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  1. @Warrington guy get your string of abuse at the ready! "It's just gonna break down etc etc etc"!😨
  2. How very, very, very exciting!!
  3. PLEASE READ ME FIRST BEFORE YOU RESPOND TO THE SURVEY !!! So, apologies for the new thread but there are new questions and obviously a lot more detail. Admins, can you sticky this one and the associated 'new' poll, so they are always at the top, until after the event? Before I get any negative comments this is a rough itinerary at present which will be confirmed after my recon mission this coming Saturday. The proposed date for the event is Saturday the 29th September (for both day trippers and overnighters) and Sunday the 30th September (for overnighters only). The proposed starting point is Lexus Derby – Orient Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8BY – 01332 426 185. This is on the North side of Derby but easily accessible from the A52. I’d say meet there any time from 09:00 onwards on Saturday the 29th with a view to leaving in convoy as close as possible to 10:00. Apologies to all for the early start but as the majority of interest has been from the ‘day-trippers’ I want us to make the most of the day light hours on day one. I’m open to leaving as early as possible but want to make sure we allow some travel time for our distant members. Please add comments below with your views on this but don’t shoot the messenger!! My view (as you’ll see below) is that we’ve a full day of driving to take-in so the earlier we can leave the better. With that in mind, arrive with a full tank! There’s nothing worse than wasting half an hour straight away for a fuel stop. The route on day one has been designed with the day trippers in mind, for any overnighters we can revisit our favourite parts of the previous day on Sunday but about 15% faster and with windows slightly more cracked for maximum exhaust noise and V8 soundtrack! J The route from Lexus Derby on the 29th will be following the A6 Northbound towards Matlock via Belper passing through the following landmark locations on the way; Lexus Derby - Start Duffield Milford Belper Ambergate Whatstandwell Cromford Matlock According to RAC Routefinder the journey from Lexus-Derby to Matlock will take about an hour, covering about 25 miles and bringing us to about 11:00. Given the next leg of the journey is quite a long one we may want to stop in Matlock briefly for coffees and a mid-morning bacon roll! Although it’s quite soon into the day for a stop there’s a good distance yet to go before our lunch stop so this opportunity for ‘elevenses’ may be a good call. Let’s assume a half hour stop here. From Matlock we’ll head on up the A6 towards Bakewell via Darley Dale and Rowsley and on towards Buxton passing through (or past) the following landmark locations on the way; Darley Dale Rowsley Bakewell Ashford in the Water Then along Buxton Road past Brushfield Taddington Blackwell King Sterndale Then along Bakewell Road to Buxton According to RAC Routefinder the journey from Matlock to Buxton will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes, covering about 75 miles bringing us to about 14:00 (assuming a half hour stop in Matlock). Assuming we do this in a one-er I reckon this marks a good place to stop for late lunch so we can grab something to eat and drink at any one of a fair few places. The Green Pavillion café and the Royal Oak Tavern get good reviews but I’ll check them out on my recon mission this weekend to see where we (however many of us there ends up being) can easily park. Let’s assume an hour and a half to stop here to fill stomachs and sip fine teas and coffees. From Buxton, leaving at about 15:30 with energy on board, we’ll leave via the A6 again, heading through the following landmark locations on the way via The Hope valley towards Stanage Edge; Fairfields Dove Holes Chapel-En-Le-Frith Before taking the A623 to Sparrow Pit At Sparrow Pit we go past the Wanted Inn (keeping it on our right) towards Castleton Past the Blue John Caverns Down Winnats Pass (this is awesome) towards Castelton Castleton (very quaint) Hathersage (very nice also) According to RAC Routefinder the journey from