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  1. Just listed mine on the bay, barely used before I went to a Takeda. Just been cleaned with the proper fluid and re-oiled with the genuine K&N oil. Been sat around in large sealy bag in my garage for almost 2 years now. Time it went to a better home.
  2. Mine stayed on despite a billion jetwashes, done exactly at outlined above. It's sticky stuff but does peel easily when you need to get it off. Actually couldn't believe how easy it was to apply when I first did it, the process is very simple.
  3. Errrrrr, might be missing something here gents but you plastidip the badges with the badges on the car! After its dried for a few hours the plastidip just peels off the bodywork and breaks at the junction between the bodywork and the logos. You just mask off a square around the logos and paint the whole square. Did mine when I first got the car but went back to standard after a few months. No need to remove the logos to plastidip them. That's the whole point of plastidip! Or am I missing something here!?!
  4. Welcome to the fold mate! You won't leave in a hurry. Had my ISF for 3 and a bit years now and no plans to lose it any time soon. Great cars and plenty to mess around with if that's your thing (as you'll see, it is mine). I have to ferry the Mrs and our 18 month old pretty regularly and it does the job fine and at great speed. Best car I have owned by miles and I've tried 18 so far. The ride can be firm. Just get it on air and never look back 😎
  5. Nope! I bought them on the strength of this original post thinking I'd get full Brembo set up from ecp for £50 cheaper than a full Brembo set up costs from ecp. Had them delivered to my local indy and when I went to collect the car, there they were, Pagid branded. Worked a treat for 10k miles or so then went to pot, loads of noise and fadey as hell. Back on genuine Brembo now 😁
  6. Beware. OP is not accurate. Got actual Pagid discs and pads from ECP two years ago, absolute crap. Great at first then very quickly burn out and squeek like mad. Replaced them with genuine Brembo, again from ecp 2 months ago, only £40 extra all in and got them on 1/3rd off deal which seems to always be in.
  7. Intermediate ISF service happening for me tomorrow at the princely sum of £320ish. Major services range between £500ish and £700ish depending on if you are doing all fluids and spark plugs etc I do 10k miles a year and have alternated the two above, one service per year every year. If you buy wisely nothing will go wrong with your ISF. Having owned all of the brands you don't like (nor do I having owned them) I will never own another car than the ISF. I hope this one lasts me for another 500k and have every faith it will.
  8. Lol!! 😂😂😂 I remember! 💣💣💣
  9. Best rear end in the business.... Click for original high quality image 😎
  10. New battery fitted today...... Still wouldn't start 😞😞 Checked the handbook, followed the advice, closed the door, opened it, tried again. No luck. Did it once more, started straight up. Actually feels faster now!! #placeboeffect
  11. Never seen them before but they look alot like the RR equivalents, minus the theft tax no doubt!
  12. Nengun in Japan or ebay dude 😎
  13. Hope you like it dude. It smells ace and does the job loads better than a lot of others on light coloured cars. I shelled out for some swissvax best of show a while back and while it is undoubtedly amazing on darker cars, on a light car it does not have the same shine as light fantastic. Nowhere near. Only downside to light fantastic is that it does not last that well, but the two coats of collinite sorts that out, that stuff gives you at least 3 months and the light fantastic gives you the super deep and glossy top coat. 😎😎 You can wash and quik detail as required to keep it looking good inbetween reapplications.
  14. Thanks all 😎 Great advice from everyone here 😁😁
  15. Hmmmm, Twellsie mentioned the windows too. What do I need to reset and how? Mines obviously been done before, there is a Yuasa one in there now.
  16. Hi all, Had to jump start the F last week, thought it was just lack of use so gave it a good run out and all seemed well. Went to start it again tonight and it's as flat as a pancake, not even a stutter and too flat to jump. New battery is on order but just thought I'd ask if they're is anything I should watch out for on connecting the new one? Anything I'll need to reset? Anyone done this before? Answers on a postcard please 😁😁
  17. Hey dude, the car has been DA polished using meguiars ultimate compound, then meguiars ultimate polish, then cleaned with meguiars ultimate quik detailer before two coats of collinite Marque d'elegance and a final coat of Dodo Juice light fantastic with 24 hours to cure between coats and a wipe down with quik detailer before each new application. The pics have had the brightness turned down and structure turned up by about 10% each, that's it 😎 You can go far crazier with the filters if you want..... Exhibit A And Exhibit B Gotta have a good shine to get the reflections though 😎😎
  18. Thanks Glynn!! Yours is looking ace too, love that wheel colour!
  19. Mine's on Airlift 3P so those shots are fully aired out (on its arse) 😎. Normal ride height is 75psi all round and puts it just a little lower than stock springs on the rear with the front then sitting at the same tyre gap as the rears. At normal ride height its like a magic carpet workout being too squishy, it's how these cars should have come! Best mod I've made on mine by far!
  20. Not much else to do these days.... A few social distancing shots. Click the pic for higher res images;
  21. Only spoiled by the fact that 9 inches of my splitter is missing 😡😡