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  1. The last part of this may help https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=lexus+nx+tailgate+reset&qpvt=lexus+nx+tailgate+reset&view=detail&mid=073E87A4DE8C0C0B162A073E87A4DE8C0C0B162A&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dlexus%2Bnx%2Btailgate%2Breset%26qpvt%3Dlexus%2Bnx%2Btailgate%2Breset%26FORM%3DVDRE David
  2. Sorry folks but would love it, but I am guessing they would not do a swop for my 66 Luxury ex demo.
  3. Thanks for that Steve so can you just confirm this one will auto start on timer if we are ever allowed to spend an extended period away from home with the Lexus sitting in the garage.
  4. Roger Many thanks for your comments, the reason I do not want to go down the Ctek route as I already have a similar one, but does not operate in a simple way i.e. you have to tell it type of vehicle each time you put 240v to it and my idea was the not leave on 24hr but on a timer for say 2 hours per day. I also have a very old type at least 25 years old which will charge from total flat if required Colin Thanks for the info on the NOCO might well be a better choice.
  5. Hi Herbie thanks for the response I am looking to see if it should be possible, my other thought without going to the expense of the C-Tek was to purchase a simple Maintenance charger like the Maypole 0.5a charger,
  6. Similar question so please excuse me if in wrong We have a Campervan and "did" like to go away for extended periods so did also have the problem of total flat battery that the AA sorted for me. Q. Does it seem sensible to connect a leisure battery 110a to the battery vis jump leads as i have both in the garage to keep the battery fully charged. By the way re driving off with the elecrics connected I use a velco strap and a sign on the steering wheel on my camper as a precaution.
  7. Just for info is there a simple charging point?
  8. When I bought one of my campers (Fiat Ducato) it came only with one key, Used a Automotive Locksmith recommended by the garage in the village where I live, he came to the house and was nearly £150 cheaper than Fiat. Quoted before he came there must be similar self employed where you live who will come to either where you live or work after we escape "Lockdown"
  9. I decided on the Luxury when i bought my NX after a initial test drive. The car was 6 months old with 12,000 miles on the clock but as i am now retired and do around only 5,000 p.a. this was not a problem. It was not however a Lexus Fleet Car but the Service Managers car at Lexus Exeter and came with almost every goody added., which I found after some time looking for a "garage own car" as I knew they do tend to "dress" them to sell others Price was good due to "High Mileage" about £4000 less than others of same age with 5000 on the clock but three years later it has now 26,000 on the clock so well below average. Only thing I would say was a niggle to me was setting the SatNav with that dam wheel instead of the touch pad. Didnt bother with all the add-on's they wanted to sell me except the Service contract which is about to run out and i will renew with Lexus Bristol who have been great.
  10. I also used the centre console connection method for the front screen dash cam and copy and paste my note from 2017 Posted August 1, 2017 I fitted one and posted my solution which I paste and copy hope it is of some help Had the car for just over a month and been looking at ways of fitting a Dash Cam but lack of 12v socket (except the one inside the centre console) was always the problem. Looked at all topics on site but all seemed to involve some cutting and I was told by Lexus that the only way to get to the back of the Socket was to take off the whole of the centre console, well they were not being truthful. So been having another go/think again today and when it got darkish using a torch inside the box I noticed a line down each side of the front of the box. So using a thin but stiff plastic spatula about the width of the box I push this under the rim of the top of the box and the whole section popped off allowing access to the back of the socket. I have piggy backed off the back of the socket with fused connection and fitted a multi socket inside the glove box with all the wires out of sight behind the centre console. So weeks of trying to find a solution it turns out to be simple. Hope this is of help to others David Didnt think of going there again was hopeful of a boot connection, sad to say that my old company Ford Mondeos had one and was very useful for rear seat passengers. Will give it some thought about going there again might be a little time as i am fitting one to my Wildax Campervan (Master Based) at present a real pig of a job having to take furniture and panels galore apart. Any more suggestions hopefully and gladly received.
  11. I am going to fit a (for want of a better word) Dash cam in the rear window and wondered if any body else has done the same. Main problem is that the camera is powered by a usb cable and is 5v so will need to use the cables provided. Does anybody know if there is a 12v ignition feed that i could use, one i have thought of would be the lead to the reversing camera but figure that might prove troublesome. David
  12. I did spend a load of time deciding when i changed my 4 tyres last month and in the end as i now do little mileage decided to go the "other" route often mentioned on this forum and chose Avon. ATS did have a "special" at the time that helped Avons being almost £70 per tyre less than the Cross Climates. Very happy with my choice very marked difference with road noise.. in fact so pleased with them have replaced the tyres (needed) on SWMBOs Clio with the same. Doing the low mileage i now do i am guessing that i will be replacing well before they wear out due to age factor.
  13. Yes I would love to know "why" it is definitely not due to the remotes being near the NX. The NX was in a brick garage which is detached from the house by min 6 mts and both keys inside blocking key pouches inside separate steel filing cabinets.