Buxton to Hathersage will take about 45 minutes, covering about 20 miles bringing us to about 16.45.We may want to put in another stop in at Castleton so you can all buy your missus a local trinket before we aarive in Hathersage. Up to you! J Hathersage is the nearest decent size populated location to Stanage Edge, a very popular tourist view point a short drive from Hathersage and a great sun-down photo opportunity. Keira Knigthley spent much time on set in a corset here during all those films she seemed to be in when she was the UK’s latest export. Please insert jokes about being “in Keira Knightley’s corset” here -> “……………” and make them good ones!! After much ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing and clicking of shutters (let’s assume an hour or so for this we’ll have two choices; If we all have the energy we can blast back along the A6187 and veer of towards Banford and the LadyBower Reservoir then along the famous A57 (Snake Pass) towards Glossop If we don’t then we can call it a day, the day trippers can head home and the overnighters can look forward to the A57 in the morning. So, either Hathersage is our end destination or Glossop is and I’ll find a suitable abode for our overnighters in the winning location once I get your views on this below. Both Hathersage and Glossop have enough pubs, inns, restaurants & hotels to give us plenty of choice so there can be a group evening meal for us all at either location or failing that we’ll be at the either the North East or North West Edge of the Peaks (respectively) where there are some fast flowing motorways and dual carriageways within easy reach for the journey home for all you day trippers. So, please respond to the survey above and I’ll update this after the weekend recon mission and once I know more firm numbers. Any comments, please add below and we can finalise this all next week. And no post ever will now be complete without this -> Stick that in your Takeda intake!!
  4. This was buried midway through one of the recently moved posts so just keeping it prominent as the event approaches. Subject to slight change now we are getting breakfast laid on courtesy of Lexus Derby. F-up The Peaks & Dales Finalised route plan Here is the near enough finalised route that takes in the best of the area and avoids too much civilization and/or roadworks. I’ll do a condensed printout of this for everyone on the day so we’ve all got something to follow if anybody ends up getting separated. I’ve listed all the main locations and route planner below, broken down into the 4 ‘Legs’ of the journey. For reference a “(T)” means we go Through the place and a “(P)” means we go Past the place (genius!). As before, the route will definitely start at Lexus Derby on Saturday the 29th September (for both day trippers and overnighters) and will continue on Sunday the 30th September (for overnighters only) with the second day being an open agenda. On day two we can take in the best of the previous day, a load of new locations, go sightseeing, do any combination of the above or do as you wish! The starting point address is as follows; Lexus Derby – Orient Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8BY – 01332 426 185 - This is on the North side of Derby but easily accessible via the M1 - A52 – it’s almost right on the A6, easy access for the first leg of the journey. We’ll meet there any time from 09:00 onwards on Saturday the 29th with a view to leaving as close as possible to 10:00 or 10:30 at the latest. MAKE SURE YOUR TANK IS FULL WHEN YOU ARRIVE! – THIS WILL SAVE US A HUGE AMOUT OF TIME Leg-1 – Lexus Derby to Matlock – roughly 25 miles taking about 45-60 minutes – ETA about 11:30 assuming a 10:30 departure from Lexus Derby Lexus Derby - Start Duffield (T) Milford (T) Belper (T) Ambergate (T) Whatstandwell (T) Cromford (T) Matlock Bath (T) Matlock – Stop As previously advised, when you get into Matlock it feels like you are driving past everything and heading out of the village but it's a big one way system and the main access point to the village is on the North Side. Although quite early into the day I reckon we could easily stop at Matlock for half an hour for Bacon rolls and coffees and/or