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  1. Hi All, Was travelling on the motorway today on the return leg of our first long journey since buying our RX00H. All was well up to the point when we stopped at the services for a comfort break. When we came out and started the car, the orange engine light was illuminated and three messages were displayed: 1) Check VSC System Handbook says: "Malfunction of VSC function of the vehicle dynamics integrated management is detected.Take your vehicle to any authorised Lexus dealer, etc...)" 2) Check Hybrid System Handbook says: "Hybrid system malfunction is detected. Stop your vehicle and call any authorised lexus dealer, etc...) 3) Check AWD System Handbook says: "All wheel drive system malfunction is detected. Stop your vehicle and call any authorised lexus dealer, etc...) I stopped and started the car a couple of times, but the messages didn't go away. I drove around the car park a bit, but they still didn't go away. I called my breakdown people for assistance, but the man they sent wasn't a mechanic and only had a recovery truck, so we got a lift home. Questions: A) Has anybody else seen these messages any have any advice or information to offer? B) If I plug in my ELM327 device tomorrow, am I likely to find out anything helpful? C) If the messages are still present after the car has been switched off, does that mean that the faults still exist, or are they still present only as a reminder that they did once exist? D) Do I need to urgently check my bank balance? Any information or advice would be gratefully received.
  2. thanks for all your replies. That sounds good then. It seems that some software can do both diagnostics AND configuration changes, whereas others may do only diagnostics OR configuration changes. I'd prefer to try free software first: can anybody provide any feedback on using any free OBD software with their Lexus? I have an ELM327 device that has been modified to work on the medium speed bus as well as the high speed bus on Fords. Does the RH400H have only the high speed bus? I presume that this device would work on my RX400H - can anybody confirm this?
  3. I'm wondering if my 2006 RX400H has a 16 pin OBD2 port. If yes, does anybody know where it is? And what software can I use on my PC to check for faults - can anybody recommend anything suitable? Is EasyOBD suitable? Finally, I note in the owners manual that there are many configuration options possible in the workshop (eg how to control the beeps when the power boot is opening / closing). Are these changes also made through the OBD2 port? What software can be used to make these changes?
  4. One of my keys has a broken case and the key blade is not really secure. My nearest dealer wanted £145 for a new key plus £40 something to program the electrics - Even though my electrics still work fine in the broken key. So, obviously, looking for cheaper options...... Seen several options on eBay, but it looks like they all include a key blade - which would need cutting. Has anybody seen new key cases into which the old key blade can be inserted?
  5. After 3 weeks with my 2006 rx400h, I'm still very pleased, but have a few fuel related questions. I will drip feed them in here, rather than dump them all at once. I have the version with sat nav. 1) is there any way to read the volume of fuel remaining, or the range available from the fuel remaining?
  6. Hmmmmmm. But what do they do? Why are they deemed essential, I wonder?
  7. I love a good thread resurrection. Interested to know what circumstances cause a UK registered car to need a French mot. And also very interested in the outcome to your issue.
  8. The last time I bought tyres, I bought a set if four identical ones. Fast forward a few years, one of them started to show signs if cracks on the sidewalls, when all the others looked fine. Closer examination revealed that I had three tyres with the same date code and one older. (I cant remember how much older, but it was somewhere between 6 and 12 months). I've been keeping a close eye on this, and now the cracks are starting look worrying, but the tyre has not worn out. I'm tempted to ask for a discount off my next purchase, but not sure whether to ask the supplier or the manufacturer.
  9. A-ha. (No, not the 80s pop band). Thanks for this. Is it charged by an alternator in a conventional way, or is it charged directly from the traction battery?
  10. I was staggered to see how small the battery is under the bonnet of my 2006 RX400H. Is it used to start the engine? That would be very surprising for such a large engine with stop-start technology.
  11. yes, I agree, it sounds impressive. Though not clear exactly what has been done, at what expense, and for what benefit. Would I be correct in thinking that this transposes equipment from the RX450H into an RX400H? The benefits seem to be: higher resolution display, better (in what way?) sat nav, capability to play DVD (with video?), auxiliary audio input (cable only or bluetooth?) What is the reference to ML? Is it Mark Levinson? Truth is that I've only just bought my 2006 RX400H and have no need to pull it apart yet. But for the future........
  12. If I recall correctly, those 240v testers work only because the current is AC. So a tester that works on 12v dc might not exist.
  13. DOH! just heard today that it won't be ready until Monday. I insisted that the dealer gets a hybrid health check from lexus, but it couldn't be scheduled before next monday.
  14. interesting... so no manual override? Does the engine ever restart before the car starts moving, or always after? (I'm a noob with hybrids - picking up my RX400h next week). I once borrowed an audi a4 allroad manual tranny- about 2008 vintage - and the auto restart could be switched off. And if it was activated, it would restart when the clutch pedal was pressed to engage 1st gear. One had to know when the engine was on or off as it made a difference to the get away speed at a junction. Interestingly, when a trailer was hitched up, the auto-engine-off was automatically disabled.