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  1. Exactly same deeling here. I’m now threelexii, ca’t bear to sell the IS250C. My wife loves her ‘13/62k Touareg 3L diesel so win-win: )
  2. Very very happy with the one-owner dark blue/light grey 2008 GS450h SE w/67k I bought this week. We drove home 250 miles at amazing 67 trip-average mph AND 37mpg! A true continent crosser with the best mid-range acceleration I’ve experienced since a rented Tesla Model S 70, AND far better inside-and-out build quality The tyre pressure warning was reset by the excellent Lexus Hedge End in an hour from my unbooked arrival, for just £72, presumably with a diagnostic OBD device. The weather has been ideal for the quiet-to-60mph sunroof. Tyres are cheapies and all meaty, none older than 2016. Presumably DAB for LBC can be added via the Aux socket: I love the fidelity of the Mark Levinson sound, on Radio 3 and Classic FM. I have a lot more to learn about this terrific £7200 machine. It and the incomparable ‘03/72k SC430 V8 are now my Lexii fleet. The rare Cerulean/white ‘09 34k IS250C SE-L will go to the best home I can find, possibly to a member of my car club, for £9k, having depreciated £7.4k in 4 reliable years and 20k miles.
  3. Thank you very much, will do. Drove back 250 miles from Cheshire to West Sussex in the 2008 GS45h with the tyre pressure light showing and correct pressures all-round. Wonderful car. 250 motorway miles at 67mph and 37mpg in real comfort and strong handling. Outstanding mid-range acceleration to avoid cretins. Superb FM classic music from MarkL.
  4. Is this TPMS battery repair too risky, from Youtube? My SC430 & tomorrow’s collected GS450h are both showing the indicator light...
  5. I owned a low-mileage second-hand 2008 Honda Legend 3.5 EX. Extremely comfortable, I shall compare my 2008 GS450h on Monday to that. The Legend handled like a sports car with its 4wheel-drive if economy was forgotten; but I never got more than 24mpg so hardly used it.The radar cruise control was frustrating, decelerating as I overtook high-sided trucks. I sold the Legend to the trade at 33 month because, despite its 36 months warranty, Honda refused to honour the replacement of the nearside external mirror assembly, an £800 item. I think Honda were suffering financially from the tsunami that also destroyed Japanese nuclear plants. I have never bought Honda since though they are excellent engineers.
  6. Thanks, Wendle, I think a dark bkue or black are far better for the Gen3, also the model looks far more purposeful from the rear. I’ll try a 2012 GS. Unimpressed by 2 day-loaners, today’s CT200h and the current mid-priced hybrid coupe, its very poor ride, far worse in Sport mode, a spoilt car with a BMW dashboard.
  7. Collecting a 2008 GS450h SE (one family owner, 64k miles, full independent service history). Is that a 3rd of 4th Generation? And the main differences? Thank you, and to Richard of hybrid battery solutions for his very helpful callback. Also, and that’s just icing on the cake, how to add DAB if it doesn’t have a USB socket? Tough decision but will probably sell my IS250C (34k miles, ‘09/59, SE-L, vgc, FSH) if the GS is as good as I hope. (£9.5k no-offers to the right home). All my family use or need people and stuff carriers. The SC430 is irreplaceable.
  8. Hi folks, just offered £1k for ‘99/226k Green/gold/wood LS400 in Autotrader IF it passes reasonably its local Lexus free health check and IF body reasonable and no rust. Happy as a spring/summer project as my Lexii convertibles are both healthy. IF it happens, it passed its MoT late last year with a few advisories so probably a fair risk as will only do 2/3k this/next year. Did drive a very rusty LS400 last year and a fun gentleman’s land yacht:) Withdrew: I’m no DIYer:)
  9. Couldn't agree a fair price on the private ‘07/80k LS460 so walked. The SC430 is a classic small limo, a delight to drive, closed or open. The IS250C is a hidden secret. Thanks for commenting.
