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  1. When you get out of the car push the lock tab in by hand then close the door whilst holding the outside handle in the open position, this will lock the car without setting the alarm. I had to do this on my 99 LS because the alarm had a mind of its own!!!
  2. I have a big soft spot for many British Leyland cars and in particular Rover and I always get defensive about them lol!!! 😂😂😂 I don’t want to fall out with anybody either. That Rover 800 is a gem and unbelievably well preserved, it’s only had 2 owners before me with the first owner having it from new until January this year, he then had to stop driving and sold it to the guy I bought it from. It’s only done 74k miles and has always been meticulously maintained and garaged from new, it still smells like new inside!!! One thing I wasn’t expecting from it is how good it is to drive, I expected it to pitch and wallow but it’s a surprisingly nimble drivers car. The guy I bought it from changed all the fluids twice to make sure it was well flushed out, put new Pirelli tyres on it and fitted a stainless steel exhaust which gives it a nice subtle sporty note. The Honda 2.7 V6 is a lovely motor with plenty grunt. We are going to continue preserving it and going to hopefully be entering it into some classic car shows. Hope there’s no hard feelings mate.
  3. I don’t mind a bit of engine noise, of course this depends what kind of engine it is!!! The V6 in my Mondeo makes an absolutely lovely sound, I sometimes turn down the radio as I’d rather listen to the engine!!! The GS450h is one of the more vocal lexus’ when you put your foot down, again it’s a nice V6 growl. The Rover SD1 3.5 V8 isn’t a motor, it’s a musical instrument!!!
  4. You can’t compare the Rover 800 to the LS either, the 800 competed with cars like the Granada and Carlton. The LS competed with cars like the XJ and S-Class. I never said british cars were perfect but they were certainly no worse than lots of other trash other manufacturers were churning out at the time. As an example only a complete dimwit could possibly argue that a mk4/5 Ford Escort is a better car than the Rover 200. The K series engines ran rings around the crud Ford CVH engines being offered at the time, the head gasket issues are hugely exaggerated. The Rover 75 outclassed everything in its class and most of the class above, the SD1 was just brilliant with arguably the best V8 engine known to man. It’s funny you should mention the quite brilliant Rover 800 as I own one and it’s pretty far from being dust!!! This is my 29 year old Rover 827Si in fantastic condition, show it a bendy stretch of road and it soon outperforms the LS400!!! You can trust me on that one, I’ve driven both. The Honda derived V6 is a gem and much better than the cologne V6 offered in the Granada, they are very well equipped and very comfortable, the steering is pinsharp and very precise. Like many british cars it was seriously underrated and treated unfairly at the time. Ive had 2 Lexus cars go catastrophically wrong on me, my LS430 suffered gearbox failure thanks to water getting in from the radiator (build quality there for you) and hybrid battery failure on my first GS450h. My last GS450h suffered a blown radiator, seized brakes, xenon headlight issues, rattling trim and dashboard squeaks. Here are a couple of pics of my 800:
  5. I’ve found that the LS400 isn’t the roomiest of cars despite its sheer size and bulk, leg room can only be described at best as average (I actually had more legroom in my old ford escort). Headroom is tight if you are over 6ft tall. Both of these things were much improved with the LS430 although they have many other problems!!! My problems with the LS is whilst they managed to produce an astonishingly good engine they seriously overlooked things like styling and any kind of special feeling when you sat in and drove one, they produced a car which was extremely bland to say the least, the interior feels very plasticky and just feels like a big toyota, they just lack that special feeling you get from a jag or a merc. There’s no denying that the LS is a good car, brilliant in fact but like all Japanese cars they have a very mass produced feel, no heart and soul, no feeling that the car was made just for you by master craftsmen which cars at this level and price should have. People may argue saying “Yes, but the Lexus never breaks down”, well I’ve had several and none of them have been bulletproof or infallible as many would suggest.
  6. I really must protest at the cheap shot you made at BL and it’s products. For a start, BL was defunct when the LS400 was introduced and BL never actually produced the Maestro/Montego. Austin Rover did. The Maestro and Montego may not be particularly exceptional cars to look at but were dynamically and mechanically better than the crap Ford produced at the time, and no worse than Vauxhall was churning out. They were even fairly durable old cars! Comparing either car to an LS400 is just ludicrous, of course they’re not as sophisticated or as refined otherwise they’d of charged LS400 money for them.
  7. My right foot is too heavy to record any decent fuel figures!!! I really don’t see the point in running a V8 if you aren’t going to utilise it. If fuel economy is a concern then you don’t buy a car like an LS.
  8. 2001 GS430, Heater stopped working, exhaust fell off, various creaks from dashboard and roof lining. 2002 LS430, Transmission completely failed without warning resulted in car being scrapped, blown speakers, electric mirrors stopped working, heated and cooled seats not working, rear climate pipes rusted. 2006 GS450H, Hybrid battery failed, various creaks and rattles, brake callipers seized 2006 GS450H, Shock absorbers failed, radiator failed, TPMS issues, creaks from dashboard, xenon headlight issues, juddering brakes. These are the main issues I’ve had, there are various other minor issues and niggles I haven’t listed. The worst was the transmission on the LS430 and the hybrid battery on the GS450H, both of which failed without warning and left me completely stranded with repair bills costing £thousands. Many other problems are what you might call minor but from a prestige manufacturer that prides itself on build quality and reliability is unacceptable. May be I’ve been exceptionally unlucky but it certainly puts you off, especially when the repair bills for Lexus are so high. I’ve owned jags and mercs with no issues, I currently own a mk3 Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia X which I’m really happy with and has made me realise that in my experience Lexus are overrated. At least if something does go wrong with the mondeo I won’t have to remortgage the house to fix it.
