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  1. Ste8270

    Chrome bumper trim

    Thank you and yes crazy price! I am going to ask my dealer for a price. I asked a company if they could chrome wrap it and they quoted £200!!
  2. Ste8270

    Chrome bumper trim

    Hi, I have seen a chrome trim that replaces the silver plastic one but it states 2016, as far as I know the 2016 Is the same as my 2014 model or am I wrong?
  3. Ste8270

    Exhaust heat shield corrosion

    Just had a look at the terms of the warranty and I will be contacting lexus again as it clearly states that TWG administer the warranty but the warranty provider is Toyota. Nowhere does it state it's an agreement with the dealer! I feel lexus customer customer service are just uninterested, I even had to point out that in his reply he refererred to the fault as an exhaust pipe and not a heat shield.. Administrator The company that administers this Warranty on behalf of the Warranty Provider. The Administrator is TWG Services Limited which has it registered address at Twenty Kingston Road, Staines-Upon-Thames, Surrey, TE18 4LG Warranty Provider The Company that provides this Extended Warranty and ultimately pays all valid claims made under it. The Warranty Provider is Toyota (GB) PLC (Lexus Division) which has its registered office at Great Burgh, Burgh Heath, Epsom, Surrey KT18 5UX.
  4. Ste8270

    Exhaust heat shield corrosion If you look at the contact page on the lexus site you can see that lexus roadside assistance and lexus extended warranty are managed by The warranty group. I took out a lexus warranty, this is the second warranty we have had on the car, I have just checked the documents and the first warranty does indeed state warranty provider is Toyota, the new one from May states warranty provider is TWG, this must be a decision made by lexus, which I am not happy about at all. Even the dealer confirmed it was the exact same warranty from lexus.
  5. Ste8270

    Exhaust heat shield corrosion

    Thank you for your recent email regarding your Lexus CT200h. I was sorry to hear about the fault with your exhaust pipe and that an extended warranty claim relating to this has been rejected. I've asked Nigel Cumbes, the Service Manager at Lexus Stockport to contact you regarding the matter, as the extended warranty is not a manufacturer's warranty, but between you and the Lexus dealership. It's also difficult for us to comment on the fault from our head office. Thanks again for bringing this matter to our attention. Kind regards Ray Ray Lewis Lexus Customer Services
  6. Ste8270

    Exhaust heat shield corrosion

    I contacted lexus and was told the extended warranty is not a manufacturer warranty and is an agreement with the dealership directly, they just offered to get the service manager from the dealer to call me. I was under the impression the warranty was with lexus, it's advertised on the lexus website and comes with lexus assistance? Something for other people to bear in mind.
  7. Ste8270

    Exhaust heat shield corrosion

    Ha! To be fair the warranty is good, but the dealer said as it's part of the exhaust it's not covered, it is pretty poor that I think, it's supposed to be a manufacturer warranty, not exactly wear and tear is it!
  8. Ste8270

    Exhaust heat shield corrosion

    My wife's CT has done this too, not covered under the extended warranty unfortunately.
  9. Ste8270

    Lexus CT200h vs Ford Focus

    My other half has the CT I have a 15 plate titanium X focus, the 1.5 ecoboost auto. I love my focus, but I prefer the drive in the CT, the new CT will be out soon so that will be interesting. My next car will be either a CT or the IS300h.
  10. Found it, will order one tonight, that's brilliant, it's the only thing I ever felt the car was missing. Thank you 😄
  11. I would be very interested in doing this, is it easy enough to do?
  12. Ste8270

    Lexus Satnav

    Has anybody paid to upgrade the sat nav, I have an 11 plate and was wondering if it's worth it and how much it's likely to cost.
  13. Ste8270

    Real Life Mpg Figures.

    I totally disagree with people driving at 50mph, forcing trucks who are running on tight schedules to have to move into the middle lane, causing everybody else to move into the outside lane!! Surely the difference in MPG at 56mph is negligible so why not travel at the same speed as trucks and not cause this issue, if you really feel the need to drive so slowly. Just bear in mind people towing and coaches are limited to 60mph. My personal opinion, if you must drive to maximise MPG on a motorway then 60 mph should be sufficient, I personally will continue to drive at 70mph (conditions dependent of course)
  14. Ste8270

    Retro Fitted Cruise Control

    Yeah I thought that but everywhere quoted the same on the parts, Lexus Manchester did include complimentary safety check and wash, just an extortionate labour rate!
  15. Ste8270

    Retro Fitted Cruise Control

    £150 for the parts, tried Toyota, same price but can't get the cover. Lexus Stockport have quoted £202 which I thought was not bad, it's the other halfs a car and she wants to take the Lexus warranty so wants it fitted by a dealer.