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  1. arkviz

    GS 300h rattling at startup

    Problem is also, it didn't rattled since i reserved a visit at dealer.
  2. arkviz

    GS 300h rattling at startup

    Hi John, i believe it works, but i would like to avoid any mods at least until my car is under warranty. Let's wait for dealers conclusion.
  3. arkviz

    GS 300h rattling at startup

    I would say it was type 2 rattle. I thought my engine is going apart.
  4. arkviz

    GS 300h rattling at startup

    The biggest conceptional difference between Honda D14A and Toyota 2AR-FSE is fuel injection. Toyota has beside indirect port additional DI. The next is valve train, Toyota has double, Honda had Single. Otherwise, both engines are Quite Simple. Turbocharged 8AR-FTS is far more Complicated. This was one of crucial factors for choosing Lexus, NA engine, Simple and reliable technology. But it looks I've missed something.
  5. arkviz

    GS 300h rattling at startup

    40k miles is a almost new car... I had 1995 Honda Civic 1.4i. I've sold it in 2004, because it was old and slow, 325000km on ODO...Since then I've purchased 5 new cars but only one was 100% problem free - 2007 BMW 325xi.
  6. arkviz

    GS 300h rattling at startup

    Running engine without oil can make a big damage to it. For me any irregular noise is suspicious. Do You have also this type of drone? It was filmed inside my car about year ago.
  7. arkviz

    GS 300h rattling at startup

    Maybe... I was searching across internet and have found video with similar symptoms:
  8. arkviz

    GS 300h rattling at startup

    Nobody has an idea? I am going to visit dealer within a week, but i don't hope it will solve anything.
  9. Did someone experienced rattling sounds from engine at startup? I do occasionally. It is similar to rattling when You want to put manual transmission in gear without using clutch. It lasts 2-3 seconds and engine is running normal. I can't measure it, but after this "hard startup" engine runs noticeably smoother. Problem is this happen not every time. It occurred few times last week. Before it didn't.
  10. I am really curious how sweetly does it run. My runs almost like diesel tractor.
  11. Thank You Luigi, now i see i have nothing installed. in my car.
  12. Yes, I've read that topic. Dealer assured me my car has already everything solved, instaled dampers etc... Your post reminded me about one more thing. When the car was new, it was very hard to recognize when the engine kicked in. Now it is kicking my *****. But not always.
  13. No I didn't. Dealer said, there is everything up to date.
  14. I don't think it has anything to do with injection or Premium fuel. Beside DI there are also port injectors and if I am right, they are (indirect) operating when engine is not under heavy load. This is 99% of my driving. Engine itself if quiet and smooth if it is not engaged to driveshaft. For example first hundreds of meters after cold start, or idling in sport mode, it is very smooth. Almost the same as a 6 pot. But once in "gear" whole car shudders like espresso maker.It is more perceivable at low revs. Vibrations are often very irregular. Increasing revs to about 2000 and vibrations are gone. Above 3000 it begins to vibrate again. This sounds more like loos exhaust pipe. It doesn't bother me so much, because i almost do not use this rev range. After longer driving there is another type of vibration. Doesn't matter how many revs there are, whole drivetrain is vibrating like jackhammer. And then there is sometimes a bluster sound. Especially when revs suddenly drop to 1000 on a highway. I am not a skilled constructor, but i have some points which can cause these problems. 1, Big engine, long stroke - physically must produce more vibration than same cylinder design of a half displacement. 2, heavy car, more load on engine - more vibrations 3, need for low emissions - too low revs - more vibrations. Older automatics didn't allow to go under 1300rpm. 4, need for elasticity - lighter flywheel - more vibrations 5, Atkinson cycle - May be? I think it rather reduces vibrations a little. 6, inline 4 cylinder configuration is the worst for vibrations. You can find many articles about that. 7, vibration dampers lost their capability. New car did almost not vibrate. 8, vibrations making all car parts worn. I Have problem with rattling or droning plastics around seat heating controls. The same and even worse can happen to important mechanical parts. This evening on my way home, car was surprisingly smooth. Not the best, but better than yesterday.