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  1. Good luck. I have done both of mine, 1 came out easily, the other side was stuck solid and took a bit of patience. ScottC
  2. Hi I replaced both of mine with Blueprint items, about £160.00 a side in 2014. It was a while ago but I remember that I found a manufacturing code on them which indicated they were OEM. 40,000 miles later they are fine. 1 was worn, the same symptoms as you describe. Frustratingly the other side was fine, the remaining noise that I was trying to eliminate was from the tyres - Dunlops sports. A change to Michelin tyres solved that. ScottC
  3. Hi The ABS 9301 parking brake shoes turned up and they fit fine. The hold down pin/washer assembly was a bit corroded so I bought replacements from a local motor factor. Bit of a fiddly job to be honest, top tips would be to put masking tape over the friction linings to stop them getting copper grease on them during assembly, and to compress the hold down springs with cable ties so you are not having to compress them whilst fitting the hold down washer. Cut the ties off once assembled. A spring hook really helps with the larger of the 2 springs, the smaller one is easy with pliers . ScottC
  4. Hi Thank you for that, they look very good. I have ordered from and with delivery the set of 4 is less than £22.00. Lexus parts were £20.49 + vat each so quite a saving. As people will point out you get what you pay for...………I will report back once they are fitted. ScottC
  5. Hi Sorry to reply to a posting from's hoping! Did you have any luck with the Mintex shoes, I am looking for replacement parking brake shoes for my 430 and I seem to be going through the same loops that you went through with aftermarket parts. ScottC
  6. Hi I need some new parking brake shoes for the LS430, the originals are worn out after 14 years. On ebay I have found ID264244868707. I emailed the seller my registration and VIN and he says I need ID264268293301. I looked at these and the LS430 wasn't listed in the compatibility list so queried the fact with him. The 430 has since been added to the list of compatible vehicles. With all the checks and balances on ebay I feel that if they don't fit I will be able to get my money back, but the car is off the road now and I don't want to waste time with the wrong parts. One of the friction linings has separated from the carrier so rather not use the vehicle at the moment. Any advise appreciated as always. ScottC
  7. Hi Yes been there, my 1993 LS400 was valued by a well known internet company at about £50.01 - I think it was £100 minus a £49.99 admin fee. Petrol at the time was circa £1.39 a gallon so a tankful was costing me more than twice the value of the car. I had a rear spring break and I remember being in the showroom at Lexus Cheltenham with my 2 bits of rusty spring being careful not to scratch a beautiful car in there which had a price tag of £100,000. It was an LS600, remarkable that these cars are now available for a fraction of that. I hope you find what you are looking for. ScottC
  8. Hi I am sure the 600 is a great car. The one you are looking at will need a spend of circa £3.8k that you know about on it's next service just for the advisories from the last service. Maybe the extra several thousands at the Lexus dealer might be money well spent. When I bought my 430 it was very hard to find a Lexus approved one as they are quite strict about which cars meet their criteria. I bought privately and came in at about half the price. In the back of my mind I had a lot of money in reserve should things go wrong, but it worked out fine. In fact the car has been totally spoilt! However there are a great deal of pattern parts for the 430 and a lot of knowledge on the Internet. Quite a number were built and you can find cars being broken for spares should you need an engine or front bumper for instance. My feeling with the 600 is that it is so rare and complex it may be that should it go wrong it can only be repaired at a Lexus dealer with Lexus part$. So I would did deep and buy the very best one I could find with a warranty. ScottC
  9. If you are not in a rush I would forget that one and look for a really nice one from a Lexus dealer with a warranty. Otherwise you have a potential money pit. Known bills for £669 and £3094 in the next 10,000 miles would be enough to put me off...……….you could buy a nice LS430 with 12 months MOT and tax for less money. ScottC
  10. Hi Maybe of interest. Ford were making cars 13 years ago with LPG engines which started from cold on LPG and then ran on LPG, they didn't have a petrol tank. Scott
  11. No that is completely wrong........LS460 conversion uses direct injection system for the LPG. No vapouriser is needed to heat the LPG as on an indirect injection set up, the gas is injected straight into the combustion chamber. So it starts and runs from cold on LPG. Scott
  12. Yes On the hottest days of the summer my car is running on gas within a few hundred yards. No reason to think it wouldn't run immediately on LPG if the electronics allowed it to. What system was yours? I have a BRC system in mine. Scott
  13. Hi again. There is a tutorial here :- You are never more than a few mouse clicks away from a Lexus tutorial..... Scott
  14. Not wishing to throw a spanner in the works here, but a copper or silver cored plug has far better thermal conductivity and much lower electrical resistance than a platinum or iridium plug. So it should produce a better spark and wick more of the heat away from the combustion chamber. I went through all this a bit back when I got my LPG LS430 and I found quite a number of references to platinum/iridium plugs being created to meet the demands of extended service life in modern cars, rather than them being any better than 'traditional' plugs. I also found a number of references to platinum/iridium plugs being difficult/impossible to get out after extended mileages, so maybe a case there for using a plug that needs to be changed more frequently before it has a chance to get stuck. Scott Material Thermal Conductivity W/(m•K) Electrical Conductivity MS/m Silver 407 66 Copper 384 57 Gold 310 45 Iridium 147 18 Platinum 70 10 Nickel 59 10