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  1. An auto locksmith may be your best bet for this. Find one near you and give them a call perhaps.
  2. Soft close is wonderful. One of those things you never knew you wanted, but once you have it . . . Sadly it means you walk away from other people's cars leaving their doors hanging 😞
  3. Welcome aboard. You are very lucky because the tax changed in March 2006, so you must have one of the last cars on the lower rate. I imported my 430 from Ireland when the road tax went up to 1800 euro a year. At that time there were more 430s for sale in Ireland than in the UK! Curiously though, my facelift 204 model, first registered in Galway, has an mph speedo. Does yours have no sunroof? A nice advantage of the Irish model spec. Jon
  4. There is a huge thread somewhere on here where Haylands bought a 460 and decided after a few months to go back to a 430. He described them as very different cars in personality, like comparing a middle-aged dog and a puppy, if I remember right. On that basis, I would say don't buy either without a lengthy test drive. Good luck Jon
  5. Are all your tyres matching? I haven't seen my warning light since I bought a matching set.
  6. That's good news. Once you have a master anyone competent with Techstream can clone it, if you supply a matching key. Ebay is your friend there. I got mine done at a service and I don't think it was even a priced item on the list, but I always go to the same guy, who knows what he is doing. (Osaka, Newport)
  7. I have the Goodyears, and no complaints. £108 each from Mytyres.
  8. Is your key a master? (3 buttons, one for the boot). If so, an auto locksmith can clone it for you. If nt, you are in for a world of pain, even with main dealer.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I can't find any reference to a radio code in my handbook pack. Do folks think I should have one? Also, has anyone popped the cover on the passenger airbag? Can I do it from above, or do I need to disassemble the glovebox to get at it? Thanks again Jon
  10. I have always been aware of a tiny intermittent rattle on my LS430. No-one else hears it, and on a car that was less quiet I probably wouldn't. Having tried to track down where it is coming from for a long time, I have just discovered that if I press down on the airbag cover on the passenger side of the dash that mutes it. So my initial thought was to pop the cover, investigate, clean, then put it all together again. But I am scared of airbags! Any advice gratefully appreciated, especially if any has experience of removing this cover. Thanks in advance. Jon
  11. Went out for a little bike ride today and found a nice surprise outside a local pub.
  12. Oh, I never doubted that for a moment ! ! I hope you and Mrs H enjoy sharing paradise islands together. Gotta beat Yorkshire in January . . .
  13. Sounds fabulous. I guess the running costs are quite high compared to owning a house, with mooring fees and hull cleaning (all I can think of), but the compensations are huge too if you know what you are doing. Re the 430 gearbox. I was in Osaka a couple of weeks ago for my annual service and MOT. I asked if I should be looking at a new radiator and they said no. They can go, but only if the vehicle is not looked after was Khalid's opinion. He has 40+ years with Toyota, including a long spell in Libya, and I am very confident he knows more than the service chief at my local dealer. Just my 2p. FWIW I have had him change the transmission fluid twice. I did all the fluids when I bought the car, and he said the transmission fluid had never been changed and would benefit from doing again the following year, so I did. This year I asked what I should be worrying about in the next 20,000 miles and he said "I would love to take more money off you, but there's nothing." :) Jon
  14. Great to hear you are sorted Peter after the tribulations with your Irish 460. If you are not already familiar with them you may enjoy the classic novels of John D Macdonald. His hero, Travis McGee is 6' 4" and lives on a Florida houseboat called The Busted Flush. All the best. Jon
  15. Just a left-field thought, but have you replaced the battery lately? I had some weird stuff going on with a Mercedes, and when my man plugged in his laptop he looked baffled then said, when did you last replace the battery? Never, said I, and sure enough a new battery fixed everything, even though the old one had always had enough juice to start the engine. Jon