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  1. Hi guys just a quick update, we had the car repaired yesterday at Lexus. They informed us that the scratch on the grill is very minimal and he said just wait until it’s more scratched. I agreed with his idea and just changed the plinth and number plate. Furthermore we agreed on getting the air conditioning refresh completed at £15. So in total it was £181.
  2. Do remember that you bought a car via lexus and you bought extended warranty with Lexus so it might invalidate your warranty. Try buying a service plan with Lexus it may be £50 to £60 cheaper than doing it pay as you service. We have a service plan and got a discount of £100 over the 3 years compared with pay as you service. Furthermore if it’s a service due within the month ask Lexus to service it for you as free of cost. Our cars were serviced and Mot’d for free as it was within the 3 month period of buying the car.
  3. Surely your 07 RX has Bluetooth, what you can do is ask Lexus for an aftermarket DAB module which can added to your car, it will be a lot cheaper than £400. Let me know When you get a quote.
  4. Basically I stopped and someone reversed into me, hence it was not my fault. It was just a number plate and plinth damage the grille is fine but just had a tiny scuff. The car runs fine and has extended warranty if anything had failed. At the moment it’s fine.
  5. Congratulations on your new purchase. Just to let you know that your infotainment system is really good as it’s got ML system. It has the best speaker system, which any car can have. The question is why do you want to change the infotainment system?
  6. Hi we had a non fault accident a few weeks ago and the person said it was his fault for backing into us. As per the pictures I thought it was around £40 to get a new plinth and number plate. Unfortunately I was incorrect went to lexus and they quoted me £420 for a front bumper grille, number plate and plinth. It’s crazy for how expensive these parts are. The fault driver said he’d pay us £20 but after the quote he was shocked.
  7. Hi apologies for not updating you guys on the non start fault. The car was at the workshop for 4 weeks and £4K worth of repairs the car was now back on the road. Luckily we didn’t have to spend £4K just £125 for the battery.
  8. Hi we had the same problem as described over here. After 3 weeks at the workshop it was down to the attached problem. Luckily we have lexus extended warranty so we did not have to pay over £4K worth of repairs. I hope this helps. I have added the the screenshot of the repairs which they did.
  9. I would also like to know about how to do this. Other car makes do this free of cost. Can you find out if at all possible. I will also try but they wont be doing anything extra on my car until they have started my car which is now 4 weeks.
  10. Well you cant say that batteries last for 4 - 6 years.We have a VW Touran, which we bought in 2009 brand new and the battery hasn't been changed as of yet. In terms of something to drive, We have opted out for a courtesy car as we have other cars, which we drive and it would be over the 3 days time frame and we would be paying £5 a day extra on the car, which would equate to £140 extra until the end of this week as the car is in their forecourt for over 4 weeks now. Will keep you updated to see what the outcome is.
  11. Hi I had spoken to Lexus Leicester today and they said that the battery was not part of the extended warranty scheme and it was a wear and tear item. The battery had to be changed. However Lexus headquarters are having a meeting tomorrow in relation to my car. I personally don’t know why but they are going to speak about getting the new parts authorised for Wednesdays installation and hopefully get the car by this weekend. I will let you know the outcome from the warranty team.
  12. The car is under the Lexus Extended Warranty. I wanted to inform you that I am paying for a new battery as they did their diagnostics and the first thing they mentioned is that to put a new battery in. 3 weeks down the line the car isn’t starting. Let’s see what happens on Tuesday. The price of the battery is £125, which I have to pay. The rest is currently paid by the extended warranty. Let’s see on Tuesday how much the final bill is for a £16k car.
  13. We had a VW and that broke down but the silver van came in 2009 as our vw was broken down. So that’s why I asked if lexus has their breakdown with AA can’t they have silver vans as well.
  14. Lexus also tried to recharge the battery and they said that it needed a new battery. How can a 2014 year old car with 26k need a new battery and 7k worth of components. Hopefully will let you know the outcome on Tuesday.
  15. We were on holiday for two weeks in December and when we came back unfortunately our car wouldn’t start. We called up the AA to help us out. They spent a few hours trying to jump start the car and it wouldn’t start. Due to being late in the day the AA flatbed truck had to come over. AA flatbed came on that evening to take the car away but they did not have any storage space for the car. Rescheduled it for the next day. So he on Monday the car went to Lexus Leicester to sort it out. Lexus carried out the jump start again but still did not start. So they said to change the battery. Agreed on paying £125 for a new battery. The car wouldn’t still start. Luckily our car is under the extended warranty. During the second week they ordered the transmission ECU component but didn’t work. Lexus were really baffled so they spoke to Lexus tech again and said to order the ID box. Unfortunately that didn’t work during the third week. Coming to the fourth week the car is now getting a new immobiliser ECU and 2 new keys. Unfortunately the lexus connect was not working but they authorised themselves those new parts. What I’m asking what might be the problem and do you think it will work again?