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  1. HI Robert I didn't know that the 2005 GS300 has this, my 2005 LS430 uses data from the ABS sensors to detect tyre pressure changes and I assumed the GS was the same. I will pass this on. Scott
  2. Hi A friends 2005 GS300 is displaying the tire warning symbol and a 'system check' symbol. A previous tire warning was accompanied with a low pressure warning and the problem was indeed a deflated tyre. Handbook says the car can be driven and describes the fault as a problem with the electronics that monitor the tyre pressures, rather than a problem with tyre pressures. Any ideas? Scott
  3. Hi Michael Yes you are absolutely right, especially the panic bit. Scott
  4. Hi So I read the owners handbook and it says to leave the ignition in the off position with the car jacked up. Once I had bled the brakes I ran the engine and pumped the brake pedal to make sure that with the servo in play the pedal was firm. The car was jacked up in the air with the engine running so I guess that the height sensors would think the front of the car was too high and deflated the front struts to compensate. Scott
  5. Hi Well I just tried it again, the compressor came on for quite a while and the passenger side is now at the correct height. Maybe the compressor has thermal protection and it needed to cool down for a while. Happy!! Scott
  6. Hi I changed the front discs and brake pads yesterday. I didn't quite finish as I ran out of daylight, I left the car on a jack on the passenger side. Today once it had stopped raining I finished the work and lower the car, it went right down to the ground and I couldn't get the jack out. The top of the tyre was buried in the wheel arch. Also on the drivers side. I started the car, the compressor came on and the drivers side pumped up to normal height but the passenger side did not raise at all. I jacked the passenger side to normal height to see if it would help. I ran the engine but the suspension just isn't there, when I lower the jack the car just goes down to the ground on the front passenger side. The car has been fine for the 30,000 miles I have done in it Any ideas please? Scott
  7. Hi When I turned on my headlight today they didn't go through the usual self levelling routine. I park the car with a wall in front of me and usually when I turn on the headlights the headlight beam hits the wall at a low level and then after a second or so the beam rises up the wall a short distance. Alas no more.......any ideas please? Scott
  8. Hi I have 4 x Michelin Primacy 3s on my 2005 LS430 (245/45R18 100W). I would highly recommend these tyres, much much quieter than the Dunlop sports that were on the car previously. From time to time Michelin have offers of fuel vouchers if you buy a number of their tyres.
  9. Hi Tarun Thanks for finding these but it isn't a dab radio that I am looking for, just a means of playing MP3 files from an ipod or a memory card/stick. There are some products out there, I just wanted a recommendation from someone who has already done this. Cheers ScottC
  10. Hi Can anyone recommend a good ipod/usb/sd card interface for a 2005 LS430 please? Main requirement is that it integrates properly with the car . All the steering wheel controls work and the tracks/folders etc are listed on the dashboard display. Cheers Scott
  11. Brian Many thanks, it's good to get such a strong endorsement for a product.............. I will give them a go. Scott
  12. Hi Any recommendations for the best spark plugs for my 2005 LS430 with a Prins multipoint LPG system? I guess stick with the OEM plug with a slightly reduced gap (0.2mm) or pay the extra and get Laserline LPG-1 plugs.....unless you know better Scott
  13. Yes that is the car............didn't realise it had been flagged up already on the forum. Ticket on the windscreen is £7K, however for just £40K extra you could buy the LS460 parked next to it :-) Scott
  14. I had my LS430 MOTed yesterday. All okay no advisories. Wandering around whilst the car was being tested I spotted on the forecourt of Lexus Cheltenham an LS400 for sale (£7,000.00). Maybe of interest if anyone is looking for something like this? Unusual to see an older vehicle like that in a main dealers. Scott
  15. ScottC

    Clunk On Stopping

    Hi 2005 LS430. As the car comes to a complete stop on the brakes there is a clunk from the drivers side. So to expand on that , the car has stopped moving and there is clunk as if some suspension component that is being loaded during braking is returning to it's normal position. Any ideas please before I take the wheel off? Cheers Scott