  10. I did. 🙂 Decided to keep SC430 & replace IS250C with LS460, IF the big thirsty car’s price is fair.
  11. Thanks, Malcolm, a good point, having played with the (Phaeton) Bentley. I’ve found a fun way to make it three lexii as I know I’d miss the IS250C. There’s a reason it is still a Which Best Buy, 7 years on from its demise. For the LS460, I’m quoted by Aviva £422 comp for 3k miles p.a. and £500 voluntary excess, with full NCD, for my Sussex postcode. Feels toppy as the IS250C is £272 for 5k miles and my wife’s 2013 Touareg is c. £480. Test drive of the LS460 next week but only at £1k over PX. 55 years buying and disposing of cars has shown that another beauty always comes along.
  12. Thank you, gentlemen, for responding with your advice. In my ideal world I’d keep the very pleasant IS250C and superb SC430 and add the stately LS460, particularly as my lady would now find the large saloon easier to get into. However I only drive 8k a year so insufficient use? Semi-retired and finding golf tedious, becoming threelexii does appeal. As does the fact that the newer hybrid models feel less Lexus and more sanitised BMW inside. So the triple fleet, at an all-in £25k, would still be less than one underwhelming CT200h. Next step? Drive an LS460 for an hour then decide. BTW, comparing Lexus service Hedge End, Guildford and Twickenham, the latter definitely 3rd-rate with Hedge End top. I also have a nearby excellent independent engineer for instinctive fault-finding.
  13. Opportunity to buy LS460 w/FLSH, 07/80k; for price of selling my 09/IS250C/33k; and keep my 03/SC430/71k. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi mr2lad, thank you, I shall try switching the radio off, and hence its amplifier. I’m also checking a solar panel to keep the battery trickle-charged, as the car stays in the open off-road and used once or twice a week, though not yet clear how the panel connects from inside the windscreen to the car’s OEBD under-bonnet socket. Maybe simply to the cigarette-lighter? BTW your LS dash is almost the same as my IS250C, both far better to my mind than Lexus’ latest attempt at copying BMW.
  15. I ended up in January 2018 with a 2003 SC430, fLsh, bought privately for £6.2k, modern 5-double spoked subdued alloys, 70k miles, dark blue and white leather, bird’s eye maple. This to accompany my 2009 IS250C, now 33k miles. I have the SC’s original wheels too. Annoying Issue: buzzing from the speakers at bass frequency but quite good on classic music. Any one suggest an audio repairer for the SC 430? Solvable Issue: current leakage from somewhere on the car. Replaced the battery when bought the car but it goes flat if the car un-used for more than a fortnight. Work around: use the car more and carry jumper leads, until I get my engineer to check the electrics in early Spring. Everything works, though. Good news: SC430 recent MoT with no advisory, my very experienced engineer “a nice little car”, though I’ve only done 1,400 miles in Year 1. Generally, I love the SC430’s limousine ride, a genuine grand tourer, planning trip to the beautiful Scottish Borders in May. As I expected, a far better choice than a Bentley Continental GTC, as I get 25mpg and never need more than the 2 seats. As for the ‘09 IS250C, cerulean blue with white leather, bought June 3015, my smooth very pleasant day-to-day car, my only regret is that Lexus don’t still make it. I drop the top at the first sign of the sun, and am getting 30mpg. Recent Intermediate service a non-issue, having driven 5k in the last year. Am impressed by its rapid acceleration when needed and no longer miss my far less reliable though sportier M-Benz 2005 SLK280. I’ve got used to the plastic noises at the rear of the IS250C cabin, they’re due to my awful local road surfaces. Everything works, DAB radio and excellent climate control very useful. In summary, two great fun modern classics valued at less than £17k. Total costs, insurance £700, road tax £700, depreciation c.£1500; maintenance way less, so far, than my expected £2k a year.