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  1. Hi we had a sytner service plan and styler sold the franchise to Inchcape and our service plan got automatically transferred to the new company and we can get the car serviced in Nottinghamshire, Guildford or Leicester. I hope this helps. We live in Leicestershire so we go to Leicester to get things repaired or serviced at this centre and they are very good.
  2. Hi we have a similar car to yours. Ours is a Ct200h. We have a service plan with the dealership and it’s to with age and distance not just mileage. The dealership always provides us with a checklist and our car did 28k and it’s a 14 plate. They changed the spark plugs and other items. They also did a engine flush as well free of cost. If you’re a pay as you go customer I recommend buying a service plan and 2 for 1 warranty as the mots are free and you get personal AA cover. I hope this helps. We just renewed our service plan for a 4 year plan as it was much cheaper compared to pay as you go.
  3. Rather than doing that. You can try fitting Toyota optilights to make it brighter. I hope this helps. Or you can try to wash the lights with soap and water or Colgate toothpaste and electric toothbrush to scrub it in
  4. Rather than opening up the car and re wiring the car with miles of cable and invalidating the cars 3 years manufacture warranty. The best thing is to sell the car or ask the dealer to have a part exchange and buying a car with the takumi pack. I have the ML version in my car and it sounds great. To put it bluntly you should have test drove the car and not bought the car. There are many pre owned used cars with the takumi/premier out there. Just get an upgrade rather than disturbing the car. I wouldn’t buy a car with an upgraded system which was completed by a third party on a brand n
  5. Has has your car got extended warranty, if so you can claim it through that. Furthermore have you also tried to have another card to see if it’s the actual card reader or the memory card. I hope this helps.
  6. Hi my car went for its 60k Service at the dealerships and they pointed out a few things which are in amber. This includes a break disks half worn but the pads are fine. The tyre needs to be changed as there are cuts in the sidewalls. The car has completed 29450 miles. Should the breaks be half worn already? Furthermore the cars extended warranty and service plan is coming to end. What are your thoughts of getting a new plan and extended warranty. The dealership has said it’s already been paid for as there was over £4K of repairs completed. I look forward to hear from you soon.
  7. Hi sorry to hear about your loss. Just wanted to say can you remove your address from the invoice so that people don’t know where you live! This may attract thieves!!
  8. I had to use auto glass a few months back. I requested a dealer glass but they said that I had to pay £100 inclusive of the excess. Due to being under warranty it was a no brainier.
  9. Hi I have just got an email back from Lexus Leicester and they have informed me that the latest update is PW675-00A43 and they will work with all sat nav with the SD Card. Those with Pz445 US335 - 0T is the 2019 version. The cost of this at the dealership is £189 including VAT.
  10. Hi 0t is last years model. It’s not the current one. You have been misled if it did say 2020. I am speaking to my dealership to confirm the latest part number.
  11. Hi I am speaking to the dealership to confirm what the part number is. I totally agree with you once we have the latest part number we can go from there. It’s was so much easier to have us335 0** so that you knew what version it was. Once I get an update I’ll let you know.
  12. Hi I just read your posts. What you could’ve done was that you could just use a vtr connection cables and did the mirroring for around £30. That’s what I’ve done and it works.
  13. I’ve just tried using the website and it has come up with the same product as the one which you have mentioned. I am in the process of speaking to the parts department and see if this matches with the website. I hope it does. However you are right if cars have the same satellite navigation system in 2017 cars then they should still keep it active.
  14. Hi is this for the 2014 -2017 model or is for the 2017 onwards model as I don't have the widescreen premium navigation I have the smaller screen premium navigation.
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