want at least the piece of mind to know my expensive and old second had car is covered for less that £400 per year. As @giorgoXXI says likely repairs don't come cheap when they are needed. As for average cost per year: Well I also have a 2 year service plan with Lexus and pay both monthly, interest free, for less than £100 over 18 months for both. I expect to put a new set of tyres on sometime at £750 ? I replaced the pads all round myself with Brembo for around £100 (which could cost you upward of £500 at Lexus I guess) and I had an expensive bill for £1300 for new rear brake lines (which the warranty didn't cover). New disks at some point in the near future, again if I buy smart and do it myself a few hundred quid. Over 2 years I'm hoping to be all in for less than £5k. A better deal for me than a company car and a better car than my work colleague who pays £4.5k a year for an Audi. A nice Audi but is no ISF. I live in hope the warranty covers some, but maybe not all, the costs of running a circa 10 year old car. Fingers crossed.
  10. @nickisokay is correct in that it has to be purchased before 10 years old. Not sure the service history has to be exclusively done by Lexus so as long its full and complete or in fact if Lexus conduct an inspection to verify the condition. However there is a trick which worked for me. My ISF was over 9 years old when purchased and had a warranty in place taking it to nearly 11 years old. It was transferred to me by the previous owner. Happy Days. I then purchased a further 2 years from Lexus (it still being under 10 years old) which starts when the existing runs out taking it to nearly 13 years old. Well worth the extra £795 for my piece of mind and that of a new owner if I sell before its 13 years old.
  11. agree with @Texas .......the tip in your F For such trips everyone should have an IS300 Sportcross I say. Current cost of ownership per year for that I recon is running at less than a new set of tyres for my ISF.
  12. No, that red one from a while ago is YT12MJY and has been moved in the trade again and on sale with yet another dealer in Halesowen Birmingham. (on The fact that one ISF sells in one day and this one has been roaming round the trade for about a year now tells its own story.
  13. I think the exhaust tail pipes are still listed by Lexus here in the UK (I enquired a few months ago) but at over £400 each side may explain why they haven't replaced it yet. I would demand it replaced at any purchase price from any dealer if I was a buyer. Maybe they have it on order? Another reason could be that they are a right pig to fit without taking the entire rear valance off as they are bolted to the back it) I faffed for hours in an attempt to just take the tail pipes off for a thorough clean (sad I know) but gave up in the end. But as a tip to anyone with an older ISF check the two bolts you can see are still there and tight as you don't want your tailpipes falling off. Im biased but white is clearly the best colour IMHO
  14. @Jgtcracer Well that's a relief due consideration is given. My biggest concern at work today is should I use a bar chart or a pie diagram in a presentation. Slightly less risk if I get it wrong Sit rep with 98,000 on my ISF the manifold is in rude health and long may that continue. Slightly tenuous although temperature related it did surprise me to see a number of cars at LeMans suffer from failures due to high engine bay temperatures cooking starter motors for instance. I would think they would have that covered, so to speak.
  15. Any photo's yet @B1RMA. I'm excited for you so don't hang around for some moody lighting lets see them in all the glory an iPhone can provide.