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  1. I promised once to upload some pictures.. so here we go... This is my Baby.. I am the same as most of you on here, we all love our babies...!! I will keep this car on the road and with me always, regardless of owning any other car in the future... .
  2. Hi Guys... Just thought I should check in again since my last post with an update... All good so far since the new discs and pads on the front end were fitted last month, I have done approx 1000 miles on them so far and have had no problems, i.e. steering wheel judder. The only thing I have done any different to previously is to bed the brakes in following the advice on this site The advice makes sense and is not something as a process I have been told to do before, other than to take the first couple of hundred miles easy (which I always did anyway).. but I was not being told why or how to do that... It makes sense though when you read the advice in the link, I am sure many of you already know this process for bedding in new brakes, but for me it was quite a revelation. All the best Damo
  3. Hi Guys .. and a happy Bank Holiday to you all! UPDATE FROM ME. In case it helps anyone?? for context I first posted to this thread back on the 1st October 2015 , after having gone through 3 sets of new discs and pads on the front end of my Sportscross in about 2 years, but was still having problems, then in desperation I had a big investigation done last year that threw up a problem with worn LCA's as well as faulty discs. So after getting that all fixed thought that was the end of my problems, However please see my update below. Since I had my LCA's replaced and other work done on my car which also included new front discs and pads almost a year ago to the day (24th August 2017), . All was good for the first 2.5k miles, then a approx 4 months ago the wobble started to return. Indistinguishable at first but gradually getting worse as time went by, even at 30mph. I therefore last week returned the car to my local garage that done the work last year, as I wanted at least to be able to get any parts they had fitted if found to be faulty to be replaced under warranty. However it transpires after they road tested the car and then checked it out, that the wobble this time was an issue with the front discs only, FYI they had only done approx 4.5k miles since being fitted last August. Diagnosis was - "Serious judder on steering wheel when braking - Very Bad!" That was there own diagnosis, but exactly the same problem as previous issue I had had before they made the repairs last year, and also before then on other occasions since owning the car which I had tried to get sorted out previously and had always been diagnosed as brake disc issues by various mechanics. Fault Description was - "Disc run out of 0.06mm on outside face of O/S/F disc. 0.01mm on all other faces of both front discs." To cut a long story short they have replaced the front discs and pads, but also checked out the front suspension and LCA's to make sure there was not any other issues, and since getting the car back all is good again. To invoke the warranty on the parts (discs), they had to make a claim to the parts supplier which was ECP and send off the faulty discs for them to validate the claim.. Anyway 2 days later I got a call to say the claim had been accepted and a refund was made back to me.. BTW I always have OEM parts fitted to my car, most of them have been supplied by Lexus direct. As an aside, the faulty disc according to my mechanic had a blue spot on it, i.e. a hot spot from overheating on just one spot (and as measured by the DTI) which meant the disc was warped / had a high spot in just one place causing the judder. That said they could not find any issue with the calipers, slider pins or anything else with the brake assembly or hub that would have caused this. This link may be of use to explain it better than I can https://www.championautoparts.eu/technical/light-vehicles/brakes/technical-tips/brake-judder.html If I have another problem then I will post again, but if it transpires to be a brake disc issue I will probably go for Mtec Performance drilled and grooved discs rather than OEM ones. https://www.mtecbrakes.com/ - My thoughts being that having only done 115k miles approx and being on my 7th set of front discs already there must be an issue with the OEM parts. Anyway, just posting as an FYI - not sure how helpful it is to anyone, but I definitely share your pain!!! Best wishes Damo
  4. So here I am back here again....... I went online originally to check my thread on a car I bought back in 2010 with hardly any miles on it as I bought it off a mate and it was his wife's ride... It is now my daily ride and I have personally put 100K+ miles on the clock since I bought it.... I have had some issues since then, so see my related posts, but all is good now...Touch wood as they say... The wheel wobble, steering, brake issue. brakes and hubs??? seems to have all been down to LCA's... appreciate that was my cars prob and not yours..... but my advice is to still check out any suspension parts before or part of brakes renewal. I have now done 3K on the car since all the work I had done last year and it is a joy to drive... Like Brand new!! Best wishes to all on this thread.. it has been very helpful and def helped me to narrow the issues down.. Have a great 2018 all.. Best Damo
  5. My son had one of those IS 220D... total crap..... cost lots of money as he bought 2nd hand... and he ended up scrapping it as it wasn't worth fixing in the end... He now drives a VW golf GTi...I can't change his mind anymore because of the crap the lexus diesel gave him at the time..
