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  1. Harry Similar story for me looking to buy. 1st choice was the Volvo had to wait about 30mins for a test drive and then just given the keys and told to drive it to the M32 and back about 5 miles total whilst they work out a price on mine. Did quite like the car but wanted to look at Range Rover Disco Sport. As soon as I told them I was interested in one of the three 6 month old ones they had (New too much for me) they just about ignored me and after about 20 mins just walked out next door Was Lexus Bristol, welcomed with a cuppa and bickie no problem wanted ex demo, took me for a test drive did every type of road and off road took over hour was sold on the car but they didn't have colour I wanted, told me about one in Exeter their own with slightly high mileage and every extra possible on a Luxury, saw it bought it and took our service contract with Bristol Service reception just as good as sales car warmed up for me
  2. I have had a similar problem (haven't we all) with the not so lovely smell from the Air con but on my Lexus it is different. Usually it occurred when you turned on the Air con now it happens when I turn it off and lasts for about 10 minutes most unpleasant, to correct on other cars simple answer was to buy one of those smoke bombs that you put in the car start the engine with aircon on full blast for so long and it comes out bad smell gone. But with the Lexus you cant leave the engine running so would it still work Also should it be covered under my service contract with Lexus
  3. Well its all about image you see, better that they all match it will make a perfect compliment to my current hair style 😃💇‍♂️
  4. When I visited my local tyre place about new fronts he also said much better to get all four new at the same time so he put fronts on back and visa versa. Ps since retiring I am also a low mileage user (bought for comfort and no gear changing as I have chronic back pains) says that should see me good for another 18 months I can live with the noise as it is still the quietest car I have ever owned and compared to my motorhome silient
  5. Thank you for the reply, pity I didn't think about this when I took in for its service in March. 🛠️ Guess it will have to wait until next year as my choice of Lexus dealers is either 20 miles through the centre of Bristol or 60 miles down the M5.
  6. Has anybody had their 300nx made so that the windows close/open with the key fob, the manual says your dealer can do it but I wonder at what cost. Or has anybody worked out a way seems such a small thing to leave out when you consider that my Ford Mondeo in 2002 had them (company car did 100000 in two years and never failed) as did the next 3. David
  7. No its really weird directly underneath is were it is drilled to fix via a rivet. No damage to anywhere else and all other fixing in place. Have spoken to Lexus and a new one comes in close to £180 but I would still have the problem of finding out how to completely remove as even when I took out the fixing on the bottom I still could not get the thing off. David
  8. Sorry for delay in reply been away for a few days photos any good ideas anyone David
  9. You will need to be careful about weight if carrying bikes The max weight that the tow bar will take is only 60kg downforce if it is a Lexus own make and the rack must weigh about 18kg so only leaving max carry weight of 42kg. I think that this weight of only 60kg is really poor considering the vehicle (I tow and a nose weight max of 60kg is about the lowest in the vehicles class group) my old CRV had a max of 100kg, and I notice too late that the AutoHak Towbar noseweight is 75kg
  10. Noticed that somehow i now have a badly cracked plastic panel on the rear passenger door guessing it must have been a stone kick up as no other damage. Almost up to the crease so wish to repair asap but having problems getting off, seems to be some push clips but just where it is tearing it doesn't move. anybody able to give advice or provide manual info how these are fixed. Have decided that any repair on plastic will not look great so looking to remove all the bottom door panels and will vinyl rap with black carbon effect. what do you recon. David
  11. One of the problems with saying the road noise is bad is that unlike every other diesel I have owned you don't hear the road noise because of the noise the engine makes the petrol engine is so quite (except when you put your foot down) Never driven a Outlander PHEV but maybe to compare it with this on Electric only as some owners say it is more noisy under electric inside than when the engine goes. AS said before it is all down to the tyres and I still have Yocos on so it does seem quite a lot of road noise
  12. Good deal on a platform today on Aldi https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-work-platform/p/081568190735400
  13. Plastic beer crate just the right height and a lot more sturdy that the plastic steps