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  1. Thanks a lot Ken. How is the starred wheel accessed? I presume that the rubber bungs are at the back of the hub? Can they be accessed from under the car without removing the wheels?
  2. I've been looking for a guide about how to adjust the parking brake on an rx400h, but can't find one. Can anybody possibly point me in the right direction please? Mine has just failed the mot with inefficient parking brake on both wheels, so it needs sorting out. There is a lot of travel on the pedal and the bite is too low. I figured that there is probably an adjuster on each wheel, but possibly a central adjuster as well. Any advise about where to find them and how to do it would be gratefully received.
  3. In its present state it is almost worthless. Spend £4k to fix it (or less after some economising) and you have a great car. Can you get something else comparable for £4k?
  4. Looks great. Can you tell us about it? What model? Price? What does it do/not do?
  5. There must be plenty of used DVD players in car breakers that will plug in straight away as replacement. I would expect such a purchase to be guaranteed working at time of purchase, even if it may not be covered by a long-term warranty. I have the same system in my RX400H and have researched methods to plug a mobile phone into the aux input of the headrest screens. It looks like this might be possible, but I have not taken the plunge and tried it myself. Trouble is that many mobile phones already have a screen that is better than the Lexus ones.... 😞
  6. Thanks Herbie. I'll have another look in the morning, but I didn't think it looked possible to remove the shroud through the hole where the bulb fits. Also confusing what all those other crosshead screws do, as when removed, nothing else cones apart.
  7. I've been meaning to remove the shrouds from my reversing lights for ages and decided to have a go today. I removed the first light cluster from the car easily enough and I can clearly see the shroud through the lens, and the screw holding it in place. However, to remove the shroud, I will need to separate the front lens from the rear bulb holder, and that's difficult. I've removed all the screws that hold the lens in place, but it is stuck fast to the rear part. I tried to gently price them apart using a very wide bladed screwdriver, but it won't budge, and I've even made a minor crack near the edge of the lens. So, I've stopped for now, because I don't want to break the lens. Can anybody offer any advice about separating these two parts, please?
  8. Final report. Garage fitted new reluctor ring to the OSF driveshaft and problem is fully solved. About £20 for new ring, plus £75 labour to fit it, so happy with that. 🙂
  9. Would be interested to see the difference in quotes for this repair from the two garages. No doubt the indie would be prepared to fit a second hand unit if you want.
  10. The car is going to my garage tomorrow. I am taking the new ring that I bought, together with the spare whole drive shaft for the NSF that was removed a couple of years ago. On my spare drive shaft, I removed the old ring and prepared the CV joint for the new ring. It did not take much effort with a stiff wire brush and some light filing. I will let the garage decide the best course of action, from: 1) Fit new ring to old OSF CV joint 2) Fit new ring to old NSF CV joint and then fit this to the OSF drive shaft 3) Fit brand new CV joint to the front OSF
  11. Interesting. Don't remember seeing these options documented before. Were they available in the uk? How does the wiper heater work? Are there heating elements buried in the glass?
  12. The ad has gone now, so I can't see it. May we have a few brief details to explain why this car is such a cracker?
  13. Thanks Herbie. I have just found this cv joint on ebay: This must be the same thing that Lexus offered me by the name of "half shaft", but it does not say it is for NSF or OSF. So, I presume it fits both Left and Right, but then it is strange that Lexus told me they were different. For reference, I have found this ring: If I can fit this to my old CV joint that came off the NSF, that might be my cheapest option.
  14. I have a problem with the OSF drive shaft on my rx400h: the ABS reluctor ring has split, probably as a result of rust on the drive shaft. So I'm considring options...... 1) Lexus do not list the reluctor ring as an individual part, but they have offered me a full drive shaft for £814 +vat, or a half shaft for £456 + vat. That's a bit dear. 2) I have not found an alternative source of a new drive shaft or half shaft, but I have found a supplier of non-oem rings. The options are therefore (a) replace half shaft or drive shaft, or (b) repair old half shaft by fitting a new ring. I have some experience of this from 3 years ago when the same problem arose on the NSF drive shaft. At that time, my mechanic had no time to consider repairing the old half shaft, so we obtained a second hand replacement. He could not contemplate fitting the ring himself, or waiting a day or two for somebody else to fit it while the car was immobile in his workshop, hence fitting a replacement. I now have a different mechanic, but I have not discussed it with him yet. I still have the old NSF drive shaft. If I could repair that one with a new ring and fit it to the OSF, that would be handy, but I believe that the two half shafts and drive shafts are not interchangeable. Is anybody able to confirm this please? Does anybody know of a supplier of non-oem drive shafts or half shafts, or a source of a good second hand unit? Is it a lot less labour to replace the whole drive shaft than to just replace the half shaft? I suppose it would at least avoid draining and replacing the gearbox oil?
  15. After a week or so of trouble-free motoring, the problem has returned. As expected, the loose reluctor ring has vibrated back to the wrong position. For the short term, I've unplugged the wheel sensor and the car seems to be fine. I must make progress with a new ring or new driveshaft.... Probably needs another thread.....
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