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  1. Does anyone know if there is much difference between Rx300 and the 450 floor plan mat layout?
  2. I am just about ready for a new set of tyres. I had some Yokohama tyres but they wore quickly and were screaming on cornering. I am not a boy racer and object to leaving tyre rubber on the road! so I shouldn't be accused of heavy fast cornering. I have used Enduro HT as well but although they performed OK some say I am taking a chance using them on an RX300! In a past life I had BFG A/T'S ON early Range Rovers and a later P38 RR. always had great mileage from them 40-42k every time, never got stuck in the mud and they were very quiet.. I was pleased to learn that the BFG A/T is now available for the RX300 (early one), I just hope that there is not going to be a conflict with the Limited Slip Differential used for the four wheel drive if I have real grippers all round. Am I worrying un-necessarily? Out if interest will the ABS kick in on odd pattern/age/ware tyres on the front? I keep getting that ABS judder in normal conditions.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I did try this outlet but they have only mats for 2003/4 onwards.
  4. I am trying to buy a new set of mats for my 2000 RX300. In the USA they can be found but obviously LHD. I want the beige colour and a carpet load area mat to match. Does any one know of a source? Lexus ceased making them some time ago, so I went for some after-market but they are nowhere near the quality expected.
  5. I had continuous problems with the Engine warning lights telling me that fuel/emissions/timing/CAT's, you name it were faulty. After about a year of these issues, I heard a blow in the exhaust and on inspection found three pin holes right next top the sensors in the exhaust pipe. We have a tyre and exhaust depot near us and they made up a complete system from the down pipes to rear including silencers and CAT's for under £800. all in S/S and it sounds great, nice and quiet. All done no more issues with warning lights and a long life exhaust - job sorted. Might be worth asking the question and one of your local exhaust chaps.
  6. I tow two different classic Caravans, one a Cheltenham (1000kg,) and the other a Carlight Commander (1600kg). I hasten to had that I have been towing for over fifty years now, and really do hate this modern "rubber-block" suspension as on the Carlight; give me proper springs any time! Apart from pushing it on steepest hills there are no issues towing apart from a balancing act with the Carlight, It has a high nose weight ratio approaching 90kg but if I manage to decrease it to around 75-80kg it improves. The only issues were, the transmission of some humps and bumps from the 'van to the car. This is not noticeable with the Cheltenham as it has spring over damper suspension. My own view is that the rear suspension on the Lexus is somewhat harder than a normal car suspension so, that I have learnt to live with, as in general it tows very well.
  7. I need to upgrade my lights for some off-road and lane works. Years ago I fitted CIBE lights to my Range Rover bull bar and that did the job admirably. So I need to do similar but cannot find a bull/light bar suitable for the LX300 (Year 2000). Has anyone carried out such a modification, and with what?
  8. I found some great IVORY OEM carpets in the USA but for left hand drive only. Does anyone know where I can buy them in the UK (RHD) ?
  9. Well! My problem has been solved!!! I looked very carefully at the exhaust and found a pin hole by the sensor on the centre section so thought just a quick blob of weld …. Nothing like it; I had our local tyre and exhaust crowd (DCM Shaftesbury) look at and they quoted me less than £800 for a complete S/S system from front to back, new Cats and silencers etc., as there were pin holes literally at every vulnerable place. The upshot is ,the car has behaved impeccably ever since many thousands of miles all over UK, some very slow traffic and motorways - no warning lights! Great! I think I will keep the car now!
  10. Well mine is an ongoing saga! Quite regularly the lights come on. I clear it all with a diagnostic and it can be happy for a week or two. The readouts although indicating lean mixture and catalytic problems, quite often show "wrong grade of fuel" heading the list. I have resorted to adding injector cleaner on each fill up and that does seem to prolong or extend the good periods. It all seems to relate to slow driving around 1200 revs. So I am thinking the system is just clogging up as it was standing or little used before I bought it.
  11. Sending them back - they do not fit properly. So lets try the 'States!
  12. I have just taken delivery of the Thule roof rack - not impressed. Compared with the similar rack for a Rover 75 of the same year it is very bitsey; lots of screws and bolts that have to be reset every time it is used, it has certainly not been thought through. I certainly would not recommend it.
  13. Well it has now been a thousand miles or so with a few tank fill-ups, mostly premium grade fuel but did bight the biscuit and tried inferior supermarket stuff as well! Since the incident with the fertiliser spraying it has behaved well. The fuel consumption readouts have become more stable, no more wild fluctuations and reading a constant 27-27.8 MPG locally and nearly mpg (29.9mpg) on a steady run. It did go 31+ mpg for a while on a lazy journey but then it was nearly always never over 50mph! It seems to run much smoother and quieter now, apart from a transmission mount vibration when idling in gear. Upshot is that I can now see why others like their RX.
  14. I am trying to source a roof bar system for my RX300. Apart from some very expensive systems advertised by Thule, are there any others that will fit? even used will do for the amount of times it will be needed.
  15. I have now changed the MAF and so far so good although passing a field or three that had just been treated with some potent artificial fertilizer, that seemed to affect the system as I left the area the warning lights came on again and the readings were "too lean". after clearing the codes all seemed well again ... fingers crossed!