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  1. I'm looking for another IS 200 or 300 Sportcross or 4 door Sport if there are any good ones out there. I regret selling mine in the past and fed up with the rubbish appearing on ebay. Non rusty sills being my primary requirement.
  2. Lexus confirmed with me over the phone, without inspection needed, that they would extend the warrenty as they could see the full service record on their thier systems. So might be different which dealer you talk to. Interestingly that was 2 years ago on the Red ISF (which I didnt buy) that's been all round the trade ever since. Wonder if its had a 12 month service along the way?
  3. Passat r36 Ummmm . Was looking at one of those on autotrader at the weekend. Covers lots of bases for me 👍 Also looked at R53 mini cooper s. Shocked how cheap they are for the amount of fun available.
  4. 😬 current economy kicked you in the *****. Hope you get sorted soon then and hang on in there. Good luck.
  5. Good cars always sell well. She was of 2009 vintage, 10100 miles, full lexus service history and 3 previous forum owners. Advertised for a strong £15995 which included the 15 months of extended warranty. I didnt get that but it started with 15 and I was happy with that 👍
  6. Well I talked about it for months then finally got round to advertising my pride and joy on autotrader and it sold to the first guy to come and have a look. Not a member on here but a nice guy called Colin setting off to Hereford. I'm sure he will enjoy the car as much as I did so give him a wave if you see him. Sad it's gone but just wasnt getting used enough as a second car. Very happy with the price I got, suffice to say private sale prices remain strong for good cars. Still fancy an RCF one day so will be hanging around here for a while. Funnily enough the daily hack doesn't do any more miles to the gallon than the ISF. Good job I dont go far.
  7. Cheers. I think it's the ones you have I have seen before. Off to Costco for me then. Love the BMW too.
  8. Great write up @scott-o so I guess I should be onto Lexus Parts Direct. I fancy a pair of those ramps too. What brand are they if I might ask.
  9. Re I find it particularly weird becuase Ireland seems to have an obsession with the gen 1 IS200/Altezza @Irish ISF agree with you on that. Couple of years ago I sold my old IS200 Sport sight un seen to an Irish guy who had a car transporter pick it up. I was expecting a flat bed and a full sized 10 car transporter turned up and he already had another IS200 on board. The driver said he was taking one or two every other week.
  10. My Wife complains a lot but not about the ride quality of the ISF. 🤣 Mind you we nipped out in her 4 year Cleo 2 weeks ago and I asked "how long has it been making that cluncking noise". Replacing 1 broken and 1 cracked front springs sorted that and she still cant tell the difference with the radio on. 😭 That aside even an early ISF isnt harsh, firm but not harsh so you shouldn't be worried.
  11. If this is a preventative job which some of us might consider isn't it just the case of swapping the rad which requires replacing the coolant but just topping up the transmission fluid with what you lose in the intercooler bit of the radiator. That's what I did on my Mitsi L200 pick up last year. I could be missing something of course.
  12. So £280 for the (uprated) rad and £175 for the water pump plus coolant plus a reasonable non lexus labour rate is starting to cost in. Any reason not to trust a reliable mechanic to do this?? Or is it even a competent DIY job.??
  13. I have a spare set just in case 😂 but difficult to value I think. I have heard of them falling off but not sure about that, although the captive nuts do rust out. The market is very small unless someone has a rear ender and it's not being repaired on insurance.?? £100 maybe ?? Over £400 new if I remember right.
  14. If its @Cezar B I guess you heard hi first 😂. I remember that noise. Awsome.
  15. So is that lower price then? My man maths is spreading that across the time time you have had the car and the fun its given you to conclude it's an absolute bargain pounds per smile. Got to psychology deal with the hit some how.
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