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  1. Went out for a little bike ride today and found a nice surprise outside a local pub.
  2. Oh, I never doubted that for a moment ! ! I hope you and Mrs H enjoy sharing paradise islands together. Gotta beat Yorkshire in January . . .
  3. Sounds fabulous. I guess the running costs are quite high compared to owning a house, with mooring fees and hull cleaning (all I can think of), but the compensations are huge too if you know what you are doing. Re the 430 gearbox. I was in Osaka a couple of weeks ago for my annual service and MOT. I asked if I should be looking at a new radiator and they said no. They can go, but only if the vehicle is not looked after was Khalid's opinion. He has 40+ years with Toyota, including a long spell in Libya, and I am very confident he knows more than the service chief at my local dealer. Just my 2p. FWIW I have had him change the transmission fluid twice. I did all the fluids when I bought the car, and he said the transmission fluid had never been changed and would benefit from doing again the following year, so I did. This year I asked what I should be worrying about in the next 20,000 miles and he said "I would love to take more money off you, but there's nothing." :) Jon
  4. Great to hear you are sorted Peter after the tribulations with your Irish 460. If you are not already familiar with them you may enjoy the classic novels of John D Macdonald. His hero, Travis McGee is 6' 4" and lives on a Florida houseboat called The Busted Flush. All the best. Jon
  5. jonthetourist

    2000 Ls430 oddities

    Just a left-field thought, but have you replaced the battery lately? I had some weird stuff going on with a Mercedes, and when my man plugged in his laptop he looked baffled then said, when did you last replace the battery? Never, said I, and sure enough a new battery fixed everything, even though the old one had always had enough juice to start the engine. Jon
  6. jonthetourist

    LS430 Air suspension

    I didn't answer because I wasn't sure. I have Sport mode on transmission, which I assume keeps the lower gears for longer, and Power mode opposite to Snow -
  7. jonthetourist

    LS430 Air suspension

    Mine definitely takes at least 30 secs to raise to Hi.
  8. Hi Robert. Thanks for the feedback. Good advice. I think what really swings the decision is that Poland is an awful long way to go if I have any problems post-installation. That price currently translates to £1160, by the way. It would be good to know which kit your guys recommended. I was going to message you, but thought others may appreciate hearing it too. If you don't want to put it out there for any reason please message me. Thanks again Jon
  9. Hi Robert. These guys sound good. How is the price, please? Is it worth driving to Poland for? (I used to work with a Polish girl who regularly declared how glorious it is) Jon
  10. Small world. I also work in travel and flew back from Delhi yesterday. A few people in London seemed surprised to see a man in white chinos, linen jacket and a safari hat wandering around in the snow . . .
  11. Not all back seats recline. But I am 6' 5" and it's the only car I have ever had where people have no problem sitting behind me. No need to measure. Jon
  12. jonthetourist


    Still going strong :) MOT History Mileage recorded at test, parts failed or had minor problems Date tested25 August 2017 PASS Mileage231,994 miles MOT test number1456 3118 4296 Test locationunavailable until further notice Expiry date9 September 2018
  13. jonthetourist

    LS600h or LS600h L

    I thought soft close doors were a total gimmick until I got my LS. Now I am lost without them. Literally, as I set off to walk away from friends' cars having given the door a gentle push, and discovering it is nowhere near closed.
  14. I asked my (very knowledgeable) guy about this last year and he said not a problem on the facelift 430, but I plan to check this again when it goes in for annual service in March.