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  1. I noticed this but was put off by the bodywork - has quite a few marks on it from stone chips on the bonnet/wing and paint damage on the rear bumper also. The servicing is all self done after Lexus Stoke also which is a put off for some
  2. Thanks chaps for the advice, much appreciated. It seems as though my budget is going to place me in the high mileage, 2008 bracket of the market which is absolutely fine. The bad part is actually tracking down a suitable car . I missed out on a cracker with R And W Motor Company - 1 owner ISF serviced at Lexus Chester all its life. Fair enough it was high mileage but like you say, it's about condition not mileage. If anyone is in the market of selling their IS-F and it happens to fall into my price bracket, by all means give me a shout as I would be interested. Thanks, Josh
  3. Hi all, Sadly due to the low numbers in the UK, I'm struggling to find one in budget. I'm hoping to spend between £13 - 15k, is this a reasonable budget for an IS-F? There was a very nice one from R and W Motors which was high mileage but looked in fabulous condition - sadly I was late to the mark and it is now reserved. The only other one around budget is at George Kingsley Prestige Cars - the only concerning thing here is the high number of previous owners (4). Am I best to hold out until a suitable one comes to market? Thanks, Josh
  4. Lexus ISF - BOSS Motors Must be this one then right? I wish I could swap my GS 450h for one of these, love them.
  5. Have just fixed this problem also. My rear nearside caliper slide pin was rusted so the caliper was stiff as a board, so I took to it with a hammer and some penetrating spray. Took a bit of persuasion but it managed to come off, to which I cleaned the slide pin up with some wet and dry paper, along with the inner bore where the slide pin goes in the caliper. Checked all the seals and re-seated with some red rubber grease, lubed the slide pin and bore up with some caliper grease and fitted all back together. Works perfectly now, worth doing the other side also just as a preventative. Lexus also quoted me the £325 for a replacement caliper
  6. Hi guys, I had a pre-inspection with Lexus Coventry on Saturday, which was necessary for me to take out the extended warranty. All in all it was good, and it now has a 2 year warranty, but the following issues were picked up on the inspection: - VVTi Oil Pipe leaking I spend Sunday fixing the rear caliper as it was rusted on the slide pin, so I have cleaned and greased both sides and they are fine now. Has anyone ever had a leaking VVTi oil pipe and is there any info on how to replace this, can't seem to find anything on the web? Thanks guys, Josh
  7. Slightly off topic but the way to get paintwork to a mirror finish is inevitably to rotary polish it, however it is quite involving, with quite a bit of equipment needed but something I have found very rewarding. You will probably see in sunlight and under bright halogen light that swirl marks/defects are heavily present in the clearcoat, and these are going to be the main culprit as to why paintwork is so flat and dull. Attempting by hand will help somewhat but will never get close to the level you can achieve with a rotary polisher. A good guide to read is this: Gives a very good insight to paintwork and the various steps of detailing. My go-to polishes are: Menzerna 400, 2200, 3800
  8. I wouldn't worry about it too much, if they have given it a clean bill of health and it is done on time in the future, I can't see why it would be a problem. Modern oils have come a long way now and a lot of them can go further without degrading significantly - but stick to the schedule and you should be fine.
  9. Resurrecting an old thread I know but does anyone or the original poster still have the pictures from above. I have the same annoying dash creak and would be interested to see how you guys fixed it and where you placed the felt? Thanks, Josh
  10. Great write up, thanks for this. I'm gonna do the same when I get a spare moment this week - from what I see I think the puddle lights may be LED but I don't think they are anywhere near the same level of brightness as the proper SMD/LED chip T5 bulbs. Wouldn't suprise me if they are the ordinary blue covered T5 bulbs.
  11. Quite possibly, however I haven't picked the car up yet (due to Sunday). I was intending to order the bulbs so I can fit them all on pick up day - maybe my impatience getting the better of me . The puddle light seems to be a bit of a grey area though, I would be interested to know if anyone has replaced these bulbs in the mirror?
  12. Hi all, I have just purchased a 59 plate GS 450h, due to pickup Sunday (upgraded from a Civic Type-R) and am looking at refreshing the lighting (LED) around the car. I am having a little difficult finding the correct bulb sizes, the american forums seem to be a little confusing. Would anyone be able to help me if they have done similar? Sidelights - 501 Main Beam - HB3?? Fog Lamps - HB4?? Wing Mirror Puddle Lights - T10/194?? Reverse Bulbs - T15/921?? Any interior bulbs like vanity mirrors that can be replaced?? Also on the point of wing mirror puddle lights, has anyone successfully replaced these with LED replacements? There seems to be varying approaches on the US forum, some saying to remove the mirror glass and others saying this isn't required? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks guys, Josh
  13. Have seen that one advertised on eBay earlier I think. I'm betting the insurance company would whack a young driver like me for the mods on it. Keeping my eyes out for them, missed a cracker at a Lexus dealer a month or so back - 08 Mesa Red with around 95k for £15k. Went within week
  14. Aah doesn't sound too bad really, just a bit more on the fuel and tax bill really. Gotta try and track down a nice example, are there any of the independents garages (what few of them there are) on AutoTrader that I should avoid - WR Cars currently have one but I have read that they are a bad firm re-opened under a different name? Shame I missed out on the one advertised by Lexus a couple of months back - was an 08 Mesa Red with around 91,000 on the clock, around the £15k mark...went within a week unless it was a misprice.
  15. Hi all, Looking to trade up from my daily runner EP3 Honda Civic Type-R, and am strongly considering a Lexus as my next move. The IS-F has caught my eye, and despite the high residuals for the age and mileage, I very much like the styling and package offered with the IS-F. I have also been pointed in the direction of the GS 450h which are very interesting, but the facelift SE-L examples, while rare, seem to be commanding silly prices from Lexus dealers. How much of a step up is running one of these, compared to something like a Civic Type-R? My average MPG is around 30/32mpg with the Type-R, and along with the normal consumables like brakes/tyres, it hasn't really cost me any expenditure. Insurance is reasonable for a 23 year old, and would also be for an IS-F surprisingly. From what I understand, things like brakes are expensive on the IS-F due to the Brembo setup but I am a competent DIYer so fitting wouldn't be any problem. My main concern is around the fuel economy side of the IS-F, of course it's natural to drive these like they were built for from time to time, but is it unrealistic to expect one of these to be used as a daily driver, and if so, what kind of MPG/difference can I expect? My weekly mileage is probably around the 180/200 mile mark. Is there anything to look out for regarding common problems with the IS-F; I have read that the water pump can be a weak point occasionally on these cars. Thanks, Josh