a toilet break or just blast on through to Buxton. We'll assess what people want to do on the day and take it from there. For Leg-2, from Matlock, we’ll head on up the A6 towards Bakewell and onto Buxton as outlined below; Leg-2 – Matlock to Buxton – roughly 25 miles taking about 45-60 minutes – ETA about 13:00 assuming a 12:00 departure from Matlock Matlock – Start Darley Dale (T) Rowsley (T) Bakewell (T) Ashford in the Water (P) Brushfield (P) Taddington (P) Blackwell (P) King Sterndale (P) Buxton - Stop The route past Ashford in the Water has a good stretch of pretty open dual carriageway so you can stretch the legs on your beloved vehicles. We follow the A6 all the way from Matlock to Buxton so I doubt anyone will get lost on this stretch (famous last words). We should arrive in Buxton at about 13:00. We’ll take a stop here for lunch so please do your bit here and take a look at Tripadvisor etc for any places you’d like to try (this research will also come in handy later on as you’ll see). At a very quick glance the Green Pavillion café and the Royal Oak Tavern both get good reviews. Again we can decide on the day where we go but let’s assume an hour and a half to stop here to fill up and buy Bakewell Tarts etc. For Leg-3 from Buxton we’ll leave via the A6 again taking the route outlined below. This takes in some amazing scenery in the early part up to Hathersage then some good fast winding A-Roads, again through some pretty spectacular countryside between Hathersage and Ringinglow. No speed cameras along here either!! It looks like a lot of locations below but rest assured it’s roughly the same length as the first two legs. Leg-3 – Buxton to the Ladybower Inn – roughly 30 miles taking about 60 minutes – ETA about 15:30 assuming a 14:30 departure from Buxton Buxton – Start Fairfield (T) Dove Holes (T) Then following the A6 towards Chapel-En-Le-Frith (P) before taking the A623 towards…. Sparrow Pit (T) Then heading Towards Castleton past Speedwell Cavern (P) Peak Cavern (P) Winnats Pass – We’ll drive down this, great scenery! Castelton (T) Hope (T) Hathersage (T) Hathersage Booths (T) Ringinglow (T) Left at the Norfolk Arms (P) past Mayfield Alpacas (no joke) along Fullwood Ln, Andwell Ln, Douse Croft Ln, Gore Ln, Harrison Ln, Blackburn Rd and Lodge Ln to….. Rivelin (T) then West (left turn) onto the A57 (Snake Pass) towards Manchester Ladybower Inn - Stop It'll take us about an hour to do the route above from Buxton so we'll arrive at Ladybower Inn, overlooking Ladybower Reservoir, at about 15:30. We should all be in convoy but if you hit the traffic lights at the corner of the reservoir you’ve gone slightly too far!The Inn is about 100 metres back up the road you’ve just come down. You’ll easily spot The Inn on the right as the car park (on the left) will be full of F-Cars! Asbo Dave™ and I stopped here for lunch and it’s a perfect place for refreshments and toilet break before the last leg of the journey. Let’s take 45 minutes to an hour here before we head off. For Leg-4, the final Leg before the overnight, we’ll be following the route below along the A57 (Snake Pass). After the recon mission yesterday I can confirm that whilst there are a few rougher sections on here, they all look recently filled and nothing to worry about. 90% of it is a good 8-9 out of 10 with even the roughest bits being a solid 7. Fear not Sean! Leg-4 – Ladybower Inn to Buxton (via the Snake Pass and Glossop) – roughly 40 miles taking about 60 minutes – ETA at Buxton about 17:30 assuming a 16:30 departure from Ladybower Inn Ladybower Inn – Start All the way along the A57 towards Glossop Glossop (T) Left Turn at the Train station junction towards…. Charlestown (T) Chunal (T) Little Hayfield (T) Hayfield (T) Chinley Head (T) New Smithy (T) Chapel Milton (T) Chapel-En-Le-Frith (P) before taking the A624 onto the A6 towards…. Doveholes (T) Fairfield (T) Buxton – Stop So, we’ll end up right back in the heart of rural Derbyshire where we had lunch.
  5. Spec the Blitz NUR spec out of the factory for added rarity!
  6. Totally happy for someone else to take the helm on this decision. It would seem like a nice idea if we can all get somewhere together, human and canine alike!