  9. I’ve had more problems with Lexus than any Jaguar or Mercedes I’ve had (I’ve never owned a BMW). Even Ford, Vauxhall and Rover have given me fewer problems over the years than the Lexus cars I’ve had.
  10. Hi, These cars don’t cost any more than any other for standard servicing, however there are a number of weaknesses with these cars, especially higher mileage examples. 1. Once you get past 100k there is the risk that cells in the hybrid battery may start to fail, I think there is someone on here who can replace individual cells otherwise a new hybrid battery from Lexus is around £2,500. There’s no real way of checking either other than just seeing if everything seems to work ok. Try and find an example that has a recent hybrid battery health check certificate from Lexus or try and make it a condition of the sale, even then they only check the battery and no other hybrid components. 2. The shock absorbers are an expensive dealer only replacement item at around £400 each and they are prone to failing. 3. Rear brake callipers can seize because of under use as the hybrid system uses regenerative braking. 4. Check for creaks and rattles around the dashboard. 5. Exhaust back boxes rust and can also fail at the Y joint. 6. Earlier models can rust along the front edge of the bonnet. 7. Listen for timing chain rattle from the engine. I’ve had 2 of these now, I probably wouldn’t have another as I feel like they are a bit of a ticking time bomb just waiting to go wrong, especially older high mileage examples, the first one I had suffered hybrid battery failure 2 weeks after I bought it, fortunately the dealer took the car back and gave me a full refund, the second one was getting ready for new shocks and a new radiator when I sold it along with a few other issues, they are nice to drive, comfortable and refined and they are very, very fast. I averaged around 30mpg day to day and around 40mpg on the motorway. Make sure the boot is big enough for your needs as it is tiny because the hybrid battery takes a lot of the space. Good luck if you decide to buy one, as I said they are lovely cars but just be aware of the potential issues and have deep enough pockets if it should go wrong.
  11. Very interesting thread, glad you seem to have sorted out the issues with your car and now you can hopefully look forward to many happy hours motoring. I had a mk3 GS450h which developed some problems I simply couldn’t afford to put right so I ended up cutting my losses and flogging it. I’m now having to slum it (some might say) in a mk3 Ford Mondeo 2.5 Ghia X. The reason I say some might say is because I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by this car after the Lexus. I find the seats much more comfortable and supportive than the ones in my GS, especially as I suffer with a bad back and sciatica, there was quite a few creaks and rattles in the Lexus, the mondeo has none!!! It has more leg and especially headroom and yes it still has a sunroof. Being Ghia X spec it still has all the toys and heated leather seats which work brilliantly. The mondeo has a nicer ride than the GS but still handles well. It isn’t as quick as the Lexus but it’s still no slouch and the 2.5 V6 engine makes a lovely sound. Perhaps one of my favourite features which is the icing on the cake on frosty mornings is the heated windscreen!!! It cost me £1500 and I’m quite smitten with it!!! The only issue I’ve had was the radio didn’t work very well but I found a replacement on eBay for £30, fitted it myself in 5 minutes and it’s fine now. I still like Lexus but I’ve had 6 of them, the only one that didn’t have any real problems was the LS430 I bought off Phil on here. I’m just now beginning to ask if they really are all they are cracked up to be and worthy of the reputation they have? I’m sorry if I’ve put a downer on this thread and I really hope you enjoy your new car, it looks great by the way!!! If you look back at my previous threads and posts you’ll see I’ve had more than my fair share of problems with Lexus, maybe it’s just me that’s unlucky!!! I’ve decided it’s time to give other makes a chance... Here are a few pics of the mondeo if anybody is interested lol!!!
  12. I don’t really see why it shouldn’t be ok, the only possible things I can think of that might cause issue is if the newer sat nav drive or ML amplifier isn’t compatible with the older screen assembly. The annoying thing is that I did have a spare prefacelift sat nav that I haven’t got anymore, I would’ve sent you it to try for free!!! The actual job of changing them over is quite easy to do.
  13. If I worked out how many thousands I’d lost on cars over the years I’d soon become very depressed!!! I’ve never kept a car for very long, every time I buy one I always say to myself “ Stop looking and keep this one for a while.” I can’t resist it though. I also lack patience, once I decide I want a car I want it now if not sooner!!! I’ve sold cars to WeBuyAnyCar against my better judgement just purely because it’s a quick and convenient way to get rid of a car even if you take the biggest loss that way. I’m not in a Lexus at the moment, my GS450h needed a new radiator, new rear shocks and some other things were starting to need attention, there was no way I could afford it so I cut my losses and got rid, I’m in a mk3 Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6 Ghia X at the moment and it has very pleasantly surprised me with how good it is but I’ve already got my eye on a mk2 2.5 Ghia X as I prefer the 90s retro styling lol!!!
  14. It could be the lamp failure box, have a look under the hinge in the boot (I think it’s the left one), hopefully you’ll see a small black box there. Sometimes there’s a couple of wires in there that might just need resoldering to the circuit board.
  15. Well, it looks like I have a leaky radiator!!! I saw some coolant on the ground when I parked the car up today. I got down on my hands and knees with my iPhone torch and could see drips from 3 places along where the rad sits, due to the under covers fitted I couldn’t see the exact location of the leak. Is the radiator an expensive job on these cars? It soon stopped dripping after I switched the car off. Thing is, the car is driving fine and not overheating at the moment although I’m bloody cold driving it because of no heater and typically the weather is getting cold this week, do you think if I drive it gently topping up as necessary for the next few days it will be ok? I can’t get it fixed until at least Friday as I’m at work everyday until then and need the car for that and I don’t have a spare car or car I can borrow.