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  1. Are you sure that you don't have one hiding under the boot floor in the parcel shelf storage cubby?
  2. Have you tried taking out the bulb on the other side? If you can get that one out, you'll be able to examine it closely and it might help you to work out how to remove the stuck one.
  3. I'm thinking about going to the Monaco Historic GP in May 2020, but struggling to find any good information about it. Has anybody here ever been to this event in the past? Or, know much about it? I would like to know: 1) is it possible to roam around the circuit and watch from different locations? Or do tickets restrict access to specific locations? 2) where is the boundary of the circuit? I.e. how close can I get before access is restricted without a ticket? 3) looking at this website: https://www.monaco-historic-grand-prix.com/en/2844-historic-monaco-gp/?pgs=1&si=SI_F1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAm4TyBRDgARIsAOU75srNmAiDDygHsyGQzHLsQ7RCC0Sr0AF1cLKbAN9HwmwxATfMCByRf9gaAka1EALw_wcB, there are granstand tickets available, but it Does not mention general admission tickets. Is it necessary to buy an admission ticket at all? Or is this included in the price of a grandstand ticket?
  4. Staggered that the tax is so high in ROI. We should all go and buy our used cars over there! Sounds like you got it for a great price, though I misunderstood the history in your first post. I thought you'd bought it in a private sale from a long-time owner.
  5. Not necessarily, there could be some hysteresis programmed in to the warning light. But, I agree that it seems unlikely. Next time my light comes on, I'll try adding fluid in small doses and see what happens. That could be a while, though, as the bottle is so huge! If anyone else has opportunity to test this before me, I'd like to know how you get on.
  6. I agree. Would it be indiscrete to ask how much you got it for?
  7. Problem has gone away now. On the morning after my original post - the day of my departure- it was pouring with rain as I was preparing to leave. But I still had a quick look under the car to see if I could see the level sensor or the bottle. No chance. And with the rain and Very limited time, i was almost resigned to suffering the problem during my 2k miles round trip to France. As a last resort, i tried 2 things: 1) banging the top of the washer bottle with the handle of a screwdriver to see if that might dislodge a stuck float. It made no difference. 2) tried adding more washer fluid. When I first filled the bottle the day before, the bottle had a low fluid level, but was not empty. I added over 4 litres and stopped when the bubbles were overflowing out of the filler neck. When I tried again, i was surprised that it took a further litre to bring the fluid level up to the neck of the bottle! Now the low fluid warning has gone away. So, it looks like the low level warning only resets when the bottle is truly full. Does anybody else experience this?
  8. I've just found a thread about a similar problem on an LS. That was solved by tapping the sensor to unstick the stuck float. Is the sensor easy to find on the RX400h?
  9. I've just refilled the washer bottle on my rx400h, but the low washer warning won't go off. I've switched the car off and on a few times. Locking it and unlocking it in between, but it makes no difference. Any ideas? I'm thinking that the float may be stuck in the low position, but it's never done this before. I'm going on a long journey tomorrow to France, and don't want to be staring at the red warning triangle for the next few days.
  10. Ok thanks. Does it have an inbuilt function to find an unused frequency, or do you have to manually search for one yourself?
  11. That's just what I was thinking. Which brings me back to my original question:how difficult is it to find a spare frequency?
  12. Thanks Richard. Is it difficult to find an unused radio frequency for the transmitter to use? What happens if your journey takes you in to an area where a new radio station is detected on the frequency you are already using for your transmitter?
  13. I know that we have a few threads with recommendations for adding Bluetooth connection to a rx400h, but I don't recall seeing a report about one of these:https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254239691426 Has anybody used such a device to stream music?
  14. I've been wondering about this since I got my rx400h. Is there some kind of service mode which forces the engine to stay running, and also respond properly to the throttle control?