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  1. Hi All, I'm looking for a cover for the 12v battery in my rx400h. It was unfortunately missing when I bought the car. Does anybody happen to have one spare? I'm having difficulty finding one in breakers yards, so I wonder if the same battery cover is used in any other models - does anybody happen to know?
  2. Has there been any movement in prices of rx400h as well?
  3. Engine, How did you get on with the bolts on the rear ARB bushes? Did they come undone without shearing?
  4. Great photos and write up. Any idea why the headlamp self levelling adjuster was broken? If it hadn't seized, then I would suspect that it is not under a high load. Does it require manual calibration? I must look at mine, as I feel the dipped beam is on the low side. Mine can't have broken like yours, as it's just passed the mot.
  5. I have a worn rear ARB bush which is causing an annoying clunk. In theory, replacing a bush should be one of the easiest maintenance jobs, but rusted bolts put paid to that idea. Go carefully, in case a bolt shears. Unfortunately the nuts are welded on - otherwise It would be easy to replace with a new nut and bolt.
  6. welland

    OBD2 PIDs

    Which dongle did you buy?
  7. hi Keith, sorry, I'm not clear on your knock (it's probably me). Are you saying the knock was from your O/S rear wheel bearing?
  8. That's interesting, and an unexpected revelation. I usually just change my inserts, but after a while, the body of the blades do wear out. Just looked on eurocarparts and they are recommending a set of two with sizes 20" and21". I must measure mine, but I would have thought that 21" for the driver's side is a bit short (for RX400H).
  9. Think that I had a Mitsubishi gls too. My dad had a Hillman Hunter gls in the 80s That felt quick as a child! 😉
  10. I now have the car back with a new wheel bearing. Blissful, silent motoring has been restored. 😁
  11. I have sourced a pair from a breakers now, so thanks for the suggestions. For future reference, has anybody found new slide pins from an after market supplier? I've only seen them at Lexus for £10 each pin +vat.
  12. Correction: it's not calipers that I need, I need carriers, ideally with decent slide pins. I'm waiting to hear back from lexusbreakers.co.uk, but if you have any, let me know.
  13. Hi All, My mechanic has today reported that one of my front calipers needs replacing as the slide pin had seized and has sheared inside the caliper. He suspects the other one may have suffered the same issue. Does anybody have any serviceable calipers available for sale? Or know somebody breaking an rx400H?
  14. yes, you are right - £210 each my mechanic said. One is now fitted, but the other is still stuck with seized bolts. It is soaking a bit more. And more bad news today - it now needs a brake caliper as one of the slide pins has sheared. It has 108k on the clock.