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  1. Well the knock can be any part in the suspension. Just because it wasn't the balljoint for one person doesn't mean it's not the case for you. Edit: When I think about it it makes more sense that the knock would come from something that is under load. Like lower balljoint, struts, lower control arm bushings.
  2. No, the whole point of the RCA is to lower the car a bit without affecting the LCA and tie rod angle. You'll be fine. Go for it. It's probably the best way to drop the front an inch in terms of suspension geometry. It might increase your toe-in/negative camber every so slightly so you should maybe get an alingment afterwards. The quick steer i don't really know anything about tho.
  3. So basically I'm wondering if the fuel pressure regulator with return line is necessary at low boost. And how much can you boost before it becomes necessary? I've seen supercharger builds with seemingly stock fuel delivery. Anyone has any experiences on not running the FPR? I'm planning on running the typical 0.5bar.
  4. Not sure. I heard it from monkylondon on youtube
  5. Yea I just got out from the mental institution :D And no one is gonna wanna post their duggets after all this drama lol
  6. That's not the reaction I had expected lol. From my point of view it's just a harmless little slide in the rain. I was well within the speed limits and my brakes are still operational. I don't see a problem really. The only way I could see this go wrong is if the other cars ignore my right of way and cut me off. That said I usually pick low traffic times and situations.
  7. So today I went out to record some roundabout action and I thought it would make for a cool thread! Post your burnouts, slides, drifts, diffins whatever with your IS200 / IS300 here! Here's mine: Completely stock engine and open diff :) I have an LSD but i haven't installed it yet.
  8. That's awesome! I have a weird question now. Does anyone know if chaser GX100 vvti have the same ECU as IS200? The engine looks almost identical with the exception of analog throttlebody. It would be awesome if the IS ecu could support it.
  9. Try to find another i6 with same displacement and compression and with coil packs. Should work right? But you probably need to ditch the ETCSi throttle body first.
  10. they basically sit like this: They move the lower control arm further down for better steering/suspension geometry (no bump steer and stuff), and increase the camber by pushing the bottom out. They are listed for GS300 but I'm fairly sure they will fit lol. Because the balljoint and spindle are the same between the two cars. Oo what'd you have in mind? I'd love to somehow get rid of the ETCSi system. I don't know of anyone who did it successfully yet tho.
  11. Camber boiz incoming! Can't wait to install these badboys
  12. I thought it said "no compression" first lmao
  13. Manifold for 350 pounds? Have I missed something? Give me a link to dis.
  14. Alright I found some parts diagrams. Looks like the spindle and lower balljoint/knuckle is in fact the same on IS200 and GS300 43211/43212 for the spindles and 43330K/43340A for the balljoints/knuckles. I might make myself the lab rat for this lol