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  1. I'd like to know a bit more about the sleep mode in the RX400h. Does anybody know the following: 1) When does it go into sleep mode? 2) Does ignition key have to be off? 3) Does car have to be locked? 4) After how long does it go into sleep mode? 5) if the car is unlocked and a door is opened, will the car be awakened from sleep mode even if the ignition key is not inserted and turned on? I usually ensure that courtesy lights are off if I anticipate leaving the doors open for a while, but don't know if open doors cause other additional drain on the battery. 6) if the ignition key is in the ignition, but turned off, will that cause any more battery drain that if the key is not in the ignition at all?
  2. Thanks Colin. And thanks as well for your advice on the other thread I made about the solar charger
  3. This sounds good, but I was trying to achieve the convenience of not needing a 240v power supply.
  4. I have a 2006 RX400h and am fed up of the weekly flat battery caused by not using ut enough. So, I'm going to get a solar panel trickle charger. I believe that all the cigar lighter sockets are disconnected when the car is locked, but the OBD port remains connecte to the battery - and thus is a suitable place to connect the charger. Am I correct? I've seen this one on ebay for £22.90: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AA-Essentials-12V-Solar-Powered-Car-Battery-Charger-Solar-Panel-OBD-Version/233409015194?hash=item365842ed9a:g:pMsAAOSwnGld1P36 Has anybody got this one? Is it satisfactory? Can it be beaten on price - or on performance for similar money?
  5. What is the best way to test the current draw from the battery? Is it necessary to disconnect one battery terminal and measure the current between the battery terminal and the disconnected lead?
  6. Interesting. Last time I bought soap was about a week ago, and the only one left in the supermarket was Pears, at 50p a bar.
  7. Interesting... I have a 2006 rx400h SEL, with rear DVD screens connected to a DVD player under the driver's seat. Mine doesn't play dvds in the front screen though. I think that the front system changed in 2007, but don't know if it links in any way to the rear screens. Don't know if your rear system is different to mine. I have to say that it does feel complicated getting my rear system started, and I usually defer to the kids when using it. I suppose that you have checked that all the plugs under the front seats are connected?
  8. Connoisseur, Any idea what sort of trailer electrics you had fitted? My Rx400h already had a tow bar when I bought it, and the electrics were a bypass kit. I have not come across a proper plugin canbus system for our cars, maybe one doesn't exist?
  9. In theory, yes. Unfortunately, my bolts were so rusted that I had to drill them out. 😕
  10. I had a worn rear anti-roll bar bush that caused a worrying clunk.
  11. I don't understand this issue with sunroof drains causing water ingress in the boot. If water cannot flow through the sunroof drain tube how does it end up in the boot? If the tube is punctured, I could understand it. But, when the tube is just blocked i can only see that the problem would cause the drain to overflow.
  12. Are you sure that you don't have one hiding under the boot floor in the parcel shelf storage cubby?