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  1. Thanks for your advice. I haven't had chance to check the battery for a date stamp yet. The tests I had done were at Halfords, who clipped on their tester to test first the battery, then the charging circuit. They said that both tests gave a good result. So, whilst i accept that batteries have a limited life, and it may be old (I'll report the age when I find it), if the tests came back "good", then how can the age be a factor?
  2. Hi all, I have a little issue to resolve with the 12v battery on my RX400h. The thing is that the battery keeps discharging when the engine is not running. It occurs when, for example, I am hoovering the inside of the car and the doors are left open for a while. It happened last time I went camping, during the load-the-car phase. I have taken care to ensure that everything inside the car is off (eg the radio and courtesy lights). I have had the battery tested at halfords and they said that it is fine. Can anybody tell me what circuits should be drawing power from the battery when the engine is off?
  3. Looks like nobody is going to own up to this one! 🤣
  4. Has anybody here actually run out of fuel in their rx400h? I just wonder what happens? Does the car keep going until the hybrid battery is flat? Or does it refuse to move under battery power, even when the hybrid battery is well charged? How much fuel did it take to fill up after running out? Did it start easily and then drive without issues after refilling?
  5. Beware! I was also inspired to do mine, but it didn't go very well. Although the bolts appear to be easily accessible, and I did soak them in penetrating oil, they were still stuck fast. All i succeeded in doing was shearing one bolt right off. The others appeared to be going the same way, so i gave up. The trouble with sheared bolts is that the nuts are welded to the bracket, so it's not a simple job to just put on another nut and bolt. The bolt I sheared was the bottom bolt on the RHS, and there was just enough room to get a drill in the right position to drill out the old bolt. I will now ask my mechanic to do this job, because with the benefit of garage tools and facilities, the job will be accomplished much more easily.
  6. Hi Delphius, My new rear ARB bushes arrived in the post today, so I have had a go at fitting them. Unfortunately, the clamp bolts are seized solid. One of them has already sheared off, so I've stopped work on the other bolts for now until I can find a solution. Can you tell me about the clamps on yours: were the nuts attached to the rear part of the clamp, or did they come off when you removed the bolts? Mine are so corroded that it is difficult to tell if the nuts are attached, or just rusted in place? However, I'm leaning towards the understanding that the nuts are attached, because they appear to have square heads, not hexagons. I nmay be able to drill through the bolt in the seized nut, but it won't be easy in situ......
  7. Hi John, Sounds interesting..... Did you assemble your array of relays yourself, or was it purchased as a kit for this purpose?
  8. We also have a 2006 RX400h with Lexus fitted DVD system for the rear passengers. Fortunately, ours is working well, but we are missing the battery cover from one of the headphones. Does anybody have a broken lexus headphone from which they would be willing to part with the battery cover?
  9. Hi Delphius, Where did you get the rear ARB bushes? None of my local factors can get them and I'm not very close to a Lexus stealer. Hoping to find a mail order supplier ........
  10. I've a 2006 rx400h and have not spotted a screen for audio. Does the 2008 model have a different capability? What do you see on the audio screen?
  11. Yesterday I was checking the wiring to the trailer sockets on my rx400h, which had been fitted some years ago by a previous owner. I discovered that they were wired into bypass relays that had been spliced into the car's wiring loom. It just made me wonder about how the electrics work on my car. 1)Does it have a canbus system? 2) if yes, is there a canbus towing module available? 3) if yes, aside from the method of connection to the car, what functional improvements does it offer over the conventional bypass relays? Regards Peter
  12. Hi All, I'd like to cross reference this to my regen braking thread here: As you can see, my issue is similar, in that I initially get regen braking and the needle drops below 0. Then deceleration is reduced and the needle rises. But, I find that this behaviour repeats (oscillates) many times during the same manoeuvre (e.g. long descent). Are you all saying that the cycle of initial regen, then no regen happens only once during a braking manoeuvre, or happens repeatedly like for me?
  13. Thanks Colin. The challenge, as ever, is how to identify the cause!
  14. Wow and eek! I've been trying to encourage birds to nest in my garden for years with little success. I have noticed evidence of mice in the engine bay of all my previous cars, but not yet my Lexus. In one car, I see droppings all around the engine bay. In another, I once found a cooked mouse in the V between the banks of cylinders!
  15. Hi All, I have an intermittent clunking sound at the rear and it seems to be coming from the anti roll bar bushes. There is noticable play in one of the bushes if I grab the anti roll bar and push and pull. I've looked online for new bushes and it seems like: a) the rear anti roll bar bushes are in one piece, like this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REAR-STABILISER-BUSH-LEXUS-RX300-TOYOTA-CALDINA-CAMRY-CARINA-HARRIER-WINDOM-/123108800565?clk_rvr_id=1525639013675&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=twenga&utm_campaign=twenga&utm_param=eyJlcyI6MCwicyI6OTcyMDIzNywiY2kiOiIwM2MwYTQ3OWYyZWQwOWUzZjUyODNkZmQ0YmUxZjVjNiIsImkiOiIxMjMxMDg4MDA1NjUiLCJ0cyI6MTUyNTkwOTAwMCwidiI6Mywic28iOjE1MDAsImMiOjMzNTkyfQ%3D%3D&rmvSB=true b) the front anti roll bar bushes are in two pieces, like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FITS-LEXUS-RX300-350-400H-2003-2008-FRONT-STABILISER-ANTI-ROLL-BAR-D-BUSHS/252063387858?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140407115239%26meid%3Dc4f25759d7cc4e8fab08e467692a7418%26pid%3D100204%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D26%26sd%3D200830468889%26itm%3D252063387858&_trksid=p2054897.c100204.m3164 Is it possible to get rear anti roll bar bushes in two pieces, or are they only available in one piece? I'm thinking that a two-piece bush will be much easier to fit, as it won't be necessary to remove the drop links - which are notorious for getting seized nuts.