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  1. Soooooo.... Been in touch with the exhibitions team at Chateau Impney where we can get a dedicated exhibition area, afternoon tea or lunch and rooms for those who want them. Plenty of good roads on the way there from every angle! The place looks pretty awesome, great for photos; And we can park in one of a number of great locations for the pics; Still gotta firm this up but it's a decent option for now. Watch this space for more.
  2. Be great to have your along this time 😁😁
  3. We can work around that Cezar, no problem 😁
  4. Noted my friend, watch this space 😁😁
  5. That could sway it..... What flavour air freshener? 😁😁
  6. Looks like there is enough interest in this to make it worthwhile. Leave it with me and I'll make plans and let you all know. Dan.
  7. Niiiice!! Looks like we'll have a few attendees then.
  8. So, I'll preface this by saying that Caffeine and Machine is awesome but it's often so overcrowded that it loses any sense of intimacy and you are just one of a massive crowd. I'm looking fir a different feel what we are the showpiece. Leave it with me.
  9. Best clear all weekends for two months then 😁😁
  10. Always open to the original members my good man. Although you have to park at the back 😜
  11. Hi everyone! So.... last time I planned a meet was the Derbyshire tour when my son ended up being born 3 months early the day before the event so I couldn't attend! Equal measures of joy and sadness that day 😁😢 Anyway, its about time I did another one so planning to do something in March or April next year. We seem to have members in a huge split of locations across the UK but talking to a few of my mates in the states who regularly do 12 and 14 hour drives to get to one day events then we should all be able to manage a nice central (midlandsish) UK location. Taking some feedback from the Derbyshire event it seems that lots of people got lost before they'd even left Derby so perhaps I was a little ambitious with my plans. With that in mind I'm thinking of doing a single central location for the meet and we can then arrange northbound and southbound group drives on the way to and from the event for our various members. Thinking of a nice cafe, restaurant, hotel or stately home with ample allocated parking and decent food as the central location with some good A roads to and from for us all. So, just a show of hands at this stage, who's in?!?
  12. Big Rat has owned both. Seem to recall the message was you know where to come if you want reliability as mileage increases and it ain't the German one. The reason you feel like that about your RCF is cos nothing beats an ISF 😁
  13. Its 50:50 on whether the flap mod is a good or bad mod. The heat soak thing is a myth, the flap opens straight into the engine bay anyway and we have a MAF so the mixture is adjusted accordingly based on IAT. It does sound better lower down with the mod but you lose the sudden two stage noise as the chewbacca growl starts lower down and builds gradually rather than just suddenly arriving at 3.5k. RR racing intake totally deletes the actuator so if they are happy then so am I. My custom box will do the same but will have a much larger chamber and better air feeds from more places so till then I'll run with the flap delete mod and the Takeda which gives me what I want for now..... Noise!!
  14. Thanks bud. I'll keep you posted once I get a second opinion 😊👍😊