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  1. Can I just introduce another element that I didn't spot in thix thread yet. (Sorry if it's been covered and i didn't spot it) While stationary with the car in D, does it matter whether the car is held with the foot brake or the parking brake? Ok, my car is an rx400h, so perhaps different to the original subject of this thread, but I recently observed something interesting. While stationary on the foot brake, the energy monitor showed no energy flowing. However, if I engaged the park brake and took my foot off the brake, the energy monitor shows energy flowing from battery to wheels. This seems to imply that holding stationary with the park brake while in D is a bad thing. What do y'all think? PS: no jokes about park brake being operated by foot!😉
  2. Actually, I was meaning to post an update, so thanks for the prompt. In short, no. It's worse. We had the car for a month before the fault occurred. Then, after clearing it, it did not return for another month. Now, when I try to clear it, it will either not clear at all (keeps coming back straight away), Or it comes back within half an hour of driving. The electrical connections on the motor are fine. My mechanic and the Lexus dealer advised that the only remedy is to replace the rear motor generator (MGR). It can't be repaired, because the parts (sensor) are not listed on any parts list. Anybody got another idea? Lexus price for a new MGR is £650 + VAT. I'm going to make a warranty claim with the dealer I bought the car from.
  3. Hi All, Time for an update. I've driven my rx400h to the Alps recently so had plenty of time behind the wheel to make observations. Before my trip, I decided to get the tracking laser checked. Both the front and rear were out of tolerance. After it had been adjusted, i initially thought the noise had disappeared, but it hadn't. However, I am confident that it is better. There are a number of characteristic sounds: 1) when accelerating from standstill, we're on electric power only and very quiet. 2) when the engine starts providing effort, there is a quiet sort of growling sound. As speed increases to 25ish mph, this either goes away or becomes inaudible due to road and wind noise. I'm thinking that this growl is unrelated to the motorway drone. 3) as speed increases the droning starts around 45mph and gets louder as speed increases. However, beyond 65mph it disappears and cruising is quiet. If I lift off the accelerator and slow to 60mph, the noise returns, then disappears below 45ish. 4) while cruising at 70mph and without the droning sound, I have discovered that slight left turns cause the noise to sound. This is not only left hand motorway bends, but also the slight left when making adjustments within lane on a straight road. When returning from left turn to straight ahead, and when turning right, there is no noise. This is all still a bit baffling to me. I'm thinking that there is a possibility of a noisy wheel bearing, but I'm still not ruling out the possibility that tyres are the cause. Think I'll try to swap the wheels around to see if it makes any difference.
  4. Wanted: Snow chains before Easter

    We had a great trip and didn't need the snow chains. However, it was a close thing. The road up to our ski resort (st sorlin d'arves) was about 15 miles on a narrow, steep and at times, rough, road. We arrived at 5pm, and there was a foot of snow that very night. Anybody arriving the following day would have had an interesting drive!
  5. what trouble code(s) did you get?
  6. Aside from the hoist, have you checked that the scooter itself will fit? I think you may need to sacrifice the use of your rear seats.
  7. i've an intermittent noise at the front which may be a wheel bearing. If it is a wheel bearing, is it possible to determine which wheel is the origin according to which turn direction causes the sound? Mine mostly happens on slight left corners (The kind of slight turn made to stay within a lane on the motorway).
  8. DOS1

    I've got a 2006 rx400h: does my engine have hydraulic cam followers?
  9. Wanted: Snow chains before Easter

    I've now ordered some from Halfords - should be here tomorrow.
  10. Jump leads: which size?

    Thanks, Colin, that's really helpful. What can be done to start a car that has a flat hybrid battery? Can it be charged by a regular 12v charger that is connected to the 12v battery? Can jump leads provide the power to start the engine through the 12v battery?
  11. Jump leads: which size?

    Did you really mean as little as 30A?
  12. I want to buy some jump leads for emergency purposes. They must be capable of starting my RX400h from another battery. The battery on my RX is rated under 400 CCA, so will 400A capacity leads be satisfactory? Could I save a bit of money (and boot space) by getting lower-rated leads (eg 300A)?
  13. I'm going to the French Alps in my RX on Good Friday and need some snow chains. My tyres are 235/55 x 18". DOes anybody have any that they want to sell, or seen any for sale at reasonable prices recently?
  14. Thanks Vic, but it doesn't seem to work for me Can you please check the hyperlink?
  15. Hi Vic, Interested in this regeneration process. I couldn't find a relevant thread : could you please elaborate?