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  1. On my reading of price list, Takumi is £39 930 so any non standard colours etc would push it over the £40k, but I may be wrong.
  2. Thanks Paul, that is really helpful. I had a UX f sport for a couple of days and after you got used to driving it was a really fun car. I have not driven the 'normal' chassis. John
  3. Great, gives excuse to buy F sport Takumi, unfortunately they are just over the £40k premium tax level I think, whereas standard takumi just under it. so extra £320pa for years 2-5.
  4. On Lexus website and Carwow azure blue has disappeared, leaving only Celestial Blue. Disappointing as azure blue is darker.
  5. thank you, I have a Gs450h with the adaptive suspension, when you put it in sports+ it is firmed up for the corners. Can’t tell how much better it is than non Atvs as have not driven gs without it.
  6. Good morning, I am looking at buying UX, it will have to have leather memory seats, so has to be Takumi. I was wondering, has anyone driven the F sport Takumi and standard Takumi to compare? What is the difference in seats comfort? Is the handling/suspension much different?
  7. I recently had a UX for the weekend and thought it a brilliant car. The only poor point was boot space, a supermarket shopping bag being taller than the boot with standard floor and cloth parcel shelf. Please does anybody have pictures (and measurements ) of the 'bowl' or other adjustments that may be made? Many thanks John
  8. Hi, Just joined forum. I have had my 2013 gs450h for about a year now. Excellent car, 37-40mpg, only small problems have been alarm going off in windy weather and loose exhaust heat shield, both fixed under warranty. Interestingly 2 out of the 3 gs450h premier I looked at non-functional mid lumbar adjustment. I had this fixed as part of the deal when purchased. It is a big job taking They said a day and the part is very pricey. worthwhile checking.
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!