  6. Best car.... My Alfa Romeo Alfa 6.... rare as rocking horse ****.. less than 500 RHD one's made worldwide-- Mine had twin round headlights though..... It was a mafia staff car... front end looked like a BMW 3 series of back in the the day, and the back end of a Cadillac... Drove down the M3 just after I bought it and pulled into a petrol station to fill up and and never had so much interest from people for a car I had owned... Apart from my Sportcross now that is!! Sold it years later with 6 leaking Dell' Orto Carbs and body rust on it, and apparently it was going to be shipped to Japan for loads of money!
  7. Quick update from me for those that requested I post back ... I have now done just over 1000 miles since my last posts on this thread and all is still good since the work that was done on the car in August, with no return of the dreaded steering wheel wobble issues under braking. In fact the car is driving just as good now after 112k miles, as when I first got it with 12k miles on the clock..... That said and fingers crossed, I hope this post doesn't put a curse on it!! As an FYI - the last 1000 miles undertaken have been a mix of distances and duration, including both local and motorway miles.
  8. Quick update.. only just hitting 200 local road miles since all the work done as above, but all good so far. I have really concentrated on wearing in all new parts, especially the brakes, as I used to do a 110 mile round trip daily on mainly the motorway, so very hard to look after new brakes then. You know the scenario, some prat sticks the anchors on and you have to do the same...! However all seems fine at the moment, I will give it a little bit longer and then go for a proper long test drive. I still feel though that there was a couple of probs and not just brake's, and that the worn LCA's as found by my garage, were maybe a part of that.. And since they have been replaced the car is brand new.. Will report back later this month as I have a few trips to do which will test the car.
  9. Correction, meant to say on my last post.. "even though the bill was a fortune".... but I expected it to be... For those interested the LCA's i.e. the complete replacement Lexus OEM arms with factory fitted bushes, to buy in cost £160 each plus VAT, so times 2.. then fitting them was on top, although my garage are very competitive and fair when it comes to labour rates and the time they spend. That said the rest of the front end, as I had asked them to do, was totally scrutinised and checked out, and apart from the brake discs, pads and new tyres needed was given a clean bill of health. So my fingers are still crossed, but all the work done pushed the final bill up somewhat as it also included a new O2 sensor, bank 2 sensor 2!!
  10. Being a novice, as you all know i am! I am just re-iterating my own findings on this dilemma in case it useful? I have been through multiple discs, always as a pair front and back (handbrake disc /drums), tracking, wheel balances, new wheels, tyres etc. again always as a pair and all round (4 corners), But I always felt that the underlying issues was something to do with the suspension as well as the brakes.. And TBH.. I was so glad that the garage I took the car to just recently actually found a fault with the lower control arms as I now feel vindicated., even the bill was a fortune...__ BTW-- I had 2 new front shocks fitted less than a year ago as well. This might not be the end of my issues, although all good at the moment, but I feel better for the fact that was was another problem other than nothing else being found!!.. if that makes sense?? Especially after I trusted the car to an independent Lexus Specialist for the first 4 years of ownership and they never worked it out. Just to be clear, I am not putting any miles on the car at the moment, I only just hit 50 miles or so since it was in the garage last week, that's just my beer run over a week.. and also the Supermarket shop..! but I will report back when I have more to add. Check all your suspension parts on your motors is my advice.. But as I said at the start... I know nothing really.. Best Damo
  11. yeah got genuine Lexus OEM parts... not cheap, but I feel happier that they are, as I have always so far stuck to original parts for the car. Just my preference rather than a roadblock for using alternative parts.