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  1. Hi All, I need a pair of towing mirrors to fit to my RX400H for my summer holidays. Before I start researching which ones will fit and which won't, I wonder if anyone here has any experience to share? Oh, and if you have any to sell, let me know!
  2. Biggest problems with using a smartphone or tablet are: 1) getting a GPS signal 2) finding a way to mount the device to the screen or dash. How do you do it?
  3. The seller should be able to confirm compatibility with yr car. I bought a new disc for my 2006 rx400h on eBay last year. They come in sets of about 4 discs which each cover different regions in Europe. Some sellers must split the sets and sell the discs individually. I bought only the one disc which I i wanted and it wasnt very expensive.
  4. Herbie, I think that you have demonstrated behaviour in the hybrid that is akin to a non-hybrid. When a non-hybrid engine revs above a certain engine speed, the charging circuit activates and the voltage at the battery terminals rises ( in my experience to 13.xx volts). In your demonstration, you showed the battery voltage rise to 14.xx volts when the inverter became active. I would think this would be sufficient to activate circuits in a caravan. In my testing earlier this week, I was only measuring the voltage on my leisure battery in the caravan: the voltage did not rise when the car was in the Ready state nor when the engine started or the engine revved. I must test again to see how the voltage at the car battery alters, and also the voltage on the output pins on the trailer socket.
  5. Hi All, I have an issue with my trailer electrics when my rx400h is attached to a caravan. I don't seem to be able to charge the leisure battery or run the fridge on 12v when connected to the car and travelling. I believe that the car is outputting 12v on the correct pins, and I believe that the caravan senses this supply, but the fridge and charging of the leisure battery don't seem to work. I'm wondering if the outputted voltage might not be high enough to trip the caravan relay to switch these functions on. Has anybody else had such an issue with their hybrid? On non-hybrids, the battery voltage can rise when the engine revs, but I don't know if this happens on hybrids. Is there a way to keep the engine running and or blip the throttle on the rx400h? Often when stopped, the engjne cuts out (as it's designed to), but this isn't always helpful for testing, or maintenance.
  6. I sent a message to cybox today for a quote. Awaiting their reply. Potential issue is that they are 150 miles from me, so hoping they will be able to make and send without seeing my car. Lord, did you visit their workshop?
  7. Wish they applied their engineering nouse to design the exhaust with an extra flange to isolate the cat from the silencer, like everybody else.
  8. That's interesting. Did you happen to check the gas analysis before and after the 3rd cat was removed? If 2 is enough to meet the necessary standard, one wonders why they fitted 3.
  9. This exhaust looks very nice. My 2006 rx400h needs a new middle section and I've been looking for options. Mine has a small cat built in to the middle section in front of the silencer. Somebody else has written that the rx300 and rx400h middle section is the same. I see that your new exhaust does not have a cat in the middle section. Did your old one have this cat? (It seems that mine has 3 cats - one on each front pipe, just below the manifolds, plus a central one in front of the middle silencer. )
  10. Thanks Herbie. I'll study the manual and see if it's a job I can manage.
  11. My cat was stolen a couple of weeks ago from my other car - a honda. 😮
  12. Following investigation of the coolant leak that I reported recently, I now believe the leak is from the radiator. Am i justified in feeling relieved that it's not from the water pump? (Its done 110k miles and the timing belt was changed before I bought it, around 98k miles). Anyway, turning back to the radiator, has anybody else changed one? Wondering if it's a big job? Can it be done without disturbing the a.c. condenser? There is also another radiator, but don't know what it is. Is it for the inverter coolant? Can the engine coolant radiator be changed without disturbing this.
  13. What's that about split dust covers nthe rear shocks? Does this refer to the rubber gaiters that cover the chromed shaft on the shocks? My gaiters are also split, but after two MOTs,there has been no mention of this. I had been wondering if there is a repair procedure that can fit an alternatve jacket without removing the shocks, but I've not found anything yet.
  14. that's interesting. The RX400h has a timing belt. I realise that the rx400h and the rx350 have a different size of engine, but i had thought that they were otherwise closely related. They must be more different than i thought.
  15. Although I knew that parking sensors were not factory fitted to the rx400h, and I knew they were dealer fitted, I didn't anticipate that they were a Lexus kit. This makes it very strange that they were not available as a factory fit option. So, has anybody tried fitting this kit? Does it just plug in, without cutting any wires? I wonder how much work is involved.