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  1. @Jgtcracer Well that's a relief due consideration is given. My biggest concern at work today is should I use a bar chart or a pie diagram in a presentation. Slightly less risk if I get it wrong Sit rep with 98,000 on my ISF the manifold is in rude health and long may that continue. Slightly tenuous although temperature related it did surprise me to see a number of cars at LeMans suffer from failures due to high engine bay temperatures cooking starter motors for instance. I would think they would have that covered, so to speak.
  2. Any photo's yet @B1RMA. I'm excited for you so don't hang around for some moody lighting lets see them in all the glory an iPhone can provide.
  3. I dont think I've ever seen a 2nd hand aftermarket exhaust for an ISF offered for sale to be honest. I did speak to Quicksliver earlier this year about an exhaust for my ISF and at present they don't do one, and are too busy with other stuff to develop one. Shame as I would be in the market for one.
  4. I like it and as you say @Comedian not OTT at all. I have similar on my ISF and to untrained eye could easily be factory fit.
  5. @TwellsieThey are cheap aftermarket items I found on ebay which luckily the Lexus emblem wasn't moulded but clipped into the background. It wasn't clear it did this but I took a punt and it conveniently unclipped for me to have the centre pained at the same time as the wheels and I pained the emblem. Im rather please with them to be honest. @B1RMA Good should cheers. I have seen the OEM spec nuts in black on ebay USA which works out about £35 shipped but will try Prestige. Looking forward to seeing your wheels As an aside is anyone interested if I end up buying from the good old USA. there is a small Thanks @Britprius @steve2006and @PRT68 for the info on the cover caps. They might just do.
  6. Cheers Wayne, I have seen these and others similar but they have a tapered seat and not a flat seat like is needed for ISF rims. I haven't managed to find suitable aftermarket nuts with a flat seat although I bet they exist somewhere. I think OEM from Lexus are only available in chrome and are about £50.
  7. Well I finally got round to sorting my scabby wheels out having decided to go bronze a while ago. Subtly different in a bespoke matte bronze and not the shiny end of the bronze spectrum some might favour but I like them. But anyone found any decent replacement black wheel nuts as I gave my old ones a quick flash over with a rattle can by way of experiment and its already coming off. Photography not being a skill I'm blessed with but you get the idea.
  8. Watched these some time ago and thought why would you bother as the cost must be massive. (unless its his and he wasn't insured?) Add to that his rattle cans and hacksaw solutions glad he recorded it so everyone knows not to buy it.
  9. Agree with @Comedian but this is a Failing Grayling plan so doubtful it would ever get off the ground. and don't start me how many years not to leave the EU yet. I wouldn't trust this government to run a bath, and 2 more months now to decide who becomes chief fiddler of Rome while nothing else gets done. Ahhhhh. On the other hand I used to feel sorry for my neighbours when I used to arrive home in the early hours from my girlfriends in my TVR and reverse it up the drive. Ah happy days. Antisocial noise pest, I haven't changed then.
  10. Yep Paul @PRT68 that's where mine was corroded, and very corroded too. Strange as the rest of the underside of the car is in very good condition. I could have had the car recovered from Lexus Derby to somewhere else and had them piece in a repair up behind the arch liner for a fraction of the price but is done now. In engineering terms an extra joint would be fine but feels like bodging up your brakes so I have no regrets I went with replacing both pipes.
  11. The detailer guy suggested it was up around 320bhp. Just about 100 less than the ISF we giggled. All the same.......All that in the front of a MK2 Escort !!! WoW and double WOW.
  12. I dropped my ISF into ATD Detailing in Derby for some pampering while I was away on holiday last week and this little beauty was nearly ready for collection. Should bring a smile to any Petrolhead so sharing it with you all. Is a Chevrolet 5.7 ltr Small block V8 LS1 motor. In a Mk 2 Escort !! Major bulkhead and transmission metal work to fit it in mind you. And still on teeny tiny 13" wheels and brakes. Didn't get chance to meet the owner but WOW I bet is a challenge to handle Got to love it though haven't you.
  13. I share you pain @DarISF as it was me who just had my rear brake lines replaced by LEXUS for the same £1300. Priced to me at 10hrs labour (and I believe it actually took 13 ) I sucked it up knowing it says Lexus on by bill as provenance for the next owner. While its not beyond a quality non franchise operation to remove the exhaust, rear diff, prop shaft, petrol tank and numerous heat shields and cover plates and put it all back together in the right order its not a job for the faint heated. As for the discs I would agree that's not a job for the Lexus biscuit fund and I would save the labour and do it myself as a job any competent DIY car man could do on a Saturday morning (I enjoy fixing stuff). Or any garage you trust in. And the exhaust should be an easy fix but the cost of the exhaust is the pain. It must all be put down to the joys of buying an old (but very nice) second had car. Agree with Paul @PRT68 though with a preventative greasing, Oooo Errr, but steady with the wire brush.
  14. Interesting as I wondered about finding out how many in my colour. Might it actually be based on cars registered in the UK, rather than sold, and the 2016 ISF was a later import and registered in the UK in 2016 ?? That aside I'm prepared to believe I have one of only 8 2009 White ISF on the road. In fact one of 7 as one was written off earlier this year. My IS300 Sportcross in Grey (which is a more blue grey to be honest) is seemingly 1 or only 2. and explains why I have never seen another one in the same colour. Must remember that for the add when I sell it.
  15. I toyed with the idea of buying a late model ISF but went 2009 and am very very happy with it and will sit on the £10k difference for when I trade up. More important to get a good one than a newer one I think. I guess the low miles dealer one has a warranty which is a plus although some quality cars on here being offered for sale now.