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  1. twolexii

    Wheel Caps - Future Collectors

    Hi mr2lad, thank you, I shall try switching the radio off, and hence its amplifier. I’m also checking a solar panel to keep the battery trickle-charged, as the car stays in the open off-road and used once or twice a week, though not yet clear how the panel connects from inside the windscreen to the car’s OEBD under-bonnet socket. Maybe simply to the cigarette-lighter? BTW your LS dash is almost the same as my IS250C, both far better to my mind than Lexus’ latest attempt at copying BMW.
  2. twolexii

    Wheel Caps - Future Collectors

    I ended up in January 2018 with a 2003 SC430, fLsh, bought privately for £6.2k, modern 5-double spoked subdued alloys, 70k miles, dark blue and white leather, bird’s eye maple. This to accompany my 2009 IS250C, now 33k miles. I have the SC’s original wheels too. Annoying Issue: buzzing from the speakers at bass frequency but quite good on classic music. Any one suggest an audio repairer for the SC 430? Solvable Issue: current leakage from somewhere on the car. Replaced the battery when bought the car but it goes flat if the car un-used for more than a fortnight. Work around: use the car more and carry jumper leads, until I get my engineer to check the electrics in early Spring. Everything works, though. Good news: SC430 recent MoT with no advisory, my very experienced engineer “a nice little car”, though I’ve only done 1,400 miles in Year 1. Generally, I love the SC430’s limousine ride, a genuine grand tourer, planning trip to the beautiful Scottish Borders in May. As I expected, a far better choice than a Bentley Continental GTC, as I get 25mpg and never need more than the 2 seats. As for the ‘09 IS250C, cerulean blue with white leather, bought June 3015, my smooth very pleasant day-to-day car, my only regret is that Lexus don’t still make it. I drop the top at the first sign of the sun, and am getting 30mpg. Recent Intermediate service a non-issue, having driven 5k in the last year. Am impressed by its rapid acceleration when needed and no longer miss my far less reliable though sportier M-Benz 2005 SLK280. I’ve got used to the plastic noises at the rear of the IS250C cabin, they’re due to my awful local road surfaces. Everything works, DAB radio and excellent climate control very useful. In summary, two great fun modern classics valued at less than £17k. Total costs, insurance £700, road tax £700, depreciation c.£1500; maintenance way less, so far, than my expected £2k a year.
  3. Hello Normski2 Can you point me to the way to find and grease these caliper sliding pins? Is it a Lexus grease, or? The rear noise on my 2009 IS250C SE-L with just 28k miles has increased recently and is spoiling what is otherwise a splendid, quiet, tourer. There’s no noise with the top down. After 2.5 years and 14k miles, I can either dawdle or chuck the car about. Strangely, it uses less fuel when driven with verve. My average in mixed use is 30.8mpg. Thank you. Next to collect my long-sought SC430. Having driven a 2013 SL350, the SC430 is an amazing bargain.
  4. twolexii

    Wheel Caps - Future Collectors

    I'm very happy with the ride of the IS250C (2009 not as Profiled, 25k miles), comparing it well to a pre-VW Bentley. My thinking: will the SC430 equate to a 90's Rolls, with its long-wheel base and even more luxury than the IS250C? Hence the concept of a Matched Set of Lexus convertibles. I'm a realist: though both cars are very-low mileage, they are very well-made luxury vehicles with expensive parts and I'm budgeting £2k per annum on the "stable" in repairs and maintenance. Optimistic? The fuel cost is not an issue, I specifically want a large smooth V8 convertible. As for the retro-hubs on the SC430, I find them a positive, though I've always been drawn to orphan-vehicles. As a yoof, I owned the Noddy bike, the LE Velocette. Fifity five years on, the SC430's profile resembles Enid Blyton's Noddy car. With apologies, SC owners.
  5. twolexii

    Wheel Caps - Future Collectors

    Thank you Neil E. I shall replace the runflats and buy the spraycan. Then drive it a couple of thousand miles, contrasting with the IS250C's ride and handling, before deciding on the MeisteR coil-overs.
  6. twolexii

    Wheel Caps - Future Collectors

    Hi Daka My low mileage FLSH '03 with 47k miles, Runflats and Dish-hubs arrives, to live alongside my '09 IS250C w/24k miles. Are you still on runflats? Is the suspension with those adequate, in COMFORT mode? Any thoughts on improvements? My only addition to the IS250C on buying it 2 years ago was the folding wind protector and 4 OEM tyres as the originals were perished. Thank you.
  7. twolexii

    Wheel Caps - Future Collectors

    A good reason to buy one!