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  1. I had a Vauxhall vectra once and the heated seats were roasting in that on max setting!!!
  2. A rare car it may be but it’s still vastly overpriced especially with 220k on the clock which the seller states is nothing for an engine like this which may be the case but remember the rest of the car has also done that mileage!!! It really annoys me when sellers come out with crap like that as if the engine is the only component that matters in a car. The GS460 is only 0.1 seconds quicker to 62mph than the GS450h but will be a lot thirstier and much more to tax which is probably the reason they hardly sold any.
  3. The first LS430 I had you really couldn’t feel any heating or cooling from the seats even though you could hear the fans running, on the 2nd one which I bought from Phil they did work both heating and cooling but they were very weak, I think the exceptionally warm weather we are experiencing now will definitely over power them. Lots of owners have said that they are very poor almost to the stage of them being pointless. Cleaning or changing the filters may help but don’t expect anything brilliant from the system!!! My current GS450h heated seats work brilliantly but I can’t feel any cooling when I set them to cold, once again I can hear the fans working but can’t feel any effect, how are the cooled seats in your GS Phil?
  4. I’d have no problem at all with any of those 3 things if I thought I could get away with it!!!
  5. The instant power on tap is too addictive!!!
  6. I’ve always known ICE as in car entertainment or that cold stuff you get in winter!!! I’ve never known it mean the engine before but I carried on the theme on my post anyway. Really glad you’re enjoying your hybrid now.
  7. I did my steering wheel which had become very slick and shiny with a magic eraser and the difference is unbelievable!!! It now looks and feels like a brand new steering wheel and would recommend everybody to give it a go, you’ll be amazed!!! Of course there are many people who speak against them saying it’s like taking sandpaper to your steering wheel and it does more harm than good, I’d agree that if done too often and if you scrub too hard you could start to remove the dye from the leather but done gently and sparingly the results are fantastic and I’m so pleased with mine, I should’ve done a before and after. As with any DIY advice though, I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused and it is done at your own risk!!!
  8. When the car is cold it’ll always start up on the ICE even if the hybrid battery is full to get everything up to temperature, once warmed up and with plenty charge in the battery you should be able to accelerate very, very gently up to about 20mph on electric power alone (assuming level ground). If I accelerate to 30-40mph then ease back on the throttle so you are coasting then gently reapply just enough to maintain momentum and I can run on electric power alone at those speeds but the battery soon runs down after only a mile or 2. The car also saves fuel by shutting down the ICE when standing still unless the battery is charging or other demands are placed on the system such as air con or heating, mine switches off around 80% of the time, also the initial acceleration to get the car moving is done by the electric motor so saves fuel by overcoming that initial inertia. The thing that has to be remembered is that it is still predominantly a petrol vehicle with an electric assist, not the other way around, also Lexus hybrids are more performance hybrids than economy hybrids. Perhaps the biggest tip is to drive smoothly, hybrids really benefit from this, accelerate to the desired speed briskly then just feather the throttle coasting as much as possible to get maximum economy but not maximum fun, I enjoy the power and acceleration too much!!! My experience is based on a GS450h so the characteristics of the RX maybe slightly different but just give it time and allow yourself to adjust to the way a hybrid drives, they are a fantastic piece of engineering. To give you an idea of fuel consumption I went from an LS430 to the GS450h, day to day the LS430 averaged 20mpg whereas the GS450h averages 33mpg, on a run the LS430 would average 30mpg whereas the GS450h averages 40-45mpg. The LS430 is only a bit bigger and heavier and has a 4.3 V8 which gives 289bhp, the GS450h uses a 3.5 V6 with electric assist to give 342bhp so although it has more power and the acceleration is much quicker and livelier the fuel savings are significant. I love it.
  9. If I was going to get another LS (which I probably will one day!!!) I’d probably go for either an LS460 or LS600h this time. The main reason especially after having the GS450h back again is I like the more modern feel and look of them. I can understand being a bit apprehensive about the hybrid option, my first one went horribly wrong but then again so did my first LS430!!! I just put that down to my bad luck now. I’ve had this hybrid for a few weeks now and I am absolutely smitten with it, the LS600h will have loads of power, a big V8, the instant torque of the electric motor and because of the hybrid system will probably give similar or better fuel figures than your current GS300. Only the hybrid options in both the GS and LS have a CVT transmission which really suits them, the rest are standard automatics despite what most of the ads say!!!
  10. mrdoofa

