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  1. David. It's engine speed. I am hoping to have an indie look at it in the next few days.
  2. Bless you all for your responses. I have decided to get a second opinion next week. I discovered that the first indie had just used a stethoscope and had not bothered to look any further. Malcolm - it has done 150,000 and yes, I am wedded to the LS range. George. The tick-tick increases with RPM.
  3. Stuart. I thought it might be the serpentine. I had it replaced about 4 years ago. I am going to try another indie and see what he says. I am too old to go fiddling about in the engine compartment. I have used the car almost every day for the last nine years and have looked after it. George. If it is the lifter is that a huge job. i.e. would it be worth it ?
  4. Advice Needed - LS400 Mk iv My LS 400 MK iv has just developed a 'tick tick' noise - increases with acceleration. Took it to my local indie (don't know how good they are) and they said that without stripping it down (3 to 4 hours they said) they could not know for sure but thought it was the camshaft making the noise. I love the car but can not afford to spend a lot of money on it. Your thoughts please.
  5. Cliff. I wonder if you had realised that the steering wheel has a tilt mechanism. On the mark 4 it is a small square lever on the left of the steering column. Don't know about your model. You can press up or down for tilt.
  6. Pete, I think you might be right about the fuel because the problem seems to have gone away (fingers crossed) after refilling with petrol. Surprising as it was BP.
  7. Update on 'check engine'. Took the LS400 to my local indie (7 mechanics). They could not find anything showing on OBD using the blinking method. I have been using it for the last four days and the problem appears to have righted itself. Touch wood.
  8. Many thanks Shirish, Pete and Steve for your suggestions. I shall go to my indie to have the codes read. I seems like a 'heat' thing as yesterday my drive home took longer than usual and 'check engine' came up a few yards from home. The coolant level is correct and there are no other warnings on the dash board. The battery is only a few weeks old.
  9. I use my Mk 4 everyday and it has been running smoothly. Yesterday as I was nearing work I was caught in traffic and at idle the engine became rough. After acceleration it felt smooth but the 'check engine' flashed up. Continued to work (only 5 minutes). After work engine started fine and no 'check engine' came up all the way home. Today the 'check engine' came on at almost the same point in the journey to work. Any thoughts ?
  10. Have you checked that it has not slipped over to a 'trip' reading. I had an MOT a few years back and the MOT guy read the trip meter instead of the real one.
  11. Thanks all for your thoughts. Funnily enough John I went for a hearing test last week because Madam said I was deaf. Appears my hearing is top notch. Maybe it is the selective hearing she is moaning about. Steve, I think the airbag route is too much for me so I shall go to my indie if I can't fix it myself following the other suggestions.
  12. I have discovered that the horn on my MK 4 does not work every time. The connections at the horn end look OK. Any thoughts before I go to my Indie for investigation ?
  13. Purely as a matter of interest would a member consider buying a CAT N (formerly D) Lexus ? For instance: A LS600h currently advertised on Ebay for just under £9000 with 115,000 miles on the clock would probably be worth nearer £15,000 (?). The seller infers minor damage, now repaired, but surely the damage must have been fairly major for the insurance company to write it off.
  14. Yes Malc. The LS400 is certainly more comfortable. Over 40 mph in the MG the car was rattling all over the place. Also the air windscreen wipers - they slowed down the faster you went. It did, however, make a lovely throaty growl from the exhaust.