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  1. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    I meant the small clips either end of the pad.
  2. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    I've now got the knock sorted, it was the front right calliper having excessive movement causing a dull rattle, pins greased for now, that seems to have quiated it down. Mechanic said the pad retaining spring isn't very tight and pads could do with changing in a couple of thousand miles. anyone know what make pads come with new springs? europarts stock Brembo but no memotion of springs coming with them.
  3. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    I've just change both front drop links and I still have the dull rattle, more so when They look ok, don't know how to check them. how did you find out they were your problem?
  4. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    I've just change both front drop links and I still have the dull rattle, more so when the front right is off loaded. 🙁 Hope it's not a front shock. Ive looked at the bush Tigerfish mentioned but it looks ok to me.
  5. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    They don't seem to be leaking.
  6. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    Got myself a pair of drop links off eBay, spent an hour removing the first one only to find out the new ones don't fit! not happy.
  7. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    Hi yes, that does sound like mine, worse when cold and on full lock. Plenty of tread on them so it will be a while before I change them. I usually go for Michelin but the car came with fairly new Pirellis. Have you also got the 18" wheels? Tim
  8. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    Can't see it being the break pads, there's an obvious movent, slight jump as if the tyre has gone over a large stone and popped it out of the side.... difficult to explain really. Tim
  9. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    Hi John I didn't think it was the drop links as pot holes and speed bumps don't effect the noise. I will take a look at them though. My tyres are Pirelli can't remember the model. Tim
  10. IS250 front wheel feels loose.

    Hi all My 2009 IS250 with 18" Lexus alloys at 60k has a strange feeling at low speed manoeuvring. when backing out of my drive or pulling forward out of a parking spot it feels like my front drivers side wheel is loose, especially on full lock. Front wheel and hub are not loose. There is no wine from the wheel balearing so I discounted that. I checked the bottom ball joint and that also seemed fine, I decided to change it anyway but it hasn't made a difference. could it be the upper control arm? I can also hear a slight dull constant rattle when driving straight that gets clearer when I go round a right hand bend when the offside front is under less load. any idea what my problem is? Thanks
  11. That's the worry, might be worth considering the petrol :0Sent from my iPhone using Lexus OC
  12. Hi all Newbie so be gentle :) I currently drive a Honda Civic 1.8 petrol towing a Bailey Caravan weighing about 1140KG fully loaded. I am currently looking at changing to a Diesel for obvious reasons. I have so far tested a Honda CRV 2.2 CDTI, I really didn't like it, felt like driving a bus. Secondly I drove a Honda Accord 2.2 EX D-Tec, much better and maybe a possible Tow car. I was then contemplating a BMW 320D but after reading round I came across the Lexus IS220D, a much better looking car and makes the 3 series look old fashioned. I understand it has some issues, 5th injector, EGR valve and cylinder head gaskets sometimes leaking and 6th gear being too tall. Have I missed anything? So would the 220D make a good Tow car? Is there a particular year that I should go for that has had the bugs ironed out? I have Budget of 14k max and would like to purchase one from a Lexus dealer. So would you recommend one as a Tow Car? Sent from my iPad using Lexus OC