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  1. So my IS250 just sailed through its MOT at Lexus Poole yesterday. Got 1 advisory for the wiper blades and planned on changing these soon anyway. Any recommendations for this car? Is it best to go genuine or not?
  2. 2007 57 Lexus IS250 SE-L MM Auto For Sale (Now sold)

    @Steve yep much better deal! Sold within a week and a half!
  3. The time has come to sell my lovely IS250 SE-L that I have owned for almost four years. Only selling due to purchasing an NX. The IS250 SE-L Multimedia Auto is widely regarded as the best spec for the 2nd gen IS, and I'm sure most regulars to the forum will know the spec, but just in case: - Full leather, electric, memory, heated, cooled seats - Electric/memory steering wheel adjustment - Sat nav, bluetooth, Mark Levinson 14 speaker surround sound & DVD player - Front and rear sensors plus reverse camera - Electric rear blind - Xenon lights, LED rear lights - Powerfold electric and memory wing mirrors - Auto dimming rear view mirror and wing mirrors - Cruise control - Dual zone climate control - Smart/keyless entry and start - Auto lights and wipers There's probably more that I've forgotten to be honest - it has pretty much everything! The car has covered just over 66,000 miles and has a full service history - all but 1 being from the Lexus main dealer. It was last serviced at Lexus Poole in March, which was the major service including the spark plugs that need changing at 60k. The MOT is valid until 29th September 2018, also last completed at Lexus Poole so has had a recent Lexus health check and all clear. In fact it has been in again recently to have the airbag recall done so that's all sorted now too. I am the 4th keeper of the car and have owned it almost 4 years. The first keeper was Lexus Poole as it was originally their demo car. I have the fully stamped service book, all manuals/books and a stack of invoices to go with car, along with it's two remote keys. The car has also had a recent new alternator and water pump (fitted at Lexus Poole), recent new tyres all round, and recent front discs and pads. During my first year of ownership (when it was under Lexus warranty) it also had a new rear caliper, two new rear shocks, and 2 new xenon bulbs, so it's had most of the common issues sorted. It drives beautifully and I have kept the car in very good condition. If you would like any more information on the car, more photos or would like to come and view it, please send me a PM and I will give you my mobile number. The car is located in Poole, Dorset and I'm looking for £5,995 ONO.
  4. 2018 Navigation Issue

    By the way, I was able to find a PDF manual for the new system that I downloaded from the Lexus website. It was quite a large file though.
  5. 2018 Navigation Issue

    I haven't had the same error as you, but I have had something similar about it failing to download. I think that might be because I drove away and it was connected to my home WiFi though. I have managed to register and verify for my Lexus now as the V5 arrived very quickly. The vehicle was registered on the 30th November and I received the V5 on the 2nd December! Can't see much advantage to registering at the moment though, as there doesn't seem to be that much in the way of connected services right now, and nothing in the "e-store" under the apps section?? Maybe it's too new that they haven't developed anything for it yet?
  6. Let's just say it was a decent deal, but will be checking over thoroughly of course.
  7. Yes was a good deal. I was interested in buying a used F-Sport but it ended up making more financial sense to buy new due to contributions, bigger discounts, freebies, etc...
  8. Just done the same and ordered an in stock 2018 Luxury in Sky Blue - collecting Saturday! Nice to see they all have premium nav now. Upgrading from my 2007 IS250 so going to feel like a massive upgrade!
  9. FREE IS250 Roof Rack

    @niloc just sent you a PM
  10. FREE IS250 Roof Rack

    @niloc a bit of a long shot but don't suppose you still have this?
  11. Love the look of this personally and has the 5.0 V8 from the RC F... no mention on price yet though!
  12. Setting off for a drive to Germany in a couple of weeks. Do I need to buy those plastic beam deflectors for my 2007 IS250? My old Focus ST I used to have had a lever inside the headlights to adjust them. I've also read conflicting reports on the internet as to whether or not they are required for headlights with xenons/projectors which I have on mine?
  13. In case anyone is interested, I also emailed Lexus customer relations (just thought if I had an email from a Lexus email address it would be even more convincing) and got the following response: Dear James, Thank you for your email, regarding your Lexus IS headlights and driving on the continent. I can confirm that as you have HID Xenon lamps all you need to do is turn off the I-AFS. Thank you for contacting Lexus. Kind Regards Sonya Anderson-Davies Lexus Customer Services So for any other members driving in Europe it may be worth emailing customer relations to get an email from their "@lexus.co.uk" email address. I did it here: http://blog.lexus.co.uk/contact-us/
  14. Thanks Normski, much appreciated. I shall print the letter off and use that!
  15. Heated windscreen

    Oh I know the one. Doesn't this just turn the blowers on to max demist on the windscreen? I have a similar looking button on my IS250 that does just that.
  16. Heated windscreen

    What does the button look like? I wasn't aware the CT200h came with any form of heated screen? My IS250 has one but it's just bit below the wipers basically that's all. Helps to get it started though I suppose!
  17. In my Lexus tool kit (the one with the screw driver and wheel wrench in the boot) there are two prongs that open it. I've used them/it before to update my disc.
  18. Must be as Eric just mentioned because you have a diesel.
  19. Yes that is my car in the photo. It's a 57 plate SE-L with multimedia. I assumed all had the auto recirculate feature?
  20. Your pic is too small to see but doesn't look like you have it. Here is mine - holes highlighted as red circles. The whole panel with hazard switch/clock etc comes out on mine to reveal the DVD slot. Also, I'm pretty sure I have a software eject button in the map info on the menu. This panel must be removed first of course :
  21. If you have DVD there are two hold in the front of the fascia which you can use tools (prongs) in the Lexus tool kit to remove. Behind this is the DVD slot.