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  1. LS430 Air suspension

    I didn't answer because I wasn't sure. I have Sport mode on transmission, which I assume keeps the lower gears for longer, and Power mode opposite to Snow -
  2. LS430 Air suspension

    Mine definitely takes at least 30 secs to raise to Hi.
  3. Hi Robert. Thanks for the feedback. Good advice. I think what really swings the decision is that Poland is an awful long way to go if I have any problems post-installation. That price currently translates to £1160, by the way. It would be good to know which kit your guys recommended. I was going to message you, but thought others may appreciate hearing it too. If you don't want to put it out there for any reason please message me. Thanks again Jon
  4. Hi Robert. These guys sound good. How is the price, please? Is it worth driving to Poland for? (I used to work with a Polish girl who regularly declared how glorious it is) Jon
  5. Small world. I also work in travel and flew back from Delhi yesterday. A few people in London seemed surprised to see a man in white chinos, linen jacket and a safari hat wandering around in the snow . . .
  6. Not all back seats recline. But I am 6' 5" and it's the only car I have ever had where people have no problem sitting behind me. No need to measure. Jon
  7. L400TCC

    Still going strong :) MOT History Mileage recorded at test, parts failed or had minor problems Date tested25 August 2017 PASS Mileage231,994 miles MOT test number1456 3118 4296 Test locationunavailable until further notice Expiry date9 September 2018
  8. LS600h or LS600h L

    I thought soft close doors were a total gimmick until I got my LS. Now I am lost without them. Literally, as I set off to walk away from friends' cars having given the door a gentle push, and discovering it is nowhere near closed.
  9. I asked my (very knowledgeable) guy about this last year and he said not a problem on the facelift 430, but I plan to check this again when it goes in for annual service in March.
  10. One option to guarantee a recent production date is to buy a tyre which has only been recently introduced.
  11. Hi Chris. I travel from Gloucester to Newport for my annual service. Osaka are extremely knowledgeable and fairly priced, imho Jon
  12. "Press the starter button and, like all hybrids, there's the sound of silence. Nothing to begin with from the 388bhp 5.0-litre petrol V8: just the almost imperceptible sound of the 221bhp electric motor, part of what must be the most seamlessly integrated hybrid drivetrain yet created. Of course, with over two tonnes of luxury limousine to shift, the electric motor soon needs assistance but the switch in power is seamless, part of a thrust of acceleration that arrives in one smooth linear surge, courtesy of a combined 439bhp power output. " From the RAC review. HTH
  13. MyTyres

    Looked at them, thanks. £546 for 4, so a decent price but still £80 more than I am paying (if my tyres turn up)
  14. So I am hearing a tiny rumbling noise on the car. Hear it best at about 25mph with no revs. I am thinking wheel bearings, maybe driveshaft, and then the thought occurred that I am due to change the tyres and I should do that first. Call my usual supplier and they quote me £565 for 4 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s. Including 4-wheel alignment? No, that's separate. Time to check the price is right so look online and find Mytyres will supply them a fitter for £108 each, and the fitter will put them on for less than a tenner each. Total saving £100. The 3 is a failry new tyre, so it's not old stock, I am confident. Put the order in. Online tracking tells me they have been delivered Friday afternoon. Call the fitters to book an appointment. "We haven't seen them". Call the delivery company who check the signature and then the driver's log. He has only delivered them to another tyre place nearby. They will "try and get them back and redeliver". Watch this space. Jon