    How to drive a hybrid

    Check out this YouTube video to see the acceleration of a GS450h, it’s incredible and extremely addictive!!! The beauty of it is the extra instant torque from the electric motor and a completely seamless CVT transmission, the power delivery is constant and relentless and there isn’t many cars out there that can keep up with it.
  11. mrdoofa

    How to drive a hybrid

    I keep my GS450h permanently in Hybrid PWR mode, doesn’t seem to affect economy but the throttle response is much crisper and I love using the acceleration this car has!!!
  12. There is a button under the dash near the pedals to reset the tyre pressure monitoring system, you have to get down on your hands and knees and a mirror is useful to find it so it doesn’t need to be done by Lexus. I have a mk3 GS450h so I’ve no doubt they may have similar things to check for, the leading edge of the bonnet can get rust bubbles, rear exhaust boxes can rust, they can have dashboard rattles and creaks. I think this maybe exclusive to the 450h but worth mentioning, leaking shock absorbers and seized rear brake calipers. Check for cambelt change and all the usual used car checks apply.
  13. I was going to tell you Old Baz had it now, the dealer I sold it to was going to pass it on to a family member but they changed their minds so he put it for sale on his forecourt and Baz saw it and bought it, It’s only a small dealer in Lytham near Blackpool called James Morgan cars, I bought a jag off him a few years ago and he’s a really nice guy. I’ve told Baz to make sure he keeps it because he’ll struggle to find another as good as that one, the only reason I sold it is because I decided I wanted another GS450h. He told me that he is over the moon with it and he’s going to keep it, he’s fully polished it all and detailed the interior and even the engine bay then put the pics on Facebook and it really looks like a new car. He had to replace the battery last week but the old battery was 6 years old so I don’t think that’s bad!!! He’s already taken it to the seaside 3 times with his wife for fish and chips!!! I’m going to visit him in Bolton in the next couple of weeks for a chat and a cuppa so I’ll see how he’s getting on with it, I’ll probably end up being tempted to buy it back!!!
  14. Thanks for the link, I’ve ordered a set of those now, they should do the trick!!! I just want to get rid of the shiny slickness on the steering wheel and get it back to a nice matt finish. I’ve also just ordered some leather cleaner and conditioner for the seats, I’ve ordered a twin pack of gliptone leather cleaner and conditioner from amazon after reading mainly very positive reviews, the main thing I’m trying to achieve is that nice new leather smell and according to what I’ve read gliptone products are the best for this!!! Has anybody ever used gliptone on their seats? Here’s a link to what I’ve bought
  15. Hi, Just a curious one, today when I was dipping the engine oil I noticed that the 2 large black plastic covers on either side of the engine were just sitting in place loosely, every single fastener is missing!!! It looks like each one should be held in place with 4 fasteners, I’m going to replace them but wanted to ask which type of fasteners I need to buy, the car is fine and I’m still really pleased with it but just found this to be a bit curious!!! Also, The leather on my steering wheel is very shiny and slick looking obviously with being well used over 139,000 miles, I’d like to try and get it back to the nice matt finish it once would’ve had. I’ve seen mixed reports regarding these magic erasers you can buy from the supermarket, some say they are a miracle cleaner that restores the leather in minutes, others say they do serious damage to your leather. I understand they are a very mild abrasive and that’s how they work. Has anybody ever tried them and what are everybody’s thoughts on these? Obviously they won’t be used on a regular basis, in fact probably just once to get the steering wheel back to how I want it. I’ve attached an image of the magic erasers I’m talking about.