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  1. So the story so far is I exchanged my 2004 LS430 for a 2004 LS430 a couple of months ago. One owner, low miles, full Lexus SH. Today I gave it a wash and wax, which is how you find all the little imperfections you need to know about. One thing struck me. It came up shiny enough to look at - pics will follow - but the paint did not feel slick. if a blind man had run his hand over it he would have concluded it was a matte finish. I don't remember this with my previous car. Anyone any thoughts? Colour is Aleutian Grey, aka Flint Mica aka Carbon Quartz. Jon
  2. Lovely looking car. I was quite surprised to see those blinds, assuming that they probably had some technology now to adjust the tint level in the glass. Not that it will trouble you in the front . . .
  3. Thank you Phil. It's not a usual stomping ground for me, but a meetup of the fine folks of this board sometime would be a lovely prospect. Jon
  4. Hi Brian Not only did I fail to find a used baseball cap, I have now been in touch with the previous owner. He is older than me, quite famous for his charity work, and said "I have always been keen to follow all recommendations at service without delay" which is rather encouraging. So far so good! Jon
  5. Well an interesting development. When I got to the car in Bolton everything checked out except the telescopic function on the steering wheel. They offered me the deposit back plus £60 for the inconvenience as they accepted they hadn't listed that (claimed not to have noticed). I haggled a sizeable discount instead. So today I pulled the relevant fuse and cleaned the contacts, then did the 8-click trick on the column (there's a video, 5 things you don't know about your 430). The column then slid silently down on touching the button. Time will tell if the fix is permanent, but I thought this might be relevant to anyone whose telescoping is not working. 650 miles on the new car so far and all seems well. Jon
  6. So the deed is done - yes, I have updated my profile from 2004 Briarwood Pearl to 2004 Flint Mica. Oh and spent some money . . . The car was not perfect, but pretty sound. 3 keys, and the original PDI document was a bonus. Drove very well, and without any rattles. I am hopeful that once I have had it a year it will be closer to perfect - wheel refurb, paint touch up etc. Five years from now it should have done litres than 80k miles, for two owners, and a full Lexus history, so I think it should still be worth a premium price if I wanted to sell it. Which is unlikely. Thanks for all the input. Jon
  7. That's not a lot of info, so I will start with the obvious answer. Have you tried rocking the steering wheel left and right while trying to turn the key?
  8. I haven't been to do the transaction yet, but chose to sell mine in advance to avoid being a in a weak negotiating position with the dealer.
  9. I think you are right about the dealers. They are obviously in a strong bargaining position once you have arrived. So it has now gone to a good home locally, which is great. I will leave him to advise the forum on the details, as it is his car now. Temporarily Lexus-less! Jon
  10. If Pete is using Osaka and Chris Mullins he has already identified the most competent technical folks in the area.
  11. You're better off with these, Jonathan. It may never be this clean again!
  12. Just to keep everyone updated on the saga. Lexus Battersea first of all told me they had no record of the car - gulp - then confirmed it from the VIN as it had been on a private plate. Which I had suspected because of the MOT fail on letter spacing. So the service history is confirmed, as is the timing belt replacement in 2014. Meanwhile the guy who missed out on a local 430 recently and has already had a ride in my current car might be coming to look with a view to buying. The dealers offered me £3k as a trade-in, and I have said I will take that rather than holding out for a better price. So my current plan is to buy the car, let Osaka climb all over it as they are better than a main dealer imho, and identify anything that needs doing, then enjoy it for at least a decade. Wish me luck! Jon
  13. Oh good spot! I missed that but called to ask. I think I need the VIN now . . .