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  1. I am thinking of upgrading the red puddle lights on the doors of my 2001 LS430 to white LEDs. Does anybody know where you can obtain the clear lenses from to replace the red ones? I’m also going to change the interior lights to LEDs except the footwell and door handle lights as I like the soft yellow glow they give already. Cheers!!!
  2. MOT history looks quite good too, currently tested until August with no advisories. If it’s got some decent service history and cambelt been done could be a bit of a bargain for somebody and a lot of car for the money.
  3. This one is staying firmly with me Phil. It’s a fantastic car!!! Unless of course I get made an offer I really can’t refuse but even then I’d think very carefully because I think I’d struggle to find another as good as this to replace it. As for this LS400, I’d leave it especially as there is no movement on the price. To pay anything like that price I’d want the boot sorting and cambelt done at the very least.
  4. I know a £25 seal may stop the problem but all the rot and mould etc still remains unless you tear out the wheel well liner and clean it all out and hope rust hasn’t started underneath, also if you look closely the plugs are missing which means water can still get in from underneath. Is the choice purely restricted to LS400’s, wouldn’t you consider either an LS430 or even a GS?
  5. It’s interesting that the last set of front springs lasted less than 10,000 miles unless extremely cheap parts were used.
  6. Been for sale for quite a while, my nephew was interested in it as it’s local to us, it was £2,000 then. These are some pics of the spare wheel well that looks a bit manky which put him off.
  7. I’m the one who bought Phil’s LS430, I can tell you the interior is cavernous no matter which seat you sit in and I’m 6’3” and it’s also extremely comfortable. Its also one if the few cars with a sunroof (or moonroof as Lexus would have it) where I have enough headroom. I’ve had a LWB W220 S-Class and yes it does have a bit more rear legroom but I think the LS430 is more than ample and is a much better car in just about every other respect.
  8. I can vouch for how fast these cars are!!! The acceleration is phenomenal thanks to the instant torque of the electric motor and seamless CVT transmission and not much can keep up with it. I had one briefly last year but ended up returning it to the dealer who gave me a refund after the hybrid system failed. I really enjoyed the car though and found it an extremely comfortable wolf in sheeps clothing. However it has to be said that the LS430 which I bought from Phil is now 17 years old and done 125k miles and doesn’t have a single creak or rattle anywhere, silence really is golden!!! I love this car.
  9. Bit of a bargain there, only cosmetic issues it seems. If I had somewhere to keep it I’d be down there buying it!!!
  10. These are seriously quick cars!!! The combination of the instant torque of the electric motor and seamless acceleration through the CVT transmission means not much will keep up with it. However, if the hybrid system goes wrong it can get very expensive very quickly too. At this age I’d like to either see evidence of a Lexus health check on the hybrid components or see if the seller will get one done for peace of mind. The shocks are prone to leaking and are a very expensive dealer only item. The engine is chain driven but the chain can sometimes rattle and oil leaks aren’t unheard of, as Lee says check for seized calipers and exhaust leaks. They are an excellent car but also very complex, many say it isn’t one of lexus’ most reliable cars but I’d probably have another if a good one came along although I’m more than happy with my LS430 right now, they are well equipped, very comfortable and did I say quick? There isn’t much difference between SE and SE-L models except a sunroof and radar cruise. Bear in mind that the batteries take up a lot of room in the boot if luggage carrying is a concern.
  11. The SE-L has a sunroof, radar assisted cruise control and possibly the Mark Levinson sound system. Only the hybrid has CVT.
  12. Another delusional seller thinking their LS400 is worth a fortune. £10,500!!! Even with the ultra low mileage which is too low in my opinion. 400&page=1&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New
  13. I think the speedo was replaced at 40 odd thousand miles, the rest is on new speedo meaning car has a total of 55k miles assuming it’s all legit. I’d like to know more about the service history too and also the cambelt should’ve been done at the astronomical price being charged. It seems that it’s disappeared from autotrader now, make of that what you will!!!
  14. Let’s also not forget the MOT history is only half the story too, it doesn’t tell you the true mechanical condition. I wonder why it needed a new speedo at such a low mileage?
  15. There is absolutely no way that car is worth £8,500. I’d say £3,000 at the top end if it’s mint. Very little info in the ad except it apparently “Drives as it should”. There is only one exterior pic of the car. For a car as expensive as this you’d think the dealer would put a bit more effort into the ad.