  7. Hi all, Not long now till the event and I need to establish some pretty firm numbers on how many cars and how many people will be attending on the 29th. I'll also be posting this in the events tab so please do not move this post!! Our centre host at Lexus Derby, Alex, has been on the phone today looking to confirm two things; How many vehicles they need to arrange parking for (we will all be given priority parking spaces right in front of the dealership) and How many actual people will be in attendance (i.e. F-drivers, mates of F-Drivers in large red BMW's etc plus any passengers) The last point is because they are wanting to lay on breakfast for us (Woohoo!) and Alex needs to know if anybody has any dietary requirements (Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Caffeine-Free etc) and how much of whatever he needs to order. So, can everybody who is attending on the Saturday (and who will definitely be at Lexus Derby) please respond below and let me know the following things. I need to confirm numbers with Alex ASAP, ideally by the weekend but certainly no later than Monday the 24th PM; Confirm you will be present at Lexus Derby on the morning of the 29th Confirm if it is just your car or if it is not, how many non-forum-member mates (number of cars) will be coming with you (I need a total number of cars) Confirm a total amount of people the above will mean is in your mini-group Confirm if any have any dietary requirements as above If you can please reply to the questions in your post numbered as above (1-4) that would be a great help for me. For example, mine will be; Yes Just 1 car, mine Just 1, me I have no dietary requirements Hope you can all assist and by all means if you know the details for any people who you know will be coming but are not on the forum please let me know below. I need to be as accurate as possible with Alex so we are not causing a parking inconvenience for other Lexus customers and butchering too many innocent pigs in the process! Thanks all!! P.S. This means we may adjust the itinerary slightly with regards to the first stop. TBC so watch this space.
  8. Fear not, a turbo charged straight six is likely to be a very highly modifiable thing!
  9. Rumour has it that, to save time for any new Supra owners, Toyota will be fitting all of these, straight out of the factory, with a Blitz NUR spec exhaust and HKS mushroom filter. Air ride and BBS mesh alloys will be factory options along with a 2 step / anti-lag kit. Yeeehaaa! #fakenews
  10. Just found that too!! 😁
  11. No reason why you couldn't just fit the entire LC wheel and paddles into an RC. I'd imagine the adapters and coding will be the same. Had my steering wheel buttons re-coded in my old R32 Golf so the up and down for the volume activated the up and down on my Airrex suspension. It took an auto electrician about 5 minutes so a Lexus to Lexus swap should be very straight forward if not direct! If you just want to swap paddles then I can't imagine it's not just a straight forward screw out, screw in job, providing you can get the spares!
  12. Awesome stuff mate. think you might be our most Northern based attendee on the day. Don't bring any of that weather with you!!
  13. NothernDan

    Favourite ISF wheel

    Get onto Rotiform mate! They'll make any of their wheels up in any fitment and offset you want..... At a cost of course! Love a lot of their custom wheels. Check out Violent Clique on YouTube, their crew spec a lot of Rotiform and Ewing stuff. All very spangly!
  14. Awesome news mate. Clearly the best colour choice there too!! 😁
  15. NothernDan

    Favourite ISF wheel

    standard uk spec for me!
  16. Stumbled across this in the depths of YouTube. Absolutely love it. Definitely one for all you modifiers out there which, given @Flytvr‘s recent survey is precisely 50% of us! 😁 Enjoy!
  17. I’ll have it off him if it’s going cheap! I wonder if he’d swap it for a 1990 MR2!
  18. This one wins the prize for the thread title most likely to appear in next months "The Viz". I can hear Finbar Saunders and his double entendre's now!
  19. Now then chief. If you check the events section there's the full itinerary in there so you can see roughly where we'll be and when
  20. Just think how happy the wife will be when you whisk her away to Derbyshire for the weekend! "Wow, look who's here as well darling!!!! What are the chances....."
  21. Wow! That puts it in perspective for some of the rest of us! Me included! Hoping for good weather. Long range forecast is overcast but fair which I'd be more than happy with.
  22. Just knock on the window and wake me up, I'll have been there all night!
  23. I'll be waiting there from about 4:00am like it's Christmas morning!!