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  1. Hi Peter, Fantastic build, green eyes from me. Whats the score with the mapping this for UK fuel / custom exhaust etc.......Have RR given the go ahead for your guys @ SRT to tweek the mapping? or have they locked it off? Just wondering how will it work if you have tuning issues? Cheers
  2. Dont think this has been covered here so....... Did you have the Air Con on? the other car might not have it on. Very interesting video where shows that under full throttle AC does not disengage compressor. I turn my AC off if the need for full power arises. Cheers
  3. Nice one Voodoo, One full set heading my way :) worked a charm
  4. I wish steve,.....having said that the picture looks like a cad model....so maybe that could be my next achievable purchase ha
  5. Guys......hoping to get peoples opinions on this topic. Ok so im driving a manual car......heading into a 2nd gear corner in 4th gear.......heavy on brakes i heal toe to 3rd then to 2nd...lovely and smooth, not upsetting the cars balance (well maybe half the time its this dreamland smooth ;) ) Now with the ISF and its rev matching i thought it would be smooth under the same situation..... Heading into a 2nd gear corner in 4th gear.....heavy on brakes i click the downshift paddle once for 3rd gear.....wait for it to complete....then click downshift paddle again into 2nd gear..... So in this situation the car is no where near achieving the smoothness i could achieve with a manual...actually its even worryingly jerky..the constant braking force im appying with my foot has changes due to engine braking caused by the downshifts. Maybe its me being naive thinking that a computer can do a better job than me, or maybe im doing things a little wrong. So can anyone say whether in the same situation their car would exhibit the same behavior....or is there a work around that needs to be done... .ie change down on the way out of corner where i have noticed downshifts are smoother during acceleration. just i always got myself in the right gear before turning into the corner. thanks in advance
  6. Age: 34, Occupation: Design Engineer (food processing equipment....everyone has got to eat )
  7. 100800 miles ........ It wears them amazingly, the only way you can tell.......stone chips :(
  8. I started alternating my commute between cars (RX300 and ISF), so the thinking was that it would feel more special when i used the ISF. I have changed my mind now though and just use the ISF for everything apart from dog and tip duties. Basically you only live once so why bother accepting second best when you have the cream.......having said that I am lucky that my commute is 3 miles a day, so running cost is not a factor.
  9. Congrats on the show win......from looking at your sig pic i had no idea your F was modded so much, lovely car
  10. Thanks, not sure if your following the ones for sale......but its the 08 plate, private sale in ashover derbyshire. Went to see it last night and put a cheeky bid in on the ebay listing......never bid on ebay before, sweaty palms :)
  11. certainly will do....tomorrow cant come quick enough
  12. Thanks for the info guys that clears that question up............. On another note, I am now the proud owner of a 08 Cadoxton Slate Gray :) can wait to pick it up
  13. Thanks for the welcome Mike, I have read the rules and welcome the questions. Cheers
  14. Hi Guys, Just signed up but have been a lexus owner for a while.......Currently own 2001 GS430 sport 31,000 miles!!! RX300 and Honda S2000. Based Cheshire. I have been following the thread on here regarding the white ISF north manchester (the one with black badges and purple calipers)......i have not been to see the car but from what has been said on here i'm put off by it...... At the end of the thread the grey ISF in Ashover Derbyshire was mentioned....i have been looking at this one for a little while before it was mentioned, I have a quick question......the white one (58 plate) has the black and chrome surround for the nav screen, where as the grey one (08 plate) has the silver one with grey buttons....does this indicate a difference in the features ie DAB and HDD? I only ask as i thought the the nav only changed during the introduction of the blue steering wheel bottom. Thanks