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  1. Hi all, I have a 2006 rx400h sel with memory seats and mirrors. I also have two remote key transponders, though one of these is presently not working. Question is this: if my spare key was working, would the car remember the seat and mirror position last used for that key? My wife has the seat all the way forward and I have it all the way back. So, if the car would remember the seat position last used for each key, it would potentially be helpful if we could get organised to allocate one key to each of us (if I can get the spare to work). I've had a look through the manual, but can't find any mention of this.
  2. My Azura is a pace model. It is fitted on the right rear. (My memory isn't too bad after all 😉). Are you having four new tyres fitted? Don't suppose you could get the fronts done first, then go for a spin before getting the rears changed?
  3. He seemed to do an awful lot of tapping. Is that because some of his taps didn't work, or is it necessary to make all those taps in that sequence?
  4. Wife's gone to work in the car now, so can't check. Will look later. It could be on the rear, and it could be the one with the funny bumpy wear pattern. WHat are you thinking?
  5. The exhaust on my rx400h may be the original system. It's a mix of stainless silencers with carbon steel pipes. I wonder why they go to the expense of specifying stainless steel for silencers, but not for the pipes?
  6. Have you got it going? I've been having intermittent battery issues with my 2006 rx400h for some months. It was not holding charge very well. Some mornings, my wife would get in the car to go to work, then she'd come back in the thd house 5 mins later saying the battery is flat. When i went outside, before i tried starting car, i discovered that it did start. The lesson here is that the action of unlocking the car with the remote and getting in it (courtesy lights), and adjusting the seats and steering column seemed to take the last bit of useable power. By switching it off for a few minutes, but not locking it, the battery seemed to recover enough to work at the next attempt. I think it also helps to do the following: switch the screen off, switch the climate control off, switch the wipers and lights off, switch the courtesy lights off, and avoid use of the power tailgate. Basically avoid using any electrical power. I did closely monitor the battery voltage for a few days and discovered that on one occasion, the car started when the voltage was 8v, but other times it would not start when it had 10v
  7. That looks clever. Is he touching something that is invisible in the video, but really visible to the naked eye?
  8. What was included at that price? Is that a cat back system, or is cat included? I would be very interested in hearing where this came from. Are any sections of your old one salvageable?
  9. That's interesting. One of my rear tyres has a weird stepped feel when rubbing a hand over the surface. However, all the noise seems to be at the front.
  10. Thanks, that would be very interesting. Have you thought about swapping the Dunlops to the front as an experiment?
  11. Does a noisy wheel bearing always have noticeable play when the wheel is manhandled on a ramp? I did check the tyres for directional rotation, but there are no such constraints on mine. The noise seems loudest on the NSF, so I have now fitted the spare wheel there as a further test. The spare has a pirelli tyre with reasonable depth of tread remaining, but this didn't make any noticeable difference to the noise either. I have the car booked in for examination at my garage. Aside froom tyres and wheel bearings, what else might make such a droning noise, which is apparent only at certain speeds and when the steering is at a certain position? CV joint? There are not many candidates for the cause, as far as I can see.
  12. Your experience sounds strange to me - with Bridgestone being a respected brand. Do you think you had a tyre/ tyres from a bad batch, or were they visibly damaged somehow?
  13. I've just had another look at the battery and still cannot see a date of manufacture. But I did spot the place where the installer is suppose to mark the date of fitting. It offers 2015 to 2018, though it appears to have no installers markings. I conclude from this that the battery must be no older than 2015. I only bought the car at the start of the 2018 and it did not look new at that time. There is a serial number, but I cannot see any mention of the length of the warranty.
  14. Sorry everyone, I have the two quotes in the wrong chronological order...... Anyway, I had a fault reported with my MGR about 6 months ago. When I reset the fault, it came back sometimes in 5 minutes, or sometimes longer, maybe half an hour later, or maybe the next day. ANyway, after 2 or 3 weeks, the fault stopped being reported, and it has not been reported since. A vouple of months ago, I did plug in my OBD2 tester and discovered that the fault is still stored as an old fault, but I did not clear that fault message. Question is this: Is the recorded historic fault anything to do with the fact that the fault is no longer being shown on the dash? Or, can I assume that the fault has not recurred since the dashboard warnings stopped being reported? Putting this another way, if I clear the stored fault, will it cause the fault to come back on the dashboard again?
  15. Just thought I'd keep you all posted about this one. I still have the dronong noise above about 50mph, and most pronounced when turning left. I swapped the front tyres left to right and this made no difference to the characteristics. The sound seems louder from the left front. So, I have it booked in at the garage to investigate further - I'm thinking wheel bearing is now most likely. Has anybody fitted a new front wheel bearing recently on an rx400h? Is it likely that I will have to get one from lexus, or are alternative ones available from motor factors? Any idea how much?