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  1. Spend a few hours underneath yesterday and will share observations and progress: When the height level sensor is unplugged, the afs light flashes. Though I forgot to plug in my laptop at the same time to see if it reported any DTCs. Was really surprised that the dash display did not show the levelling fault. Initial observations of the rusty linkage bolts made me think that it would be impossible to remove thrm without shearing them off. In the end I managed to successfully remove the two which held the sensor bracket. However, unfortunately the bolt on the bottom ball joint sheared when the nut was half way off. Luckily, there was just enough remaining to get 3/4 of a nut on it! Phew. Having got the sensor off, I discovered that one of the coil spring connectors was badly rusted. And one of the fragile sliding contacts turned to dust when I looked at it. I tried to clean the rusty spring and rebend the other copper contact to make a connection, but the resistance values were all over the place when l had finished. New sensor is required. Having put it all back together, the headlights are still too low (predictably), the afs light does not flash and the lights don't dance on start-up. I'm hopeful that replacing the sensor will fix the height of the beams, but we'll have to see what that does to the startup dance. There seems to be plenty of choice on eBay around £25 for replacement sensors in the UK ( Chinese and Hong Kong stock is half the price, but takes a while to arrive). Does anybody have any experience of these after market sensors - are any worse quality than any of the others?
  2. Just noticed that your battery is on the opposite side to my rx400h.
  3. Been doing some wider reading. I'm convinced that my dipped beams are both too low. But I have no idea whether I need to make an adjustment at the headlight or at the self levelling sensor. I made an observation last weekend that may be relevant, and which I've not shared yet. After a journey in the dark in which the afs light was flashing, i parked with the headlights on and noticed that the dipped beams were not stationary. They seemed to be flicking up and down a little, whilst there was absolutely no movement in the vehicle. Thus movement that I observed was definitely not the same as the usual start-up dance.
  4. My wife usually drives our rx, but I stole it off her today- all in the name of research! 🤣. It's 15 miles to work, and most of it is on country a and b roads, so plenty of time to collect data. So, still no more flashing AFS light. It has not flashed for several days. Headlights still do not dance on start-up. Think the last time this behaviour occurred was last weekend. Still no DTCs in obdautodoctor, and c0700 pending in easyobd11. Whilst driving home in the dark, the right hand headlamp was clearly moving left and right a lot, corresponding to steering input. The left hand headlamp did move left and right as well, but it's movements were much more subtle and of smaller magnitude. Is it normal that the left hand headlamp moves less than the right hand one? The sideways movement does not normally occur when stationary. Is there a known test mode to test the movement? Is it normal that the start-up dance does not occur at every start-up? Is there a known test procedure to force a dance to occur?
  5. What did you decide to do about tyres?
  6. I had an smax before my rx400 and I like the rx much more. True, the smax had some nice features, but it really felt too big, width in particular. We found it difficult to judge the kerb position when parallel parking.
  7. Is there no detectable play in either bearing when the weight is off the wheel?
  8. Just popped out with my laptop to check for DTCs. OBDAutodoctor reported no faults at all. EasyOBD11 reported a pending fault C0700: fault definition not available or manufacturer specific. Baffled about why OBD autodoctor didn't report this fault too - maybe a false positive in EasyOBD11? Anyway, checked google and somebody else reported this code means LF Solenoid Circuit Malfunction. Anybody know what this means? Could it be related to my AFS issue? Meanwhile, the AFS light is not flashing now, but also the headlights do not dance when turned on. Hmmmm (scratches head).
  9. a couple of questions for those who have removed nd replaced their sensor: 1) How is the position of the sensor calibrated to the position of the curved steel actuator lever? Is it a notched fitting that can only attach in one position? 2) How does the sensor attach to the metal brackets? It looks like three self tapping screws into the plastic body of the sensor, plus one bolt to hold the actuator lever onto the centre swiveling part of the sensor?
  10. Hi Colin, thanks for this. I have just popped out into the car to retest it. Brrrrr. 2C on the thermometer, but frost already forming on the windscreen. 1)Before I put the key In the ignition lock, I turned on the lights. They came on without the dance. 2) I then switched it one click further to auto, the lights went off. 3) I turned the key to position 2 and the lights came on again, without the dance. Bizarrely, the flashing AFS warning did not occur, even after waiting around 2 mins. 4) I switched the lights off and on a few times, but never saw the dance or the flashing AFS light. Is it true that the dance only occurs once in each drive cycle? I will try to plug in my laptop tomorrow evening to check for DTCs.
  11. I have the flashing AFS light, but according to the handbook, this is different to the warning about leveling (sic) system faults. See the photo of the relevant page below. This is quite clear that AFS relates to turning headlights sideways, whereas levelling is the height adjustment. When you had your fault with the height sensor, did you see the fault reported about the levelling system, or just AFS?
  12. Just found this thread, which looks relevant to my problem, on which I've posted already in another thread. The handbook for my rx400h says that The levelling system has a separate warning system if it malfunctions. This other warning is not triggered for me. Did any of you who had a problem with this ride height sensor also have the levelling warning on the dash?
  13. Just found this good video on YouTube: However, my linkage is all attached and both my ball joints are swiveling freely. Anyway, I'm a bit confused about one thing in the adjuster. It has three nuts on the threaded bar. Clearly, the centre one must be fixed in order to turn the threaded bar. I would have expected the nuts at the ends to move freely and that they would be tightened against the ball joint as a locknut. The video did not mention this locking function of these nuts. Are they supposed to move freely?
  14. Sorry, didn't spot your comment yesterday. Is this a question? I did the following test this morning 1) turn key to position 2. 2) after a pause of maybe 10 seconds, the afs light began flashing. 3) turn key to position 3 to put car into "ready" state. 4) wife turned headlights on while I observed them outside. I don't think they did their usual dance. I suppose a key question is this: Is the lack of the dance a symptom or cause of the flashing afs light?
  15. Hi Herbie, yes I did just give the plug and socket a visual inspection. If there is a fault inside the sensor, wouldn't it be strange that the AFS warning would be triggered instead of the headlamp leveller warning?